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Twisted Weight Loss Proverbs

- The difference between try and triumph is that box of donuts in the break-room.

- Indulgence is more often keeping food in the house that you can't stop eating at one serving.

- Weight is the byproduct of impulsive swallowing.

- Contrary to popular belief here on MFP, that earth's gravitation pull has not changed.

- Just because you are thin on the inside doesn't mean that your outside agrees.

- The Obesity Epidemic is due primarily to the invention of overeating.

- If you want to appear thinner get a concave mirror.

- Don't let good food go to your waist.

- Fried food is the opiate of the mass.

- The first day of a diet is that hardest, after that you are usually off it.

- Exercise has at least one advantage; you die healthier.

- The danger with running too fast or too far, is that your chub-rub could start a fire the Eagle Scouts would get a merit badge for.

- Aren't you glad you look thinner from a distance?

- I am getting thinner, but my 6-pack still needs a place to put my thumb.

- Cardio isn't for quitters.

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412HeavyLifter wrote 125 months ago:
Denjo060 wrote 125 months ago:
Nice I needed taht today to get me back on track thanks for posting
aliciagetshealthy wrote 125 months ago:
=D Thank you for brightening my Monday!
Hoppymom wrote 125 months ago:
Well done! LOL
Annette_rose wrote 125 months ago:
cessnaholly wrote 125 months ago:
aweigh2go wrote 125 months ago:
Great Monday "Pick Me Up"
cbmcphillips wrote 125 months ago:
my son has the merit badge for physical fitness - and he used his gym time....

jr is going for Eagle... project ends this weekend....
chedges9090 wrote 125 months ago:
I love those sayings !!! One I am stealing from an MFP Profile Page: " Sweat is just your fat crying"
slim_photographer wrote 125 months ago:
may steal a few of these, heck I'm stealing all of them, very funny and kinda true!
dburton2 wrote 125 months ago:
cory17 wrote 125 months ago:
thanks for bringing on a smile!
AmberJo1984 wrote 118 months ago:
Thanks for the laugh. This is hilarious.
Ferfey02 wrote 118 months ago:
lol... Thanks for the laugh

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