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Weight-Loss Tattoos You Don't Want

Although they've been around for a long time, tattoos are pretty popular these days. For us weight-losers a tattoo is pretty enticing now that we don't have to cover ourselves in XXXL t-shirts and stretch pants. It could be a celebration.

It's pretty cool when a 20-something gets righteous ink! I often marvel at the art form, although I do think it's a little funny when middle-aged parents get tattoos with their kids to be cool. You know, the kids get a lion and the parent gets a lamb; there is something fundamentally wrong with that.

The only issue I have with tattoos is that they don't rub off. I have made some bad decisions - most of them haven't been permanent.

In case you are feeling the need to make a statement and beautify your body to celebrate your success, I have done a little research. Here is what I have decided NOT to get. 

The Last Supper Trampstamp: This would be located across the lower back and Judas would be situated over your butt crack. If someone dropped a price of bread - yeah, that's where it would fall.

Cats: Cats are OK and the Egyptians had Siamese cat tattoos. I would just skip the litter box pose.

Buttock Penguins: The Arctic birds facing each other might seem cute in the mirror, but every time you do a squat they'll look more like kissing birds. It is better that the right doesn't know what the left is doing. And if you gain the weight back, it will look like a cave dwelling bat.

Belly Tattoos: These are bad for MFP-ers. Plateaus are bad enough, but imagine gaining back the weight? Your cute little hummingbird ends up look like a buzzard, or that nice little morning glory is as big as a sunflower. You get the idea. If you must have one there, I suggest a 6-pack.

SO's Name: They maybe significant now, but what if you have to cover it up in a few years? The good news is that if it was a long name, you can have it made into a snake.

Dates: For men I suggest your anniversary date. Try it on the back of your eyelids.

Neck Tat: The only way to cover this is to become a man or woman of the cloth. Unless that's in your plans, may I suggest something a little more discreet.

If tattoos are not your thing, may I suggest body piercing? You can take a run down the lure aisle at Bass Pro Shops and save a few bucks.

Tell me, if you were going to get a tattoo in celebration of your weight loss, where and what would it be?

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DEEDLYNN wrote 124 months ago:
No tattoo's but a piercing for my mid-life crisis....that no one every sees....hahahaha.
Mustangsally1000 wrote 124 months ago:
There in lies the dilemma...I have 3. don't know where, or what for a celebration tat...obviously it needs more thought.....
pghsteelerfan wrote 124 months ago:
Love your blogs...they make my dark times become brighter...and bring a smile on my face...then i feel like i can carry on...
tabithajoyy wrote 124 months ago:
Haha thanks for the laugh. I actually do plan on getting a celebratory tattoo once i hit my goal. I am not sure what or where though. I was thinking some kind of short quote. Im not sure. & i was thinking about the belly tat..But like more toward the hip or up on the rib under my bust or on my back part of my rib. Nothing huge though. I dont wanna have a huge piece. I may reconsider the belly tat now though! HAHA
happypath101 wrote 124 months ago:
I'm seriously considering butt penguins now. Thanks for the idea. ;o)
thordisintho wrote 124 months ago:
I've actually considered getting a tattoo once I'm fit. Before I always thought "nooo, they're permanent", but now I feel I'm gonna do what I want with this body :) I'm a libra so at the top of the idea list is some sort of goddess (not a sex symbol though) holding out her arms holding chains with scales in both hands. I figure it's appropriate since I will have achieved balance by then.. I want the tattoo on my ribcage, so it might be visible if I ever wear a bikini again :)
Also, when I get old, I don't think I will be sporting a bare midriff, so hopefully I won't look lame ;)
thordisintho wrote 124 months ago:
oh I forgot.. I want the tattoo on the SIDE of my ribcage..
CaityB14 wrote 124 months ago:
I figured if I get another tattoo it will be on my upper back that could easily be covered up but I could also wear tanks in the summer to show it off
saphfireangel wrote 124 months ago:
I have one already as for one for weight loss I'm going to have to think about that one. I've got another one picked out for my leg but not sure about one for just weight loss.
rugbyplayer85 wrote 124 months ago:
I got a tattoo to celebrate my weight loss and my trip to Europe. I got a lion (I'm a Leo), of the Scottish variation while I was backpacking in Edinburgh. It's in between my shoulder blades right below my neck, where it can be covered either by my hair or a shirt if need be.
ohmissemily wrote 124 months ago:
i got one to celebrate my weight loss journey that started almost 4 yrs ago. and after that i stopped and now this yr i just cant stop getting tats :) gonna get some half sleeves done this yr :) haha :P
TheNewo wrote 124 months ago:
Too funny! My sis and I are discussing matching tattoos that say "Frasier" and "Niles" in the Persian alphabet. Yes, as in Frasier and Niles from "Frasier." I'm thinking white ink on the side of my rib cage.
sammi402 wrote 124 months ago:
LMAO!!! TY. I so needed a giggle. I've had tattoos for years and plan to get more, though not to celebrate my weight loss. When i was younger I considered a sun round my belly button. Sooooo glad that didn't happen.
sullykat wrote 124 months ago:
I have 2 tattoos, they are on my feet. This location was very very well thought out at the time. If I gained or lost weight, your feet don't really change too much. When I get old, the feet don't wrinkle too much. Not too much sun hits my feet, so it wont fade. Down side? the pain, but it only lasts for as long as the needle is in the skin.

