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Weight Loss, Running and Cancer

Last week was a tough one. I was dreading my Friday oncology appointment, trying to find ways to not eat everything in the dang house, and be nice to the people in my path.

Yeah, I was on edge.

I hate living from one appointment to the next. 6 months ago I had a biopsy. The doctor and I had a talk about my slowly progressing cancer. He and I both know it ends in life-changing surgery. The good news is, I haven't had that surgery! The bad news is, I still have the cancer.

"It's more worrisome." he said. That is all I remember.

I informed him that I wasn't going to miss running the Berlin Marathon. In April he scheduled last Friday's appointment - hardly 2 weeks after running Berlin. I also had two small colon tumors removed in August along with a few polyps. I wish this potential surgery was that easy.

I admit I was pretty nervous - I really didn't want to make any big decisions.

I just kept focusing on running the Berlin Marathon and living life a day at a time. I guess it's a form of denial. Whatever - I had it until about 24 hours before I was supposed to go to his office. Then it hit me. The next morning I got dressed, put on my lucky underwear, and got in the car. I don't really know what I was thinking except for my answer to his request - if he asked.

I can't make that decision now. That was going to be my answer.

I had my regular exam (I was number one with the Nurse Practitioner). She went over the five previous biopsies of my man parts in detail. She talked to me about the progression. Slow, but "worrisome." I don't like those words. I don't like fingers in my .... or the smell of surgical gloves.

I don't like it all.

Then the doctor came in. We shook hands. He asked how Berlin went. Last time it seemed like he wanted me to consider surgery. I wasn't sure what he would say this day.

"I have a few questions for you." I said.

"Of course. What are they?"

"I have been doing some reading and it looks like there is a 5 in 6 chance I will have serious side effects from surgery. I am having a hard time with that."

We talked about incontinence, ED and rectal bleeding.

He decided to redo the exam earlier exam. I guess they had a two-for-one special that day. "I don't feel anything that I am concerned about." He said. "How about you come back in 6 months and we'll do another biopsy."

As much as I HATE those biopsies, they suck for a few days, not a lifetime.

"I can't come back in six months, how about seven?" I asked.

"I suppose you have something you need to do?" He said looking at me.

"Yeah, I am signed up to run the London Marathon in April."

"Good luck, and I will see you the week after."

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marlown wrote 57 months ago:
Keep living and inspiring, my friend. Glad to hear the news and that your doctor agrees with waiting. Your "story" continues to encourage me on my personal journey more than I can say. Thanks for sharing!
Thehardmakesitworthit wrote 57 months ago:
Yep, sounds like life moving forward to me. Enjoy. You are amazing. Just amazing. Cancer "liver" here too. Carry on my man carry on indeed!
brittvshows wrote 57 months ago:
I agree with all of the above. The fact that you let us witness these difficult moments and do it with HUMOR blows me away, sir. That makes you a winner in my book. May I be like you when I encounter difficult times: brave and snarky!
Momonamission53 wrote 57 months ago:
Happy for you wish the news was that great for my neighbor who starts Chemo tomorrow for pancreatic C. I don't know what words to tell her, except I am here for her, and will do all I can to help. Was with my uncle when he passed away of lung cancer on Oct. 23, 2013 the memory is still hard but glad I could be there for my aunt who turned 90 in Feb. She survive colon C in 1992 after Dr. taking two feet of her colon But she is still here. Thank you for the logging of your experience. Glad you don't have to go back for 7 months keep the great outlook.
Rincewind_1965 wrote 57 months ago:
I will run in Vienna in April ...

Good luck for London

suttercm wrote 57 months ago:
Sounds like you have an awesome rapport with your doctor and he seems to understand your needs. Good luck in London. Can't wait to hear about it.
Laura80111 wrote 57 months ago:
You are a positive inspiration. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for a successful training for London.
pizzafruit wrote 57 months ago:
I remember the "every 6 months" check up. As much as I feared those appointments, I was too afraid to go any longer than that for 5 years. By the time I would arrive at the clinic my blood pressure would be through the roof and I had all to do not to cry. The night before these appointments I would prepare the speech I was convinced I'd have to give explaining that my cancer had returned.

I'm one of the lucky ones. There isn't a day that I don't say a prayer of thanks for my good health. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't pray for for those battling cancer.

I love your strength,honesty,and humor. And even though we don't always control the path we walk, I admire you for not letting this control you. Please keep the inspiration coming. Thanks so much.
ggeise14 wrote 57 months ago:
Best of luck! What a positive inspiration - thanks for sharing.
runningforthetrain wrote 57 months ago:
I'm sorry you have to struggle (and keep struggling) with cancer. Thank you for sharing and reminding us all not to take our health for granted.
The_Movie_Chair wrote 57 months ago:
I wish you good luck and please, remember Cancer does not define you.
JJFGL2016 wrote 57 months ago:
You're so strong for not only keeping an awesome attitude through all of that but also being an inspiration and sharing your situation. God bless you :)
KiKiWoods wrote 57 months ago:
I was hanging on every word! It is good to hear that London is on! You don't know us and we don't know you but just know that we are pulling for you! :~)
franklin505 wrote 57 months ago:
fit4laif1981 wrote 57 months ago:
Powerful Story....thanks for sharing.
jackflak wrote 56 months ago:
if the surgery is for the prostate, check out the proton therapy. Things are going very well for me. PSA is down to .8 now. Every thing still works down there. Keep on pushing forward!
Anonymous wrote 1 month ago:
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