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To Log or Not to Log

Wow! I have logged my food for a few days shy of a year. I haven't missed one! For me, doing something for an entire year, which I DON'T have to do, seems silly. Let's say it takes 5 minutes a day, that's a lot of hours I could have actually been doing work at my job! Exactly why I call it Social Not Working.

As a veteran M-F-P-er, here is what I learned in 360+ days about logging:

- Logging food is an eye opener.

- Logging cardiovascular exercise is some times depressing - like when you worked out for 30 minutes and earned the right to eat a freaking cookie that isn't even as good as grandma's!

- Processed meat, pickles, ripe olives, cheese and bread contain TONS of sodium.

- If you pick the right "chicken wings" from the Add Food list, there isn't any calories or sodium! ;)

- There is food in the list with no calories. :)

- The Relevance radio button doesn't correct misspellings.

- The misspelling link doesn't correct misspellings.

- The asterisked items in the search are provided my another MyFitnessPal member. I want names, some of them are WRONG and they need a whack in the knuckles with a keyboard!

- The Bar Cod scanner needs a "too dark" setting. Might as well toss in a "too drunk to care" setting too.

- My Meals is well, totally useless.

-My Foods is what, a poop scanner? Useless.

- If we are going to Walk 3 MPH, do we have to take to stupid dog with us? How many people do you suppose put in 3.5 miles an hour so they could walk alone?

- I love the Food Settings. I was going to change one of mine to "Crap I Lied About and Ate Anyway."

- Does anyone actually log Strength Training? I mean, no calories burned, that hurts. But I don't eat my exercise calories anyway. I guess I need to get over it.

- You get the splash icon if you drink enough water!

- When you drink a lot of water, you should log peeing as cardio.

- Typing "sex" in the Cardio search still has "no results" and I have come to the conclusion that MFPers don't have sex.

Do you log?

As always, thanks for the votes and comments.

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Hungry_Tuna wrote 114 months ago:
You're the most awesome MFP blogger ever. haha
wisebadger53 wrote 114 months ago:
LOL "How many people do you suppose put in 3.5 miles an hour so they could walk alone?" :-)
johnwhitent wrote 114 months ago:
There is exactly one MFP'r that logs all strength training. I won't name him but you know who you are dad...
harleigh67 wrote 114 months ago:
"Crap I Lied About and Ate Anyway." and log peeing as cardio to funny, almost made me pee my pants I laughed so hard.....and I personally feel the walking 3.5mph with the dog should be changed to I was to tired to get any exercise today I walked the dog and the damn mutt dragged me a 3.5 mph around the block......
cessnaholly wrote 114 months ago:
Too funny.
FitnSassy wrote 114 months ago:
I log strength training because I like keeping a record of my activity. And because I do circuit and interval training, I also get in some cardio. I'm not sure if MFP gives accurate numbers for it, but yes, I do log my minutes and keep it moving!
jdhosier wrote 114 months ago:
Yeah, I log strength training . . . twice. Once as Strength Training to keep track of what I did, and again as a cardio exercise because it gets my heart rate up.

