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What a Difference a Year Makes 276-214 (w pics)

Well, I did it, I logged for an entire leap year! I already wrote a post about what I learned about logging last week. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. So here are a couple of pics.

That's me at 276 pounds. Summer 2010

That's me at 214 pounds.

Thanks to everyone that has commented on my blogs, posts, and comments. Thanks for getting me through my heart recovery and knee surgery, C25K and B210K, as well as the Bermuda Triangle: Thanksgiving Christmas, and New Years.

I am looking forward to year 2, although I am off to have an MRI on my rotater cuff. I know that you'll be around to support me. And I know that you'll love my Vicodin influence statuses and blogs. It was a hoot last time.

This year I set a few personal bests. I ran a 5K for the first time (best time race 2 was 28:22), and yesterday I ran 10K for the first time ever in 58:59.

I guess the best part of MFP is the inspiration I get from those that are still ahead of me, and the fellowship with those that take the chance to friend request me.

Now it's on to year 2 and get to my goal weight!

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wisebadger53 wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks for a great recap of your year of successes! I have no doubt that the coming year will be as rewarding for you as the past one, and you will continue to conquer whatever challenges are placed before you. Rock on my friend! :-)
Annette_rose wrote 114 months ago:
What a great job you have done!!! I enjoy your posts!
nellyb2011 wrote 114 months ago:
Fantastic! Looking forward to new posts LOL!
violet456 wrote 114 months ago:
Congratulation. I am looking forward to hearing about year two for you, as I progress though year one. I will never be a runner so I admire that you were able to do the C25k and B210K. (Not sure what the second of those are, but I'm sure it has to do with the conquer of 10K.

Rock on, or should I say, Run On.
aliciagetshealthy wrote 114 months ago:
You have done amazing things David, and I know you have many many more to come =) ...looking forward to your Vicodin posts, and hearing about nothing but smooth sailing through your MRI.
navygunner wrote 114 months ago:
Awesome work, you look great!
lohitverma wrote 114 months ago:
truly inspiring!!
kenlad64 wrote 114 months ago:
Year two here we come!
deejaycee114 wrote 114 months ago:
amazing transformation! :)
Snowridesbikes wrote 114 months ago:
Awesome job! I have really enjoyed watching you become a runner :)
Dimples1975 wrote 114 months ago:
jonnyman41 wrote 114 months ago:
only saw your blog for the first time today but as well as the weight loss you seem to have lost 20 years off your age too!!!!! well done
danger_kitteh wrote 114 months ago:
Fantastic job! Good luck with your MRI and during year 2!
SwimTheButterfly wrote 114 months ago:
Wow! I just read your story. AMAZING! Congratulations! I am so happy for you.
Supercatie80 wrote 114 months ago:
Here's to your successful year and the continuing journey to a healthier you!
Pkiddy wrote 114 months ago:
You look (and feel i'm sure) so much younger! Congrats!
nowornever47 wrote 114 months ago:
Way to go!! Congrats on one year... I hit a yr too, in May on mfp - woo hoo! Cheers to year #2 and good luck with your surgery.
Mummsy wrote 114 months ago:
Keep up the great work on you!
RaeN81 wrote 114 months ago:
Love your blog and having you as a mfp buddy!
felicity866 wrote 114 months ago:
what a fabulous look 10yrs younger and hopefully feel that much better as well!!
Turtlesrcool wrote 114 months ago:
Wow! I have just started this site. But you are such an inspiration.
ashberry27 wrote 114 months ago:
You rock, love your blog posts and have enjoyed your MFP camaraderie!!!
SteveB1965 wrote 114 months ago:
You're an inspiration. How you've gone from near death to a sub 1 hour 10K is incredible.
sunnysashka wrote 114 months ago:
you look younger then on picture 1! Great job!!!
pmkelly409 wrote 114 months ago:
Congratulations! your accomplishments are inspiring and extrodinary. Keep up the good work!!!!! We need you just as much as you need us!!
odditblue wrote 114 months ago:
I need to help my hubby be inspired. I think it's gonna take a cattle prod. He's depressed and overweight and feeling old and hopeless. I'm apparently not doing whatever it's gonna take to motivate him.

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