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Today is Brought to You by the Number 4

4 must be my lucky number. I once was that age - a long time ago. It was just about that 4 years ago I had congestive heart failure and started using MFP. I haven't lost my mind, my motivation, my support or my virginity in those 4 years.

I did stop using the message boards.

The number 4 also holds one more meaningful memory. It is the number of full marathons I have completed since I was told "you might need a heart transplant", "running is a treat, don't push it", and "you have cancer."

*fingers in ears* I am sorry, but I can't hear you doctors.

This past weekend I ran the Zydeco Marathon (#4) with fellow MFPer BobbyDaniel. We met here on MFP and have been friends ever since. Now that we've officially hung out, drank coffee, shared a banana and split 5 pounds of crawdads cooked Cajun style, I'll never be quite the same.

Then we ran a marathon.

We were neck and neck for 13.1. Then Bobby took off a little faster. I am running Boston next month and was trying to take it easy. For mile 13 and 14 I was on my own. Worse, I was alone with my own thoughts. It's been winter in New England and with 9 feet of snow in 5 weeks, running has been a real treat. I haven't trained like I should have and tossing a marathon in a month before I run the Boston Marathon was probably not a smart idea.

I am not known for smart or cute, or genius.

Bobby and I caught up again around mile 15 and ran 5 more miles together. At the 20 mile marker he stopped to stretch out. With a possible personal record on the horizon, I ran ahead. I have had leg cramp issues in two out of three previous marathon races. I avoided cramps in Chicago by doing some walk/run early on along with taking Endurolyte capsules. This day I all I needed was to break 5 hours for a PR. 23 miles in the sun came out and well, it was dang hot for this northern boy. The thermometer soared to 70 degrees. (was -5 when I left home)

I pressed on stopping to dump some water on my head and eat a donut and a banana.

I clicked off 24, 25 and soon enough, 26 miles. I turned left over the bridge and ran the last 2 tenths of a mile as fast as I could go. As I crossed the timing mats I squeezed my Garmin to shut it off. 4:45:06.

I had done it. I broke 5 hours! My official was 4:44:59. I'll take it.

I also finished my 4th full marathon and 27th race since I was diagnosed with cancer. I am running the New York City Marathon in November for the charity Zero Cancer. Let me know if you can support my cause.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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DaveR100 wrote 81 months ago:
Great run! congratulations
Mustangsally1000 wrote 81 months ago:
nicely done David!
farmboyphotography wrote 81 months ago:
David, you are a bit like the Energizer bunny! "He just keeps going and going and going...." and yes, we are talking about running here.

Keep up the blogging, a nice mix of inspiration, entertainment, and great humor! Kudos, sir!
jennynewbury wrote 81 months ago:
I now want a donut
sk2775 wrote 81 months ago:
Awesome. Congrats.
Kellie82much wrote 81 months ago:
The title of today's blog made me smile.
I've been following you for a while and thought I'd say hey and that I like your writing style, no b.s. Just the cold hard facts and some humour for good measure.
Keep up the good work.

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