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There is Always Tomorrow

I stupidly started smoking cigarettes in 9th grade. I was feeling cool, and no one seemed to care. Oh sure, they told us how bad it was, but it was too late. I was hooked. I was a real pro blowing smoke rings through smoke rings - and coughing up a lung every morning. I quit in 1994, but my ex died this week at age 56 of lung cancer. She told me that day she would start tomorrow.

I guess there are lots of things that are bad for you in life, like too much food, or too much alcohol. And there are lots of other warnings that I probably disregarded, such as a padded headboard for safe sex.

If you are new, some times it takes a bit to get your sea legs. There is lots to learn about food, exercise and living life is a society that plops killer portions in front of you day and night.

What can you do today to be a success at the weight-loss game which is good for your health?

- Log it
- Log it all!
- Make MFP friends.
- Search the forums.
- Read the blogs. (Well, at least this one!)
- Ask questions.
- Don't lie about your bad days.
- Find people that have achieved your goal. I friend the runners and the old guys that lost 100!
- Drink water.
- Take a walk.
- Take another walk.
- Don't quit.

No matter what, do it today, not tomorrow.

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mostaverage wrote 124 months ago:
Inspiring, heartfelt words.
Pkiddy wrote 124 months ago:
Well said. :-)
jdhosier wrote 124 months ago:
Well said, John. Nothing like the death of someone close to make things real.
cristileigh wrote 124 months ago:
I'm sorry to hear about your wife. Thank you for the inspiring words
Hoppymom wrote 124 months ago:
Terrific post again Dave. Great advice to beginners;to all of us.
Moeslady11 wrote 124 months ago:
My condolances to you and your family. We all know what we ought to do. Sounds like u are trying to get on the best path for you. Keep coming back to my fitness pal. Journalinng helps
seasonalvoodoo wrote 124 months ago:
Great uncle passed away at age 52 due to lung cancer and my mom passed in 2009 of COPD and she, too, told me she was going to quit about 3 days before she passed.
seasonalvoodoo wrote 124 months ago:
Oh, and my mother was only 59. Just awful.
live2dream wrote 124 months ago:
I agree! My dad died age 49 of lung cancer. I quit smoking the minute I heard he had cancer- it was a wake up call. That was 10 yrs ago and I haven't smoked and have been on a continuous journey of being as healthy as possible since.
CharlieBarleyMom wrote 124 months ago:
Absolutely perfect words. Inspire others. Sorry about your personal loss.
strongandhealthy78 wrote 124 months ago:
I'm sorry for your loss.

It is heart-wrenching when someone you love is still smoking. My mother in law is an incredible woman and she has tried over and over to quit smoking. It is tough to hear her cough when she goes back to smoking. It's so hard being someone (aka most everyone) who has no control over the actions of another adult.
eellis2000 wrote 124 months ago:
My father had a heart attack and quit smoking only to have 2 more with-in 2 weeks and the 3rd one killed him.... my husband went to the hospital with a cold and was told he was having heart attacks and needed a 6x bypass. He quit smoking that day and 2yrs later he has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that is inoperable. I quit 3 months ago but my mother refuses to quit even though she has copd.
eellis2000 wrote 124 months ago:
oops hit the enter button early... I'm sorry for your loss and congratulations on staying quit.
JfMarrs wrote 124 months ago:
Sorry for your loss.
nikki_mar wrote 124 months ago:
I appreciate your selflessness by finding it in your heart to share pearls of wisdom while dealing with your loss. You wrote "log it all". I've been skipping the really bad foods when logging my meals. Going to log it all from now on. Thanks and God bless.
rebbecarose wrote 124 months ago:
Sorry about your friend. Thanks for writing.
SusieLamon wrote 124 months ago:
I'm really sorry for your loss. I've never smoked, but my addiction is to food. I liked your advice/tips. Thanks for sharing!
mwyles wrote 124 months ago:
Thank you

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