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Traveling in the Redwoods

Traveling is always interesting. It is one of the things that love. Northern California is a vastly different culture from the one back home in Boston. I am most impressed with the drivers, especially the ones that use directionals. At home that is how we tell who the tourists are, they have blinding turn signals. In fact, until closer inspection, I thought Volvos didn’t even come with them.

Other than my awe of drivers who stop before the crosswalks, and drivers who pretty much do the speed limit, I have seen some awesome sites; the majestic redwoods, the mighty Pacific and Shasta Dam in the national forest.

It sure is easy to get cardio when there are miles of trails and scenic walk ways!

I really enjoy the US National Parks. I lived at the Cape Cod National Seashore for 21 years. I could see the Salt Pond Visitors Center out my bedroom window! I have been to 36 of them across the country including The Grand Canyon, Glacier, Shenandoah and even Buck Island National Reef in St. Croix.

Most folks are mountain or ocean people. I am both, although if I had to pick one, it would be the ocean. The Pacific Northwest offers both in pretty close proximity!

The redwoods are easily in my top 5 favorite places on earth, although it is unfair to compare them to another. I took a 4 mile hike at Prairie Creek State Park. The warm summer-like air drifted gently below the majestic trunks filled with the sweet scent of redwood and fern; all set to the symphony of a misting brook.

Around each corner another giant stood quietly secluding the history of the last millennia. I stood for a moment to savor the sound of quietness. All was well until I rounded a corner and saw a 3 foot snake! It sure tried to dislodge my breakfast.

More when I return from Yosemite.

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staroftheeast wrote 123 months ago:
They are just absolutely breathtaking. Enjoy your trip.Thanks for sharing the photo. It's been too long since I've been there.
gratefulkat06 wrote 123 months ago:
I moved out here 3 years ago to live in the majestic Redwood forrest. Prairie creek is AWESOME!!! If your looking for a super tough day hike, try the Ten Taypo trail. It will take you a few hours with many switch backs but well worth it! Message me if you have any questions about the area, lodging, hiking, visiting, etc....
Sallycinnimon wrote 123 months ago:
I'm with you.. I'm both a mountains and ocean person, and I'm lucky enough to live between the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Charleston. Enjoy the trip and the breath-taking views!!
aliciagetshealthy wrote 123 months ago:
Absolutely beautiful!
odditblue wrote 123 months ago:
I like to think I'm both an ocean and a mountain person... of course since I live in flat, dry, not-too-scenic west TX... anywhere is beautiful. So I try to see as much of it as I can. Alaska is still my favorite to see.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing my TX heritage. You have to really, really love it to stay in the mesquites and flat land. But there is beauty. One just has to look much closer to find it.
Hmmm... maybe that is why I do love it so much. It's kind of like me. Always hiding a beautiful secret.
Love your posts. Keep 'em coming.
coloradocami wrote 123 months ago:
beautiful shot...glad you are enjoying your trip!
rschmmidt wrote 122 months ago:
Just recently my husband and I spent the morning hiking a glacier at Mount Rainier, the afternoon at a microbrewery, and the evening on a Puget Sound beach watching the sun set. I realized once again how lucky I am to live here.

So glad you enjoyed your trip to the left coast. Your photography is gorgeous - thanks for sharing!!

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