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Well, It's That Time

Life can be insane, painful, exciting and a lot of other things all at the same time. I haven't had nearly as much social-not-working time as I would like to. It's not because I don't want to, it's just that I haven't had time. So what's going on?

Everything is going on!

Next week I am off to the Berlin Marathon. I have trained as much as I could. Between health, work, and just life, I haven't put in the kind of miles I should have - or would have liked to. I ran in the heat and humidity all summer. 20 miles in 87F was just about enough to shoot myself.

I know that if I didn't complete that run, I couldn't run this race.

So, I pressed on. I am always learning to push harder. Heck, I remember when doing the dishes was an excruciatingly difficult task. Now, I can do the dishes while the coffee brews. Who knew what marathon training would teach me!

Life is pretty good...

I am hoping to have my biopsy results from the 6 little gems they removed almost 2 weeks ago. They were all 3mm to 6mm. :( 

So many of you tried to help me find work or prayed that I would so I would stop complaining on MFP. Well, I have a good one. That makes things easier.

I don't have any wisdom today but I have a little story.

This past weekend I went to visit my sweetheart's mother and father. Her mom has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Despite all that, we had a wonderful visit. We laughed, we ate chocolate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We took a walk in the sunshine. We played cards. They exchanged memories. Amazing.

I got to practice my life philosophy; live life today.

Those memories are ours for eternity. We will try to make some more. But if we don't get a chance, these were really great ones. 

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MonicaA2013 wrote 50 months ago:
NICE !! Memories are worth a thousand words.
Anonymous wrote 50 months ago:
Good luck in Berlin! Always love reading your updates. I continue to send you positive thoughts.
Leahbcc wrote 50 months ago:
Time treasured
aliciaaw wrote 50 months ago:
Wishing you the best on your Berlin run and most important praying all is good with your health
SheilaCali wrote 50 months ago:
Berlin will never be the same after your visit! You leave such good vibes everywhere you go, those Germans will be grinning. I married a happy-go-lucky German, but lots of Germans aren't prone to smiling (perhaps just in private?). Easy on the suds until after your strong finish. Good luck and "Achtung Baby"!
runningforthetrain wrote 50 months ago:
I always look forward to your posts! I have visited Berlin once-- it is a great city. There was a lot of construction happening at the time and the city put on a "ballet" with the large commercial cranes. So as an avid art lover- Berlin was a-ok- in my book! Be careful and have fun!
OnthatStuff wrote 50 months ago:
Great reminder. "... live life today.
Those memories are ours for eternity. We will try to make some more. But if we don't get a chance, these were really great ones."
Laura80111 wrote 50 months ago:
I love when as a family we walk down memory lane and have a lot of laughs. Keep making those memories.

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