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The Real Me

I know that some of you missed my posts and others sent messages to see how I was doing. Thank you! It has been a really tough season.

It has been tough to stay fit as well.

Five weeks ago, my wife and I left our apartment where the psycho landlord lived downstairs (who we had to take to court for harassing us). We felt safer in a hotel. Needless to say, moving is hard enough, harder when you can't park a truck to load it.

Hotel living isn't all that great and your food choices are pretty much out of control.

The stress, lack of sleep, long hours trying to manage work, moving, logistics, housing, and stay sane wasn't easy. All this led to an unhealthy lifestyle. I started skipping runs, finishing meals at a restaurant which I usually would have brought half home...

You probably think I am going to obsess about weight gain. I did gain a few pounds. OK, 10.

It is worse than that. Two weeks ago, I ended up in the ER with a very serious viral infection; not unlike the one which caused me to have congestive heart failure 2011. This one, decided to produce stroke symptoms. 

Painful. Scary.

They rushed me in for a cat scan. Scared my wife. Fortunately the severe headache, one which made it so I could hardy see, was caused by something less damaging than a stroke or aneurysm.

Some pain killers and I was much better.

I turned 60 in the middle of all this. I am still in a hotel part-time (still working in MA), but we finally have a home in Virginia. That is a dream come true.

When I am there, I get to live on the water.

So what's the moral of the story? You have to take care of yourself. If you don't, you'll get sick. If you don't work on being fit, you'll get sick. Maybe not right away, but sooner of later.

Be fit. Don't get sick.

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melissarose4 wrote 39 months ago:
What a whirlwind you've had! Glad to see you are much better and in recovery - yikes!

(I'm so bummed that MFP doesn't show the blog feature. I LOVE reading blogs from others on here!)

megbeveridge93 wrote 39 months ago:
Congrats on the new home and I wish you luck on the rest of your journey!
pizzafruit wrote 39 months ago:
I'm glad that things are falling into place. Most people would have said forget it. This shows how strong and committed you are to taking care of you. I know you'll continue the journey and have nothing but success. Sending you good wishes.
kdbulger wrote 39 months ago:
Oh dear, what an upheaval in several areas of your life! I'm glad you're recovered (recovering?) and that your housing woes are the road to resolution.
ggeise14 wrote 39 months ago:
Glad to read your update and sending you good karma thoughts as well!
brittvshows wrote 39 months ago:
You're right, I was wringing my hands wondering if everything was okay. Just finished a run to the ER myself for what felt like another heart attack. Instead it's pneumonia. The anxiety alone can be health damaging.

You're always correct about everything! Not taking care of one's self can make one sick. Very grateful that you checked in. Congrats for the good things happening in your life. Check in when you have the time but most importantly, keep on doing what's right for you. We'll always be here with the front porch light on. Best wishes!
mysteps2beauty wrote 38 months ago:
Life always reminds me that no good deed goes unpunished. So glad you have something good to focus on to get you thru the tough stuff. You inspire us even during the bumpy parts. I’m insspired to get back on track more seriously. Aching hips and feet with what feels like arthritis making its debut makes me move more slowly. But slow is better than none.

Hang in there. You know how to do it.
lorrainequiche59 wrote 38 months ago:
I can relate to the psycho neighbor issue. Glad you escaped with your sanity intact. Hoping your new digs bring you peace. Your home should be a safe haven. May you find that in your new place. Look forward to reading your future blogs. Take good care of yourself.
poisonesse wrote 38 months ago:
Whew, what a whirlwind couple of months you've lived! Glad it all seems to be turning out well for you!!! And glad I'm on the web version of MFP... except when I have to upload pics, then I'm on the mobile app... BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! lol Glad you're back!
franklin505 wrote 38 months ago:
best of luck and heres to a smoother ride from now on
SheilaCali wrote 38 months ago:
I did the psycho landlord thing too, and recall it was one of the most stressful times in my life. I was having panic attacks, and almost had a nervous breakdown. I believe I had to work through some PTSD. The stress of a move is so real, and having to do it under extreme duress amped up the anxiety. I'm relieved you're on the other side of all that, and now you can focus on your health again. Sometimes you go into survival mode, and it's hard to do "normal" when that happens. Peace to you and your wife- enjoy each other's company and reflect on what is good in your life.

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