Great post, John.
drewbird911 wrote 114 months ago:
Check your math... 365 Days x 5 minute = ~30-1/2 hours
cbirdso wrote 114 months ago:
Hey, now that hurts! I like 'My foods' and 'My meals'! And I do walk at 3.5 m/hr now that my poor little dog is no longer here to walk with me. Have they no sympathy??? Thanks for the laughs...again.
littlelaura wrote 114 months ago:
thanks that was funny!
jennifermwb wrote 114 months ago:
I am so glad I am not the only one who has typed sex into the search field for exercise. lol It should totally be in there!
delonda1 wrote 114 months ago:
Hahaha "when you drink enough water you should log peeing as cardio" ... This runs through my mind everyday
bh12058 wrote 114 months ago:
Hilarious! And one more...the quick add calories button should be renamed "stuff I'm too embarassed to log !"
slhollen wrote 114 months ago:
Love it!!!
When you drink a lot of water, you should log peeing as cardio.
bjbixler wrote 114 months ago:
I have a friend who logs sex as "calisthenics". No lie, when she got a new bf, she was doing calisthenics a lot. Theyve been dating awhile now, so her most frequent exercise logged is now the elliptical again, lol.
JoolieW68 wrote 114 months ago:
Love the list, and totally agree on adding peeing as a cardio exercise! It's exactly 55 steps from my desk chair to the nearest restroom stall, so that should count for something!! Also, I do use the My Meals function a lot since I tend to eat many of the same things day after day after day after day. :)
odditblue wrote 114 months ago:
OMG!!!! You make me laugh so hard I gotta pee more!!! But I can't log that! Maybe the sex is under battery operated device? Haven't looked yet... LOL!!!
ucsneakerz wrote 114 months ago:
So awesome!:)
Pkiddy wrote 114 months ago:
Another Awesome blog!!
demery12371 wrote 114 months ago:
Realized that laughing still hurts even a week after surgery... but I needed that laugh!! Thank you :)
mamamc03 wrote 114 months ago:
This is greatness!! I have a meal category called "Log of Shame - Cue the Horror Music" that MANY of my MFPeeps have started using. I love it!! As for sex...seriously only takes 2 dont burn that much! LOL
SsetAdnama wrote 114 months ago:
Sex = calisthenics... lol. Will have to use that from now on. And some days the only exercise I get is making laps back and forth to the loo when I drink the "correct" amount of water.
malibulu wrote 114 months ago:
I dont log my exersize anymore, but when I did, I logged it as Aerobics - Found it was a bit like that kinda workout! I completely agree with the walkiing dog thing! and as for pushing a buggy using less calories when walking - you try pushing an extra few stone up a bloody hill and tell me you're burning less calories!
Funny post :-)
cantjustcant wrote 114 months ago:
here's a calculator for three different levels of sexual activities....or I log it under circuit training...don't ask!
langurmonkey wrote 114 months ago:
My wife and are literally LOLing :-)
staroftheeast wrote 114 months ago:
ROFLOL! Great post.
BrownEyedSister wrote 114 months ago:
I used to use FitDay to track my info and they had 3 levels of sexual activity like Cantjustcant mentioned.

Active, vigorous effort - 1.45 calories per minute
General, moderate effort - 1.26 calories per minute
Passive, light effort (kissing/hugging) - .97 cal per min

So, just like with any workout, take it up a notch to burn more calories! :)
MaryRegs wrote 114 months ago:
this just made me laugh out loud at work! awesome blog
CheezPuff89 wrote 114 months ago:
LMAO, this post was pure awesome, still laughing.
Mel2626 wrote 114 months ago:
LOL Loved this start to finish!! :)
libland wrote 114 months ago:
Sometimes it because of my dog that I even got out the door...taught her to bring me my shoes when she wants to go for a walk...better than paying a personal trainer.
ScarlettIsSpiffing wrote 114 months ago:
ha ha that's funny, thanks for sharing x ;)
ToniSG wrote 114 months ago:
Love it! Love it! Love it!
rmsrws wrote 114 months ago:
I really enjoyed reading this!!! You wrote it how it is! I love brutal honesty with a touch of sardonic humor thrown in for good measure! Oh, FYI....This MFPer does have sex and lots of it! I have been a proud MFPer for 435 days now!!! Whooot Whooot! Also there is no listing for semen, if one was to consume any amount, not that I am saying I would consume such a thing, but from what I hear its very low calorie and packed full of protein!!!
cherrikim wrote 114 months ago:
This was too funny.
deannarey13 wrote 114 months ago:
Your blog is always the best! I tend to agree with the last statement. We are all too worried about logging our food and/or prepping food. Oh, and of course eating food. No time for sex!
beebee0925 wrote 114 months ago:
You are so hilarious. You should be a standup comic or something.
barefootbeauty wrote 114 months ago:
Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh :)
Annette_rose wrote 114 months ago: your blogs!
trutlet wrote 114 months ago:
Very witty..... Every time my sister logs the 3.5 with dog I have to add a comment asking her when she got a dog. cute!
glenbabe wrote 114 months ago:
LOL....Funny but SO true!!!
mdj1501 wrote 114 months ago:
Oh... I soooo needed this today.. Thanks for the laugh!
Sasco67 wrote 114 months ago:
Oh, thank you so much for making us all laugh...the walking 3mph with a dog is really stupid and yes, peeing should definitely be listed as cardio - that's hilarious (but true).
queezle_sister wrote 114 months ago:
A whole year - wow! I've been wondering if, after reaching my target, I'll just continue here regardless.

