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Thoughts on Weight Loss - OK, Humorous Thoughts

I have been at this journey for well over 2 years. And in some circles that makes me an expert. :P There are some observations I have made about where I am at in all this. I am also endlessly amused at the some of the stuff people believe about weight loss, running and exercise in general. I believed some of that stuff too.

Uh oh, here he goes. Time to report him to the blog Nazis!

Here is what I am seeing:

- You feel fat after you eat and you feel thinner after you exercise.

- People are not allergic to water; they are often addicted to sugar.

- If you spice up your plain food, the dogs won't eat the leftovers.

- Runners don't care if their dog has diarrhea, they run with them anyway.

- The best way to lose the last 10 pounds is liposuction.

- Once they can see it, men look at their junk a lot more often then they realize.

- A new purse isn't going to change the scale.

- The scale going down is not an indicator of fitness.

- Sucking it in doesn't work on bingo wings and love handles.

- Endorphins are the nectar of the workout gods.

- Spilling a full energy drink you paid for is the adult equivalent of letting a balloon go.

- Turn off your flash and put away feminine products and sex toys when taking success and progress pictures.

How do I know these things? I wrote a book about it.

You can get a free copy by supporting my book project if you haven't done so already.

There are only 3 days left.


Thanks for being on the journey, for your friendship and your support. David

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Leahbcc wrote 109 months ago:
Love this post and have supported the book
DEEDLYNN wrote 109 months ago:
Cheering you on!
MaryRegs wrote 109 months ago:
is it a Coach purse???? the endorphins from THAT are epic!! voted-and pledged!!
Sparlingo wrote 109 months ago:
Ha! Love it. Especially the note on sucking it in, endorphins, and progress pics! :).
missinesita wrote 109 months ago:
hahahha! I cracked up!
odditblue wrote 109 months ago:
Checklist of things to put away in pics.........
Pkiddy wrote 109 months ago:
Bingo wings... never heard them called that, but I knew right away to what you were referencing. :) Voted and Pledged!
VeeBethTris wrote 109 months ago:
Voted :) Great stuff
PoisonDartFrog wrote 109 months ago:
Bingo Wings - made me laugh

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