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Two Years on MFP - I Must Be Crazy!

If it weren't for freakin' leap year, today would be 2 years since I logged into MFP daily - that includes logging my food not just being an expert in the forums. If you have nothing to do for the next 2 hours, my friends can check out my log.

730 days? I get asked if it's a record. The answer is hardly.

The truth is, like so many of you, I came on here to lose weight. I had congestive heart failure a few months later, and that changed my focus from becoming a male stripper, to getting fit so that I could see my youngest off into the wonders of adulthood.

I have learned a lot since I got here. Like WTG is not a typo for WTF and NSV is Non-Scale Victory and not "No Sexy Virgin." Context is vitally important. I have learned to most weight-losers gain back an average of 73% of whatever they lost, and that just about everyone fails within 5 years.

That really sucks!

During my second year I was down to 203 - within view of one-derland. And then the unthinkable, the scale started going back up. It hovers at about 208, but my waist is 3" smaller, my quads are almost 5" inches bigger, my feet and most everything else remains the same.

The cardiologist is thrilled with my heart's condition, and my blood work is excellent - all without taking supplements. Except for a mild flu, I have not been sick at all this year.

In year 2, I set a new PR for the 10K; running it in under and hour, ran my first half marathon, and now I am training for my first marathon in the fall! I log 35+ miles a week running, I don't record walking, strength train 2 days a week doing body weight exercises, and log my food on MFP.

Oh yeah, and not only was I able to get fit by putting in the effort, prayer, and support from you all, I feel better than I have in 30 years.

Here are a couple of pics too.

That's me at 276 pounds. Summer 2010

That's me at 214 pounds.

Thanks to everyone that has commented on my blogs, posts, and comments. Thanks for getting me through my heart recovery and knee surgery, C25K and B210K, my first 1/2 as well as the Bermuda Triangle: Thanksgiving Christmas, and New Years.

I guess the best part of MFP is the inspiration I get from those that are still ahead of me, and the fellowship with those that take the chance to friend request me.

Now it's on to year 3 and get to my goal weight!

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turkeyhunter60 wrote 109 months ago:
Like some people say here, it is not all about the scale. My weight pretty well stabilized from Thanksgiving to Easter, but I knew my waist was smaller, and a lot of vitals coninued to improve. Just recently a few more pounds have started to disappear. Keep up the good work, and the good blogs.
Leahbcc wrote 109 months ago:
What a ride and thanks for sharing. You inspire!
Denjo060 wrote 109 months ago:
Another great read Looking forward to another year of MFP with you Keep doing what you are doing
LuciaLongIsland wrote 109 months ago:
Thanks for a great blog and the support and inspiration. Hey, I am almost caught up to you. I have logged 640 days.
LuciaLongIsland wrote 109 months ago:
Thanks for a great blog and the support and inspiration. Hey, I am almost caught up to you. I have logged 640 days.
MaryRegs wrote 109 months ago:
love your blogs-male stripper? I almost spit out my coffee...and as usual, I am sitting here laughing to myself! Go Blackhaks! muahahaha
MaryRegs wrote 109 months ago:
dsjohndrow wrote 109 months ago:
Go Bruins!
Tonigirl519 wrote 109 months ago:
MFP has been the catalyst to this portion of my 15 year journey. And with mfp friend and bloggers as yourself I don't see an end in sight. Which = lifestyle. Thanks so much for sharing and keeping it real. Onward and upward...(or should I say downward????).
Forest777 wrote 109 months ago:
Thanks for this blog...I'm on a two year plan myself and it's nice to see a story of someone who stuck with it. Sometimes you can feel like if you're not losing it all in six months, you are a loser (not in a good way LOL). Congrats on your accomplishments!
KristenElizabeth7 wrote 109 months ago:
One of the best part of some posts is the humor and OMG!!!! As a nurse, I am sooooo impressed whn people truly work on their health, not just looks!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Keep up the good work and WTG... not WTF!!!!!
silvergurl518 wrote 109 months ago:
congrats to you! i don't know you--but today is my 2 year anniversary on MFP as well! ~10 lbs down but muscle and knowledge gained!
justnname wrote 109 months ago:
Happy 2 year anniversary. Tomorrow is going to be 780 days for me and that includes almost year of keeping off 150lbs of fat. What a journey it has been. Cheers to you to all your past and future successes.
Sweetestthing87 wrote 109 months ago:
You have come a long way, great job! Thank you for sharing your 2 year adventure with us. This is wonderful.
odditblue wrote 109 months ago:
Fly superman, fly!
hollyrunner wrote 109 months ago:
Happy 2 year and thanks for keeping it going :)
olores wrote 109 months ago:
Great testimony my friend! WTG!!!
sk2775 wrote 109 months ago:
Here is to an even greater year ahead.
krystal193 wrote 109 months ago:
How to you add pics to a blog post? I have been trying to add them to mine but dont see a button for it. (If it doesnt have a button, usually its too complicated)
cdparmer wrote 109 months ago:
Great blog and congrats for staying with it!
cdparmer wrote 109 months ago:
Great blog and congrats for staying with it!

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