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Things I Want to Say at the Gym, but Haven't Yet!

Gym folks are mostly pretty cool, but there are some! See if you can guess who I am talking to:
- Is that all you've got?

- Could you put your makeup on in the bathroom?

- Did you fart on this machine, you know I have sit there?

- Dude, unless you lost a testicle, quiet down over there.

- Why would you put milk in your water bottle?

- Hey man, don't they sell men's clothing at Walmart?

- If you are just going to sit, there is a bathroom down the hall.

- Do you mind if I push this up to 10 miles per hour, I just want to see how you'll hold up?

- I was watching Funniest Home Videos, and you remind of the one with the dog on the treadmill.

- Maybe you should wait a few years before you try wearing a tank top. It's just a suggestion.

- That treadmill, it's broken, yeah, yeah, and so is that one. The one over there, it's like new.

- Do you think we could have something besides Ellen and Bob the Builder on one of these TVs?
- If you stop there again, it's 7 years bad luck. 
Thanks in advance for the votes and comments!
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SugarNtheRaw wrote 122 months ago:
Bwahaha.. I could think of a few snarky comments myself that I would LOVE to voice.
_David_ wrote 122 months ago:
Its Muscle Milk!
BeautyFromPain wrote 122 months ago:
Dear guys who like to watch their buddies do weights,
STOP SITTING ON THE MACHINES when you ain't using them but I want to!!! GRRR
Rain_Howard wrote 122 months ago:
All reasons I don't use a gym. Well that and the absurd cost. I want to use the equipment, not buy it.
LisaMariaCallow wrote 122 months ago:
Funny!! How about the guys who tell you "I'm still using that machine" No you're not!! You're spotting your buddy 30 feet away!! Or my new fave-the spinning instructor who yells "Woo" every 15 seconds throughout her class-Seriously?!! I can hear her through my ear buds in the next room!
shivaslives wrote 122 months ago:
Thanks for sharing your sweat on the machine; I didn't have enough of my own.
afrazier128 wrote 122 months ago:
Great stuff! lolz
timrap wrote 122 months ago:
No, I love the women that come in at 4:30 in the morning and are having a long, loud conversation with someone on the phone while they walk at like 2 miles an hour. Come on!
odditblue wrote 122 months ago:
I was gonna say, badger milk! =D

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