I would like to get the side of my ribs done, but this is a tricky place for someone who was overweight and could possibly go back if they aren't careful. How awful would that look? I'm thinking mid back, right in the centre for the next one. That might be a safe spot. Or behind my ear.
Annette_rose wrote 124 months ago:
lol...this is great! I don't have a tatoo but someone had recently suggested I get one on my wrist since I am supposed to wear a medical bracelet for being on blood thinners (which I NEVER wear). The bracelets are so ugly and a cute little tatoo with the medical sign and Coumadin (blood thinner) just might be a cool idea. I have seen a green frog on someone's stomach years ago and I have often wondered how it looked once she got pregnant.
megsmom2 wrote 124 months ago:
been thinking about getting a treble clef in rainbow colors...between my shoulderblades. Maybe.
ThaRealNicki wrote 124 months ago:
wisebadger53 wrote 124 months ago:
So the litter box pose is I have to really do some quick planning to figure it out! Although the penguins do sound like an awesome idea! :-)

Thanks for the afternoon smile!
cessnaholly wrote 124 months ago:
I like those tattoos you put on with water. They are great. I have some Poo and Tiger tats.
msudaisy28 wrote 124 months ago:
When I turned 18 I remember talking with a coworker about wanting to get a daisy tattoo but I wasn't sure if my foot was really where I wanted it (for the record, I did get a flower tattoo on my foot, although it isn't a daisy). He said I should get it on my stomach so that if I was pregnant someday it would blossom into a sunflower. Your post totally reminded me of that...
jfrog123 wrote 124 months ago:
This post reminded me of my aunt. She has a stallion on her bum. She always says it started out as a "my Little Pony", but now that she is heavier she says it looks more like a clydesdale! Too funny! But this is the same woman who actually had the words "your name" tattooed on the other butt cheek. She will often say to a stranger, "I'll bet you $50 I have your name tattoed on my a$$". CLASSY.
RachVR6 wrote 124 months ago:
Jewel1201 wrote 124 months ago:
Loved it! I would like to get a tribal band around my arm for my special reward to becoming a healthy fit person.
Donnaakamagmid wrote 124 months ago:
LovingLisa2012 wrote 124 months ago:
i am getting an alligator (on my lower leg on the side) when i reach 100 pounds
and will get a colored butterfly when i hit goal
i got a black and grey one on my wrist, it was about my journey to become the butterfly i was meant to be (come out of my cocoon etc)

