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The Pictures on MFP - Psychoanalysis

Is it me, or are the profile pics on MFP sometimes not amusing? My 7-year-old looks at the computer screen and says, "Daddy, you are friends with a puppy, a monkey, a hockey player, an eyeball, and a lady with a gun. Can't you find a kitty cat to be friends with - or at least a tiger?"

As an armchair psychoanalyst, I have a few thoughts on why this is. Here are my diagnoses.

Blank Icons: You are not really a person. It is sort of like robo-calls to buy new insulated windows, you can't even tell them you'd like their number so you can call THEM back at dinner time. You are a conspiracy theorist, slightly paranoid, and concerned about big-brother telling your nutritionist what you really posted in your food log. Umm... or you don't know how to use MFP yet, in which case it is cool for like a few days.

Animal Pics: This could be a bad sign: multiple personalities. Cats and dogs? It is usually people that have coffee mugs the read "Everything tastes better with pet fur in it." or dinner plates with a cat rear end. Different dogs say different things about their owners. Cats, the more there are, the more nuts you are. The spitting camel, that's was an accident, right?

Kid Pics: Antisocial behavior. Shhh! You can't fool us, we know that's you, and that you are a child computer genius.  But we'll be cool, "is that is your aunt holding you up?" Maybe you should audition for an Etrade commercial!

Cartoon Pics: Juvenile, just totally childish. Did your parents force you to eat canned peas or something? We know that it is not really who you are - well until you hit your goal weight, then you can rent a costume Super Woman!!

Family Pics: Inferiority complex. We can tell that is you in the back row. Come out, come out, wherever you are! Look, you are on MFP, we know that you have given up on your body image. If you are going to make progress here, you gotta show the whole thing. And if that is your skinny ass in the front row, I am going cut you off in traffic the next chance I get!

Aerial Shots: Distant personality disorder. I dunno, but it is hard to tell if that is you, or the neighbors barn from so far away.

Tight Head Shot: You are always hiding something. May we could see ears for starters? It's like wearing spandex with eyes painted on the rear pockets. You are not alone, and we can handle it, we've been there.

Twisted Smile Pics: It's like a half game of fish lips. Save those for Facebook! MFP is for over-grown ups. ;)

Scenic Pics: Is this where you had your first kiss, or is symbolic of something else? I just don't understand, we you born in the Eiffel Tower? It is possibly the onset of a new and distant personality.

Sports Teams: This is the super ego disorder. Yeah, your teams suck unless you are from Boston, then it's the Celts, the Bruins, the Patriots and Sam Adams Lager; all champions! I was going to mention the Red Sox, but I won't; they suck this year too.

Poser Pics: Total psychopaths, all of you. Can't you just save those half naked ones for an escort web site? You are on MFP, ripped 6-packs are rare.... ok, I'm just kidding, flaunt it, you worked hard for it.

Why do you use the picture you have on your profile?
If you don't comment, please vote for it. It makes me feel good about myself. :) Actually, vote and comment, then I'll feel really good about myself, and you will too!
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SmartFunGorgeous wrote 131 months ago:
Idk, Im two childissh too right a comet own hear what wit my cart.. uh, crtoon...uh, carton pikchure? me folks forcd two eet pees in a kan

