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Well, That's What the Doctor Told Me to Do!

Last year I had 4 significant medical events. There was the heart attack last April, the torn meniscus that was repaired with surgery in December, and two suspicious lumps in between; both of which are now gone! The insurance company spent a tad over $58,000 to keep me alive and healthy. For the $15 grand I paid in premiums and co-pays, it was the best investment I made all year.

Now that I am immune to the smell of latex, and have spent 2 weeks or more occupying a medical office naked, I have had more than a few instructions on how to take care of myself.

Here is $58K in medical wizardry for free:

Sleep: Resting from workouts is important, but sleep is your weight loss friend! It is also good for your heart, and lots of magical things happen when you are counting sheep.

Stretching: I run with a guy from the office 2 times a week. At 33, 21 years younger than I am, he jumps on the treadmill and rips out 2 miles at 6 MPH. I need to warm up for about 5 minutes, then I do some stretching. According the surgeon who got about 5 grand this year, stretching might have helped me avoid one injury. My trainer insists on it, and that's the story. Just don't stretch cold muscles.

Vacation: Some days we need a break; life is hectic for many of us. Kids don't like schedules, work wants more hours, and in between we have a million errands to do, workouts, shopping... Vacation renews the soul, it's time.

Diet: You can tell yourself it's OK to eat whatever you want, but cumulative consequences of over indulging in anything eventually add up. Find foods that decrease the risk of serious medical conditions.

Stress Relief: I confess, I suck at this. I needed to learn to take a deep breath. I need to learn what is too much, and for a guy with one busy brain cell, I overload easily. I find time for me to relax, to pray, and just plan nothing.

Use My Mind: 50 was a shocker, I think. I can't really remember, but somewhere around there my brain was full. I can remember phone numbers from my childhood, but can't get milk on the way home without a calendar reminder and a text from my wife to remind me to read the reminder. The good news is that I have to create new things every day at work. The math can be challenging and the logic is more of a challenge. It's a good way to keep brain cell uno busy, because he is freakin' lazy. It mostly means shutting off the gadgets and doing a little thinking.

Fitness: That's why we are on MFP.In my Sports Medicine training class, they continually say you have to "move it to lose it." That means heart rates up at 130 or above for extended periods of time.

Sun Block: Both my parents died of cancer and both had skin cancer. My brother has it now. I take it seriously. But If I was any whiter, I wouldn't have a pulse; that may be part of the problem. ;)

Sun Glasses: Apparently I have the same problem with my eyes. BTW they do look less like road maps of Rhode Island now that I don't drink. I actually like my sunglasses so much I wear them inside - I think they call them Detox Glasses.

Seat Belts: It's rare that our first responders unbuckle the dead. Anyway, thought I would pass it on from my primary care physician.

Faith: We can live a little over a month without food, a few days without water, a few minutes without air, but few of us can live a second without faith.

Well, short of icing my privates, that is pretty much the advice the doctors gave me in 2011.

Thanks for the votes and comments - you guys are fantastic!

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kevinlynch3 wrote 125 months ago:
Nice..a good message and lots to take away from this one.
TerresaJ wrote 125 months ago:
Great advice....and free for those reading it one here. :) Love the advice on Faith the best though. It's what keeps me from "throwing myself under the bus."
Life gets crazy for sure!!!!
Thanks for sharing.
rainbowbuggy wrote 125 months ago:
I rarely comment on these postings HOWEVER, this was AWESOME and deserves praise! So well said and lots to think about! Thank you!
michelegrayson wrote 125 months ago:
Glad you made it thru all the trauma and are around to share such sage advice with us! I hear you!
Johnny760 wrote 125 months ago:
Great advise.
trimformecmb wrote 125 months ago:
nice words to live by.....also a nceexample for the 20 and 30 year olds......
Mustangsally1000 wrote 125 months ago:
Almighty then, always. Lot's of good things in this one!
margerator wrote 125 months ago:
Thanks for saving us all that $! Seriously though, it's easy to forget this important stuff, and it was good to hear again!
bllowry wrote 125 months ago:
The sunblock comment made me laugh loudly! I once had a co-worker tell me I wasn't white I was 'powder blue'!!! We're Irish and Welsh, and my sun loving sisters now both have skin resembling an under oiled and worn baseball mitt.
ccarpe wrote 125 months ago:
always good blogs but this one is has to be one of my favorites!! I have the same problem with the numbers, I remember tax id's for business and phone numbers I haven't called in years, or decades, but get up from my desk with a mission or two, get one accomplished and I can't for the life of me remember the second one. LOL. and I won't be fifty for a couple more years!
darlilama wrote 125 months ago:
Love it! Truly told with a sense of humor. Loved the "If I was any whiter, I wouldn't have a pulse..." That's the same for me... I don't tan, I will simply burn. AND, no one was using sunblock when I was a kid running around in the sun. I'm paying for it now and I pray it's never anything cancerous.
karenjoy wrote 125 months ago:
I love this, that is all
angbak60 wrote 125 months ago:
very well said!
llahairdna wrote 125 months ago:
Wonderful blog!
Hoppymom wrote 125 months ago:
Great blog again!
JustLena75 wrote 125 months ago:
I really enjoyed this. Thank you for posting!
kvan64 wrote 125 months ago:
True so true. Thank you for your wisdom
Strive2BLean wrote 125 months ago:
Thank you John for your oh so very inspiring/interesting and entertaining posts. Keep 'em coming!
creasonr wrote 125 months ago:
Thanks for sharing!
odditblue wrote 125 months ago:
Well done Mr. Inspiration! Keep on. Yer changing the WORLD!!!
mroark735 wrote 125 months ago:
As a first responder I concur with the comment about the seat belt, also I have a close friend that has been battling Melanoma cancer because she used to go to the beach and lay out for that tan nobody seems to be able to live without. She would be the first to tell you WEAR SUNSCREEN 10000, also she would tell you faith is the most important thing to have. God bless you and keep inspiring people to better change.

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