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What a Year Looks Like

I started my weight loss journey February 24th, 2011. I weighed 276 pounds. In April I weighed in at 242, and in August I was at 214; my lowest in 8 years. I have put on some weight and I am hovering at 224. My goal is 197 as ordered by my doctor.

Once you get started, you need to keep on going! It's is not easy, but it is always worth it.

Here are the highlights.

- The first 10 pounds was easy, just eat less!
- My first day at the gym with a trainer, I should have remembered to keep my water on the floor - that's were I spent most of the time that day. Doing jumping jacks on the floor is not easy.
- Gasping for breath is a sign that you are in cardio mode, or being smothered by a pillow.

- Fitting into an XL t-shirt instead of a XXL was sort of fun.
- I added a third day to my workout routine just to run. First it was a 1/2 mile.
- Then it was a mile.
- I have a lot to learn, but I have learned a few things too.

- Finished 5K on the treadmill in 55 minutes.
- Had a heart attack and spent 7 days in ICU.
- Started walking again - just a few hundred yards.
- Doctor said not to get my heart rate over 120 because of all the meds.

- I walked a mile!
- I went for healing prayer at church, and all my doctor could say was OMG, this is amazing.
- Started walking 3 days a week and actually fast walked a mile.
- Slept 14 hours a day.

- I started running again in my neighborhood.
- I finished 2 miles in 40 minutes!
- Logged my first meal in MFP on the 12th.
- Waist down from 40" to 36".

- I ran 2 miles in 28 minutes.
- Still sleeping 10 hours a day, but back to work part-time.
- Waist down from 40" to 35".
- Ran an 8 minute mile!

- I started running 6 days a week for 20 minutes every morning. I am addict!
- Began working with a nutritionist. She upped my calories from 1200-1400 to 1600.
- I slipped running and tore the meniscus in my right knee.

- Posted my first MFP blog on 9/3
- Weighed in at 214.1 (I look good, but not in a bikin!)
- Kept on running despite the pain. RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation - and Motrin) was my savior.
- Nutritionist raised my calories to 1800.

- Gave up running and rode a bike 10 miles a day.
- Started heavy duty upper body to get some cardio.
- Waist down from 40" to 34".
- Learned to laugh about some of this stuff!

- Lost my pants in airport security on the way to California.
- Spent a week hiking in Yosemite and the Red Woods.
- Stopped using my knee for anything but walking.

- Had knee surgery on 12/8.
- Started PT on 12/11.
- Continued upper body cardio and training.
- In 2011 I ran/walked 469.3 miles, and logged 116.42.01 in time exercising. I burned roughly 69,000 calories.

- Finished PT for the knee.
- Started training for a 5K in March!
- Ran a mile without walking.
- Started another cardio class 2 days a week.
- Injured my rotor cuff. :(

- Set a personal record for a 5K in 24:57. (I still walked part of it.)
- Passed my first year of weight loss!
- Had my most popular blog to date: The Rules for MFP Success
- Passed 600 MFP friends!

In a year, I lost nearly 60 pounds, lost 8 inches off my waist, and gained 4" in my legs, and 4" in my biceps. (HERE is the pics) I have made some great friends on MFP. :) Those of you who comment regularly, and the others that crossed over to Facebook, I appreciate you. I also appreciate the rest of you as I see my feed is filled with cardio and completed food diaries - wow, I am inspired!

Have a wonderful 2012, filled with success and goals which move you towards your destiny!

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sk2775 wrote 108 months ago:
WOW...what an year it has been. Congrats on your journey thus far and thanks for all the laughs. Your blog rocks :-)
edmoulaison wrote 108 months ago:
I absolutely love reading your blogs. Such an inspiration! You seem to put your head down and keep plowing along. Way to go and good luck in the future...
ADM1979 wrote 108 months ago:
I love to see what you have posted daily. I think I am addicted to your blogs. You are such an inspiration. And I truly appreciate what you do and thank you for sharing it with MFP!
odditblue wrote 108 months ago:
Looks goooooood! Keep it up man!
bill_i_am wrote 108 months ago:
your journey has been a good one, keep up the good work David!
Mustangsally1000 wrote 108 months ago:
fantastic year in health, growth, friends, counselor, advisor, writer..and almighty things!
LesaDave wrote 108 months ago:
Just wanted to say congrats! And thanks for the inspiration. But I do have a do you lose your pants in an airport??????
jak111 wrote 108 months ago:
you are such an inspiration - it hasn't always been easy for you with some of the set backs, but you did't give up!!!! Great Job! thanks for being a MFP friend!
malyun1996 wrote 108 months ago:
that is cool,,i wanna lose more than 30 pounds :-)
dsjohndrow wrote 108 months ago:
@LesaDave - read the link, it was a funny story.
jadamuriel76 wrote 108 months ago:
Congrats! Your journey has been up and down but your mindset seems to remain positive which in my opinion is why you will continue to see positive results.
goodasgoldilox165 wrote 108 months ago:
What a meaningful and successful year of your life! Isn't it strange how the deepest lows can be followed by so much that is good? Congratulations and best wishes for continued strength in spirit - mind and body
CharityEaton wrote 108 months ago:
You amaze me with all of your hard work and dedication, and of course, your blogs! I love your blogs!
lovemonkey143j wrote 108 months ago:
holy crap batman! Way to go
mjhartness wrote 108 months ago:
Happy Anniversary :) where are you on fb?
ellie0213 wrote 108 months ago:
Thanks for sharing. You may appreciate this quote from "Born to Run:" -- "Running seemed to be the fitness version of drunk driving: you could get away with it for a while, you might even have some fun, but catastrophe was waiting right around the corner."
mightyafrodyte wrote 108 months ago:
This is amazing. Super encouraging. I have a wierd shin injury, so I am looking forward to being able to run one day.

Thanks for sharing.
You are awesome!
Woooolywool wrote 108 months ago:
Such an inspiration! Congrats! And your determination is something to be strongly admired too, I must admit! :)

Thank you.
staroftheeast wrote 108 months ago:
Great post. It's been quite a year for you. You're an inspiration. Kep on ROCKIN'!
vbennett7 wrote 108 months ago:
Love your blogs, especially the one about healing! Our Father is awesome!
deeannhill wrote 108 months ago:
I love reading your stuff. Thanks for taking the time to inspire others! And congratulations on the one-year anniversary. ;-)
spackham wrote 108 months ago:
Thank you. Excellent.
biddie1 wrote 108 months ago:
Amazing year!
Candi8099 wrote 108 months ago:
ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Congratulations (first time reader here) NOW I'm on to read about losing your pants :P WAY TO GO!!!

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