jasmineconley wrote 131 months ago:
I was showing how baggy my pants are off my ass now :)
yager8725 wrote 131 months ago:
Hey what about us flower people???? truth is i dont know how to put my own pictures
flabulous4 wrote 131 months ago:
The camera adds 20 pounds, right? I'm here to lose weight!
Signed, not-really-a-person
PS I don't log my food either, I am clearly paranoid!
CaptainMFP wrote 131 months ago:
I thought my twisted-smile half-fish-lip ruse would be endearing, but you've seen right through me! Gotta go find someone else's abs to put up now... <grumble, grumble>
WifeNMama wrote 131 months ago:
I guess I'm mysterious... Hiding something. Not even sure if my ears are showing...
bigdawg025 wrote 131 months ago:
Mine is simply to demonstrate how very proud I am that I finished my first half marathon today! That is all... and the hottie milk girls took the pic for me. NSV if you ask me! LOL
aliciagetshealthy wrote 131 months ago:
I fall into the "my daughter created my account and that's the 7-yr-old picture she put on"...not to mention that recent pictures of me are few and far between as I have become quite adept at avoiding a camera!
jasmineconley wrote 131 months ago:
I changed mine now because I am a rebel and I felt like it
KaleidoscopeEyes1056 wrote 131 months ago:
Gaara is NOT a cartoon character!! it's called "anime." XD
catcrazy wrote 131 months ago:
Ok, I guess i'm nuts with a choice of 7 cat pics to choose from but hey, my user name coulda told you that :-)
leilani‚ô• wrote 131 months ago:
my daughter wanted to take a pic with me ;)
STARSHINE1975 wrote 131 months ago:
I picked a picture that makes me smile. It was from a very good day. =)
thirtyandthriving wrote 131 months ago:
haha! love it! poor red sox... :( although the patriots did lose to the bills..
Dootzy1 wrote 131 months ago:
Keep coming back to my tiger--- Have to dig in, be a fighter, want the beauty and grace that should authentically be mine.
staroftheeast wrote 131 months ago:
I haven't had a photo taken of me in, oh I think about 10 years. Yep, I just checked it was July of 2000 & with one of my dogs. LOL! I gained most of the weight over the last 3-3.5 years.
Beastette wrote 131 months ago:
I don't want to give too much away to soon. Clearly, the monkey bars show that I am awesome. Since I can be pretty sarcastic, it helps to show that I don't take life too seriously. Lastly, because I am not trolling (in the fishing sense of the the word) for comments/friend requests/dangerous liaisons on here. My picture says why I am here. To have fun, be active, maybe laugh a little.
caramkoala wrote 131 months ago:
My pic doubles as a tag line :)
surfrgrl1 wrote 131 months ago:
Started off with a mug shot of myself, not current, and had some 'effects' thanks to my Mac. Then decided to change up to a movie poster of a fur bikini clad Raquel Welch. (love that body) I'm on month 3, and I think its time for another change....
GambleGurl wrote 131 months ago:
I chose my current picture because it is the most recent one i have of myself which was like 2 weeks after my daughter was born 07-28-11! I was proud that i lost 31 lbs in the short amount of time!
AdAstra47 wrote 131 months ago:
I fall into the "I own no recent pictures of myself" category. However, my alter ego, Sr. Philippa, is sometimes captured by a magic box whilst on duty at the Renaissance Faire. Therefore my profile pic is of her holding a large wooden mug of something... spiritual.
ChangingJojo wrote 131 months ago:
My picture is in support of people fighting PCOS. September was PCOS awareness month. This is a condition that affects women in many different ways , insulin resistance, infertility, and can be a setup for heart disease, diabetes, among other things. Unfortunately I am battling infertility on top of this whole weight thing.
NashvilleShelley wrote 131 months ago:
Ha!! Don't know where I fall in your psychoanalysis but I change my pictures all the time and none of them are of me!! So....maybe just psycho!! : )
staceyseeger wrote 131 months ago:
Love it! I just changed mine to a recent one of me & my hubby. I don't mind pics anymore! ;-)
catshark209 wrote 131 months ago:
I use a tight head shot cuz I like the way I look in that one. I've also had a bikini pic, and an ab pic. I never use weird pics cuz it seems rather false.
HanneK wrote 131 months ago:
I have a profile pic, cause I don't like my profile. So I get reminded every day why I'm on a diet.
Snowridesbikes wrote 130 months ago:
LOL. My current pic is of my first cyclocross ride! That was a huge accomplishment for me.
_gwen wrote 130 months ago:
I think mine is a pun...
Myc4h11 wrote 104 months ago:
I'm camera shy

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