it isn't something i go out and do, print the picture then look at it atleast 6 months, then if you stil want it, go for it ( i was 32 b4 i got my 1st tat.)
AdAstra47 wrote 124 months ago:
I like tattoos as memorials, but even then you have to be careful. My cousins lost their mom pretty young, and got matching tattoos on their ankles in her honor. She always called them "ladybug" as a pet name, so that's the tattoo. A cute little ladybug. Problem is, unless they look closely, people always think they have a tick on their ankle.
harleigh67 wrote 124 months ago:
As an artist I drew most of them and proudly wear all 8 of my tattoos, truly enjoyed this blog today and every ones comments, good thought to always put thought into placement, I am able to wear a t-shirt and watch and shorts and you will not see one of them, or show them if I like....1)Angel(full bicep),2) spider(front right shoulder) 3)evil jester(back of neck) 4)intertwined dragons ( tramp stamp) 5)Butterfly (back shoulder) 6) Harley (back shoulder) 7)HD (cover-up left wrist) and of course the one that I have to watch with weight gain because Spider hanging from a spiderweb in the center of my chest, as I gain weight it grows from a black widow into a trantula and instead or looking like its hanging from the web that damn thing sits right on top my tummy and looks likes its ready to attack!!!!
goodasgoldilox165 wrote 124 months ago:
A friend found his 'This way up' tattoo was useful during unfortunate moments in bars.
ChihGirl wrote 124 months ago:
I don't plan to ever get a tattoo, but if I did it would be very small of the sun and three stars from the Philippine flag. Either at the top of my back, the small of my back, like between my hip bone and belly button, or on my ankle. Probably back though because my ankle would be too visible, and on my belly would look weird if I were ever to be pregnant :P
just4peachy wrote 124 months ago:
I have, um, a few tattoos. And most of them I love. But I started getting them very young. Words to the wise... NEVER get a bum tattoo on a whim. You could end up with "hard, fast & pretty"...
annabellj wrote 124 months ago:
If I ever got one,which i dont have any cuz im too picky and cant decide on something i want permanently etched into my skin, it would be of my ultimate goal weight when i reach it. i dont know what that is yet but i would love to have it on my wrist or hand so i see it every damn day if i ever start to regain again. im a terrible yo you dieter unfortunately! it would have to be really pretty though maybe with flowers and the number entertwined in it.
jazzie2421 wrote 124 months ago:
I have two, one on my ankle, and one on the front of my shoulder. Both are memorials. The one on my ankle I got when I was 16 and never finished... the only coloring is the rose petals. I'm used to it now and I kind of like it. The one on my shoulder I got last year, almost a year after my step-son passed. I plan on getting more, regardless of weight loss, not as a celebration, but just because I enjoy the art of it. I plan on getting a lioness and cubs, probably on my back; and a friend and I are debating similar tats when we go to NYC in June.
rebbecarose wrote 124 months ago:
I have a tattoo on my belly, I've had it since I was 23 and still love it. I agree with you though that tattoos should be discreet.

I chose mine to go on my lower stomach/upper hip area because the only time anyone sees it is when I wear a bathing suit.
young3239 wrote 124 months ago:
sullykat ... how bout not at all. Aren't you glad you got your mama on the site.
stacygayle wrote 124 months ago:
and I really wanted Judas over my butt crack.

I'm going to get one for my 40th next year on my calf. Can hide it if I want and show it if I don't. Haven't figured out what but I also plan to meet my goal weight by then too so I'm hoping I won't be fat anymore
felicity866 wrote 124 months ago:
my husband has enough tattoos for both of us..haha..the thought of a belly tattoo is a bit scary!!
lindasbestlife wrote 124 months ago:
dangit ! guess judas is out :(........LMBO!! soo funny but true! many of my friends and i hav had this very conversation!!!
vanderandkarl wrote 124 months ago:
i love tattoos and have 8 already and i do want tattoo when my weight is back to normal but i will be waiting until i have kept off the weight for at least a year before i even think of getting any ink.

i waited 10 years for my one tattoo so i think a year after the weight loss is a good time. as for what i am gonna have i keep changing my mind on that one.

but i am thinking maybe stars for each stone lost or something similar we will have to wait and see x
great blog post by the way xx

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