Cardio peeing - love it!
kat5556 wrote 114 months ago:
This is the best post I have ever read!! Love the humor because it's so true!
bllowry wrote 114 months ago:
LOL, you've hit it on the head, especially about the strength training!! I don't bother logging it either. :)
Mustangsally1000 wrote 114 months ago:
Calorie burning activity Calories
Activity group: Motivational context
Here ya go...calories burned...:D thanks for the was great!!

Afire with passion 85
Because there’s nothing on TV 37
Out of guilt 55
Out of curiosity 73
Like it was some major emergency 911
To gather information 411
Activity group: Foreplay
Tickling 17
Licking 24
Nibbling 28
Noshing 33
Sucking 38
Pleading 19
Using vibrator
personal size 22
Using vibrator
industrial size 114
Horseplay 67
with saddle 94
Wrist wrestling
to see who gets to be on top 77
Nagging her/him into doing it 21
jaguilar333 wrote 114 months ago:
OMG, you are hilarious. Especially love your point about, the 3mph walk. So true!
ElizabethObviously wrote 114 months ago:
I log strength training under cardio. It's there. And under strength training so I know what I am doing! And yes sex should be in the cardio search somewhere!
CowgirlKimi wrote 114 months ago:
OMgush... I LOVED this posting! I am at this very moment, sharing this with my Mom AND my Dad, who are BOTH active MFP users. :-)
Thanks for keeping a smile on my otherwise, diet-exhausted face, this Thursday morning.

Onaughmae wrote 114 months ago:
Love it! Thanks for the humor!
CanuckLove wrote 114 months ago:
Supercatie80 wrote 114 months ago:
Sex may not be in the cardio search but intercourse is...and I don't think they are talking about a city in PA.
JimWink wrote 114 months ago:
Hilarious! keep 'em coming!
TiffanyWasmer wrote 114 months ago:
Best blog post EVER. Seriously almost spit water all over my screen! Love it :)
SusanDoesIt wrote 114 months ago:
I actually DO take the freaking dog on my 3.0 mph walks; I'm afraid it won't count if I don't.
littlefire01 wrote 114 months ago:
AWESOME post!!!! Laughed so hard at "peeing should be cardio" and glad i am not the only one who tried to log sex as cardio (soooo disappointing, i need every burnt calorie i can get)
TheresaRichardson wrote 114 months ago:
LOL: Love the "I was going to change one of mine to "Crap I Lied About and Ate Anyway." and 'When you drink a lot of water, you should log peeing as cardio.'

Love, love, love your posts! Thanks!
Bookchick887 wrote 114 months ago:
How do I bookmark you or subscribe to your blog?
SidneyCarr wrote 114 months ago:
I wanted to "arrow up" this blog several times!
kaybeau wrote 114 months ago:
i log ironing as standing fishing at the river!
peachlow wrote 114 months ago:
Cheri_Moves wrote 114 months ago:
This is hilarious! I got to the end and SO WANTED MORE!
suzu_2 wrote 114 months ago:
I was ROLLING!!!!! Hey, how many calories does rolling count again? Heheheheh
mad14vic wrote 114 months ago:
Oh my god, this made me laugh so hard. I have to admit, I totally agree with the "Crap I Lied About and Ate Anyway" because I absolutely HATE seeing the red angry negative numbers on my calories.
babygurl48 wrote 114 months ago:
Too funny and true!!!! lol.. Great post!!!
kellicruz1978 wrote 114 months ago:
So funny! I have always wondered about the dog! I think he needs a name!
pmkelly409 wrote 114 months ago:
another homerun!! LOL!
Hownow37 wrote 114 months ago:
Walking to the bathroom counts towards my 10,000 steps.
sarahsmom1 wrote 114 months ago:
some things just don't make sense to log, grocery shopping, preparing food, putting food in containers, walking to the fridge to put it in, laundry, folding and putting them away. Or am I just missing the freaking boat of easy calorie burning

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