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Top 10 Re-giftable Presents for the Big and Tall

Some people don't really know us well or were they too lazy to look at our Wish List online. The good news is they are smart enough to add a few Benjamins as a stocking-stuffer or in the annual Christmas card; even a gift card. Others, they are not so smart. They insist on buying us some sort of crap that is thoroughly useless, and probably can't be returned because they bought it at a close-out sale. And worse, they are insensitive to our propensity for food retention.

If you are of the big & tall variety, these are the Top 10 Christmas gifts you probably don't want to get.

- Rocking Horse

- Folding Chairs

- Shoes that Tie

- Size Small/4 Underwear

- Anything Spandex

- Case of Regular Coke

- Tightrope

- Thong

- Barbie Car

- Gift-card for KFC

Tell us, what is one present that you will be sure to re-gift if it shows up under your tree?

Thanks for the comments and votes, you are all very encouraging to me! I wish you all a joyous holiday season.

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shivaslives wrote 120 months ago:
I don't mind the folding chairs but those cheap plastic patio chairs were my bane for many years. I just hope I don't get the big can of cashews in my stocking this year.
SugarNtheRaw wrote 120 months ago:
My Aunt (who is also obese) sent me the Nutri-System in 2007, after criticizing my weight for several years. The note attached to it was as lovely as a chainsaw to the taint.
Hoppymom wrote 120 months ago:
Clothes from that were too small..."for when you lose weight." Thank God not from my sweet husband or my kids.
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
How about the nice HUGE basket of assorted chocolate things or bucket o popcorn or that GIANT tin of cookies sprinkled with holiday evil? Yep. I seem to get them every year. Well, this year, I'm passing the buck on to the skinny people who usually give this to me. Enjoy getting into YOUR jeans after sitting up with your sweet little present all night after the in-laws go home. Can't wait to see you on MFP!! =D
navygunner wrote 120 months ago:
I want to regift my large size skivvies!!!
navygunner wrote 120 months ago:
I want to regift my large size skivvies!!!
DawnOf1969 wrote 120 months ago:
Chocolate Easter Bunnies. Seriously. My mother-in-law bought them on close-out, froze them, and gave them to us for Christmas. Not even kidding.
kardowling wrote 120 months ago:
Scented candles...very nice, but I am allergic to most and sneeze away!
lilchino4af wrote 120 months ago:
Decks of playing cards. 1 was enough, but every year my MIL thinks I need a new deck. And not just me, but my hubby gets one too. So yeah, we've got 12+ decks of cards piling up....
itsanot wrote 120 months ago:
It isn't what I get as gifts it is the fact that everyone at work brings in all the junk they don't want at home to work so the temptation to indulge in junk is just too much some days!
balfonso wrote 120 months ago:
I'll regift crap chocolate but if it's Ferreros then I won't! Guaranteed I always get a box or 2 every single Christmas! Gah, I can't resist! >_<
shivaslives wrote 120 months ago:
Let's add beef logs...especially when you're a vegetarian
sagetracey wrote 120 months ago:
My brother always gives us a big box of chocolates and a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream. I'm just hoping that because he has lost a lot of weight this year that he will be a little more creative and considerate!
dmpizza wrote 120 months ago:
Someone is buying you a Barbie Car AND a thong? Should the police be notified?
tiggr62 wrote 120 months ago:
Sorry but these are pretty funny. Can honestly say I have never gotten a gift that made me think WTH.
2Bgoddess wrote 120 months ago:
as a preschool teacher, i am showered with gifts each year. chocolates, soaps, coffee mugs, personal massager...wait, what? YA. awkward!
Alexdur85 wrote 120 months ago:
balfonso- Ferrero's are my favorite!!! Have you had Nutella?? Wait.. don't.. it's the best stuff on earth!!!! OMG.. I hope I don't get any of that in my stocking.. it's the reason I am the way I am!
RoadkingDavid wrote 120 months ago:
Well, since I lost over 100 lbs, I suppose I will have to regift any giftcards to the big and tall store!!!
RoadkingDavid wrote 120 months ago:
and those damned chocolate covered cherries!! Not any good, but they are hard to leave alone.
haldeman5 wrote 120 months ago:
When I was a TEENAGER my grandmother bought me cowgirl undies with lassos on it that were not packaged and she bought them at a garage sale....can we say GROSS! but hilarious and a great story:-)
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