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What the Heck is Wrong With Me?!

I used to be a desk jockey and weighed in just south of 300 pounds. I ate what I felt like, and never gave not eating, or exercising a thought. I got fat enough where I just didn't bother to look in the mirror. Gone were he days of wearing 31" waist jeans. I had ballooned up to 40" with elastic waistbands.

I was obese and I felt tired all the time. My joints ached, my back would go out and leave bedridden for a few days at a time. I relied on the doctors to medicate my symptoms, but nothing was getting solved because I was not part of the process. I kept doing my thing, and they kept trying too counteract it with drugs. I took anti-inflamatories for my knees, blood pressure meds and an occasional antibiotic if I was sick. And I got sick at least a few times a year.

It was really awful, but I just figured that it was part of getting old.

My health got worse and I ended up in the ICU. It was there my then 7-year-old put her head on my chest and said, "Daddy if you die, who is going to take me to Toys R Us and not tell mommy?"


In the weeks following I slept a lot. I did my best to walk a mile a day. It was hard, I was tired all the time and the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. I was prisoner to my own fears of having a heart transplant. I couldn't believe I had wasted over 50 years. Living out the 5 or so years I supposedly had left was my punishment. (You may be familiar with Country star Randy Travis. He is now going through the same thing except I did not have a stroke to make things worse.)

I was depressed and kept to myself. I didn't tell anyone how really terrified I was of living as a sick man for whatever months or years were left.

For those that follow me, you know how it turns out.

Things are different now. Yesterday's run for instance. I was sweating so much that when I got home, taking off my running shirt was like a skunk sausage giving birth to the moon. There I was screaming in front of the bathroom mirror crowning! It wasn't pretty. 

That's my new life.

Now my life expectancy is probably more closely related to what I say to my wife, which side of the road I run on, and how I ride my motorcycle than it is to my heart condition - or lack thereof.

I have been writing this blog for 2 years. Together we've laughed about my pants falling down in airport security. You followed the journeys to my first 5K, 10K and 1/2 marathons. It's really been a bit surreal. Some of you I have met at races, others I feel like I know anyway. This once, I'd like to ask a favor. Would you consider supporting my book project if you haven't done so already? You can do it for as little as a $1.00.

Because it's a Kickstarter project, it's all or nothing. If I don't make my goal, there won't be any books. I need to sell about 80 more by next Tuesday.

Feel guilty yet? Good, now go pledge something! :)


Thanks for being on the journey, for your friendship and your support. David

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Bella3119 wrote 109 months ago:
You will get there! Your message is too important. My donation is soon to follow.
AshleyPaleo wrote 109 months ago:
You are an inspiration for sure! Best of luck!
TinaBaily wrote 109 months ago:
This is the first I've run across you here on MFP. I was very moved by your story and experience, and especially by your success. I chose to back your project on kickstarter and I hope you get enough support to succeed. Your experience needs to be shared with with the world. It might inspire others who are just as sick as you were to make a big change in their lives too. You have done well!
DEEDLYNN wrote 109 months ago:
Just pledged. I very much enjoy your blogs and you have put a lot of hard work into your journey, supporting others on this journey, inspiring others to start this journey and this project. Thank you for all you do!!!!!

JDySart777 wrote 109 months ago:
"Daddy if you die, who is going to take me to Toys R Us and not tell mommy?"
I have a 6 year old daughter...^this brought tears to my eyes...
Donation comin' soon.
Pkiddy wrote 109 months ago:
I'm in! Can't wait to read it!!!!
odditblue wrote 109 months ago:

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