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What Do You Want to Be?

When I was a kid my friends wanted to be astronauts, cowboys and doctors. Me, I wanted candy for dinner or to be a superhero. Then I got to high school and I wanted to be a professional hockey player and rock star. I pursued both into college and left the sports behind for smoking pot and drinking beer.

Somewhere in my 20s I realized my limitations; I wasn't going ot make the NHL or play guitar for the next Pink Floyd.

Eventually, my life goals began to include family, church, and business. All that ended abruptly when I had congestive heart failure in 2011. Then I just wanted to be alive - and feel better. At 53-years-old, I remember thinking I had missed my opportunity to be much else in life.

Last week I wrote about my bucket list: To finish the 6 world major marathons.

This week I am faced with the reality of another oncology appointment. Our last two meetings have had me inching closer to surgery whose name begins with the word radical. It's one I am trying to avoid. This meeting could mean a major surgery - or it could mean I can remain on active surveillance for another 6 months.

I never wanted to grow up and have cancer.

Running marathons allows me to fight back. I didn't run any marathons in 2016. I ran five in 2015. Last week I just wanted to run Tokyo and London in 2018 and end my marathon career. Today I am pretty sure I am signing up for another marathon.

My first marathon (who you all read about in my book), was on Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod Marathon is coming up at the end of the month. I guess it could be my last for a while - maybe my last. Who knows. 

As long as I can run, I feel pretty good.

I need to be positive about my life, my health, and my journey. I also need to get out there and keep living. I spent a few hours with my three siblings this past weekend. For various reasons, we haven't all been in the same room since my mother died in 2001.

Life, you get out there and you live it.

I am not really sure where my health is leading me. I do know that losing almost a 100 pounds and running have given me a life I never could have imagined. Emotionally I am healthier, physically, except for the cancer, I am still breaking records and amazing the doctors. Add to that love, faith, and hope, and I am doing just fine.

Running marathons has allowed me to go way past a lot of self-imposed limitations.

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grannywarbonnetts wrote 58 months ago:
Just keep looking up and keep the Faith.Thank you for sharing.
pizzafruit wrote 58 months ago:
I'm one of the very lucky ones and I tend to forget how precious life truly is. You're a survivor and I know you have many races left to run. Thanks for sharing your experiences, the reminders that faith, hope, and love are what get us through, and always giving me for for thought.
aliciaaw wrote 58 months ago:
I'm PRAYING that it will all be good news at your appointment. God has a Mission for you have Faith in him.
marlown wrote 58 months ago:
Thanks again for sharing your journey. I'm betting on you. And your God. And your supporters, of which I am one! Whatever happens, your voice and inspiration will never be silenced.
Leahbcc wrote 58 months ago:
Wonderful job and keeping the faith
runningforthetrain wrote 58 months ago:
Praying for you this week. Thank you for your writing and sharing your extraordinary life.
Anonymous wrote 58 months ago:
Nita here (not anonymous at all). Sending positive vibes your way!
rachelleahsmom wrote 58 months ago:
I love you so much!
ypetrou wrote 58 months ago:
Keep smiling:)
LisaPrust wrote 58 months ago:
Praying you get good news at your appointment and have the grace & faith to face whatever the next time period brings. You are inspiring all of us each time you share, and I thank you my brother!
kar328 wrote 58 months ago:
You rock!
dadsafrantic wrote 58 months ago:
i want to be a kid again. i just need to play smarter. good stuff maynard.
MHChicago wrote 58 months ago:
Marathons aren't my thing, and cancer isn't my condition,but I have a potentially life-limiting disease myself. I want to let you know that your posts continue to inspire me to THINK about what I want out of life while I still have it, and to do whatever I can to keep the body that I have (flawed as it is) as healthy as possible for as long as I can. You touch many, many lives in many ways. Thank you.
PamRoman61 wrote 57 months ago:
I wanted to be an astronaut. Rocket woman actually. Now I am a nurse. They are totally unrelated.
Anonymous wrote 25 months ago:
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