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Thoughts on the New York City Marathon

I just finished the NYC Marathon. That makes seven since I had heart failure in 2011. I also checked off my third World Major Marathon. It wasn't my best and it wasn't my worst.

BUT it was NY!

I grew up not far from New York City. We went to"the city" for field trips in middle school - the UN, the Empire State Building, the Staten Island Ferry, Rangers and Bruins at Madison Square Garden, Led Zeppelin live, Times Square, the Brooklyn Aquarium, the Bronx Zoo, waving at Lady Liberty and watching hookers on 42nd ST.

New York is quite a city!

I love NY. Even so, there are a few things I don't like about NYC. You can't put anything down, it's hard to find a bathroom, the subway is confusing, parking is hell and expensive and the Yankees.

I have run Boston and Chicago too. The US World Major courses are top shelf.

I will say this was my most difficult marathon. Emotionally it was a huge battle. I missed some of my training this summer when I had surgery. That was followed by a move, changes at work, another cancer scare with high PSAs and my regular life. I have been feeling sick for about a month. I missed Chicago this year due to all that, and was just about to drop out of NY too.

Getting to a big city marathon is a lot of work.

I drove 4 hours into NY, parked my car for $40 a day and got my "two by four" room. It was so small I didn't think I could change my mind in there! The bed was nice. I found the subway to the Javits Center and went to the expo. I walked to Times Square for a team lunch; that was fun!

I got on the train going the wrong way on the way back...

I enjoyed dinner with a friend I have known since Kindergarten and went back to my room to relax and get ready for the 5:45 alarm. I made sure to hydrate as much as possible. I took my electrolytes and ate a pretty regular meal of pasta, broccoli and chicken. I was hoping that my GI issues would subside from the weeks before.

I was up before the alarm. There was NO running water!

I was glad to have some leftover bottled water to use brushing my teeth. I had also set up the coffee maker the night before; which was precariously balanced on the flat screen TV. (This is real talent...) I got dressed, downed a cup of coffee, slapped on Body Glide and sunscreen and drank a little Imodium; I was ready to hit the subway.

I walked 2 blocks to the 1-2-3 and headed for Times Square.

The Minions, Elvis and the Naked Cowboy weren't at work yet. I got on the R with a guy I met wearing a runner's bib. Richard and I chatted about his first marathon.

The train zoomed past our stop. WTH? It said express to the Staten Island Ferry.

We got off and on to go back a stop. We wished each other well and went our separate ways. I found a clean bathroom without a line. I looked to heavens and praised God! I was early, so I sat down for a bit before heading out to get on the bus to the starting line.

I finally arrived at the athlete’s village and got in line for a bagel, some coffee, a little water and the porta-potty. There I met a couple of gals from Ohio. We chatted about our race. One of them asked me, "What is ZERO Cancer?", reading my singlet.

I told her that is a research and advocacy charity for prostate cancer sufferers.

"Did you have it?" She asked.

"I have it." I replied. "I am running with it today."

"Oh my God! Can I give you a hug?"

She didn't wait for an answer. In fact both of them gave me a hug.

We separated into our starting corrals.

Before me lay 26.2 miles of the City that never Sleeps. But more about that later.

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Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 80 months ago:
Thanks fro the read. You are awesome! Sending you a virtual hug myself!
celticlass69 wrote 80 months ago:
It must be so intersting/scarry/exciting going to all these different places for marathons. Did you ever run before your heart failure? If not, how long did it take you until you ran your first marathon? What have you learnt about running since then? ... sorry, I should just keep it to about your blog ... I enjoy your blogs immensely they really make me feel like I'm there with you. :)
dsjohndrow wrote 80 months ago:
celticlass69 - I started running after heart failure. ANd yes, all these places are intersting/scarry/exciting! It took 938 days to get from ICU to my first marathon. I have learned a lot about running. I also have a book: ICU to Marathon and I am coming out with a new one about running.
celticlass69 wrote 80 months ago:
So you could literally say running saved your life! You are so inspiring to me! Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us! :)

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