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The Upside of the Downside

Holy crap, it's only Tuesday and it seems like a million things have gone wrong. Some lady who is one sandwich short of a picnic pulled out without looking. I slammed on the brakes, spilled my coffee, blew the horn, and flipped her the bird; all from muscle memory.

Thank God I am a trained Boston driver.

Moving has been good and crazy too. I can't find some things I need, but I found a pile of stuff I don't need. I did find my laundry from day one - after 2 weeks. Ewwww!

Today things will be different, Finally, after 13 months of unemploymennt, I have been at my new job for five days. They didn't even care about my 9 years of college! The fact that I can breath without assitance was more than a-freakin-nough!

Why did I go to college anyway? Oh right, because they had beer and girls.

I am sitting here in front of the computer having wasted most of the day waiting for my new email address to be processed. Maybe they should just use Gmail? All I want to do is get my insurance started so I can get my medication.

You know how I am without my medication!

At least I am basically hitting my goals. I guess that makes me an emotional non-eater. I am glad to be working.

There is a list things that I found annoying about being out of work and a few things I might miss. 

- The refrigerator is not far away.
- Now I have to use the paper toilet seat covers when I go to the corporate bathroom.
- There is a short line to the bathroom at home now that I am not sleeping in.
- I now have to worry about having a flat tire on the way to work!
- Sitting inside with nothing to do while the sun is out while waiting for the phone to ring about a job you need to be in front of the PC for.
- Grocery shopping with seniors. I'm a runner lady, move the hell over!
- Wishing I could spend some time having fun.
- COBRA health insurance prices!
- The mail.
- Friends who post stupid crap on Facebook and it's there all day!
- I don't like unloading the silverware from the dishwasher. Plates and glasses, OK. Silverware, forget it!
- People asking me what I do for work. I'm a smart ass blogger and write about fat people. So there.
- The Message Boards. Actually they tick me off when I am working too.

Thanks for the votes and comments. (You can do both, but please vote!)

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vishalb08 wrote 59 months ago:
Hello all the way from India.
To be honest I always love reading your blogs.
To see you fight back against all odds at your age (no offense intended) is such a motivation for youngsters like me who feel life is all over.
Finally I was really very happy to hear you have found a job & even happier that you have completed 5 days & you seem to be enjoying it (pun intended).
So can't wait to read your BS (as you like to call your blogs) again.
Take care & keep fighting champ !!!!
kdavid1987 wrote 59 months ago:
Having a job with medical insurance was definitely motivating to get to work on my health. Basically, I started losing weight as soon as my insurance got active! So I definitely know where you are coming from here. As always, I enjoy your humor and good cheer. Glad things are looking up for you. :)
Hoppymom wrote 59 months ago:
Cobra prices...right?!?!?! I used to be on my husband's insurance during layoff but now he's on Medicare and I have to use Cobra. WTF?! I get the bit about emptying the dishwasher. I hate it all for some reason. It literally takes 5 minutes. (Depression or just lazy?) My Bella beat vibrates for me got get up and move. The refrigerator is in my path. (sigh). Trying to get it together. I am finding things to do so when lay off ends I won't have that stress but a lot of it doesn't make me any more active than watching TV or being on the computer. We did get the garage cleaned on Sunday though. (Huge win!) Cleaning out a mess and moving around (two birds; one stone). I so glad that you have found a job. I hope it works out for you for a long time.
suttercm wrote 59 months ago:
Avoid the Message Boards at all costs!
Tonigirl519 wrote 59 months ago:
You have me cracking up at my desk...and I wonder a little less about somethings now when I retire or get let go due to reorganization..because you hit on a lot of them...btw I'll need to find another job to cover health insurance too for awhile..

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