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Weight Loss Motivation - The Lesson of the Superbowl

Have you ever been close to a goal - so close you can taste victory? Maybe you feel like the 49'ers in the last minutes of yesterday's Superbowl game. There is the goal line, there is the win, there is the end of a hard working season's success. Maybe you feel like the Ravens and are just hanging on for the win and get it.

The point is not just the win, but how you play the game to win.

I am there in a number of different ways. About a year ago I ran my first 5K (3/25/2012). In a few weeks, I will be running my first 1/2 Marathon. I am registered, booked a motel, and told my friends; there is no turning back.  I can see the goal line. Last time I had an injury and couldn't run the 1/2. Like the 49'ers, I just couldn't make it happen. The same is true for the job; I have an offer to start on the 25th. I have been out for 7 months.

I am also closing in on my weight loss goal, and have 20 pounds left; a stubborn 20, I might add.

I don't really have a coach, so I rely on my MFP team of experts to supply motivation, correction and encouragement. My old trainer razzes me on Facebook too. I am 1-3 with her in the 5K, 2-0 in the 10K and I am hoping 1-0 after the 1/2 in a few weeks.

So how do you play the game? Here are a few thoughts.

- Think fitness, not weight loss.

- Think inches, not pounds.

- Think about what you are doing right.

- Add new things first.

- Replace old things second.

- Schedule your workouts.

- Start slow and move towards the goal.

- Reward your success.

- Confess your failures.

- Get proper equipment! (Running shoes fitted by a running store, bike fitted by a bike store! etc.)

- Get a few cheerleaders!

- Do it for yourself.

- Set goals. This is tough one. What is a good and achievable goal? What if you don't make it?

- Change your goals if you need to.

- Stay away from bad influences! (or shoot them!)

- Get enough friends so you enjoy your journey.

- Read success stories!

- Don't give up!

That's what I have, what did I miss?

Thanks for the votes and comments! (You can do both!)

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johnwhitent wrote 113 months ago:
My additional thought: If something happens and you miss a workout or overeat, don't sweat it; tomorrow is a new day and a fresh start. The faithful plodder may not win the race, but he wins the fitness/health game of life.
Breadbar wrote 113 months ago:
As with all your blogs - this is thoughtful, important & worthy of being read. You have inspired me reevaluate how I am playing my game!
staroftheeast wrote 113 months ago:
Make as many good choices as possible.
happypath101 wrote 113 months ago:
Awesome blog. I would add:

* Banish the demon of perfection. It is not your friend.

* Find ways to make it fun. When you find them, keep doing them.

* Do not, whatever you do, compare yourself to anyone else. If you must compare, compare yourself today to your worst day. Celebrate your awesomeness and carry on.

misslaney wrote 113 months ago:
And if you do slip up, don't think "oh screw it" and keep binging. Stop yourself (damage limitation) and as johnwhitent said, tomorrow is a new day. Just don't screw up your entire week!
cessnaholly wrote 113 months ago:
Do it for yourself, not someone else.
77Maria wrote 113 months ago:
Thanks for the words of wisdom!!!
odditblue wrote 113 months ago:
I like the idea of shooting the bad influences... I will need more rubber bands.
Rosemorales wrote 113 months ago:
If I shot my bad influences I'd be committing suicide. Sometimes we are our worst enemies with the self-sabatoge. Get a grip and carry on!
tifalva wrote 113 months ago:
Excellent blog!! Helped to put things into perspective for me. At the end of the day its a LIFESTYLE change, so whatever you do must fit into your life. I think sometimes we forget about that. I know I do. Thank you for this :)
sk2775 wrote 113 months ago:
Excellent blog once again. Wonderful advice.
tapbill wrote 113 months ago:
excellent blog!!! I hav elost 55 lbs and now I am within 5 lbs of my goal weight and struggling with it. Same 5 lbs since before thanksgiving. I needed the motivation. THANKS So Much!!!
BrawlerBella wrote 113 months ago:
I needed this today. Thank you so much!
johnwhitent wrote 113 months ago:
I especially like what that happypath101 added! All three!
MaryRegs wrote 113 months ago: always!
ChanaRo wrote 113 months ago:
Excellent blog! I'm also down to the last 20 lbs, and they are so much more difficult than the first 40+ were!
FinallyFindingLisa wrote 113 months ago:
As always your insight is appreciated and expressed so eloquently
wade78 wrote 113 months ago:
Thank you so much for this. I've got 14lbs left before I reach my goal and I'm struggling. Its so much harder to loose those last pounds and I'm fighting the urge to self sabotage. I just have to hang in there and carry on.
onix95 wrote 113 months ago:
Great blog! Thanks for the encouragement---you're the first blog I read and it's a good one! Instant fan!

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