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The People of MFP - Some Stereotypical Observations!

I started losing weight back in February of 2011. I took a class with my wife entitled “In It to Lose It.”  At first I thought it was a prom for swingers. Ok, I was wrong.

I joined MFP over 3 months ago because my Facebook friends were teasing me about all the running and working out I was doing. I have an Android app that posts my runs and walks as well as my time at the gym. Hey I am working hard at this!

Since I got on MFP, I have found a truck load of losers, and their stereotypes.

First Date Loser: Ever had a bad first date? Maybe you weren’t over the last bad relationship, or you were too busy with life to be serious – it didn’t go well. Lots of good intentions…

The Zen Loser: Their food diaries read like a health food journal: protein powder, hemp hearts (all I can think of the best marijuana buds and it doesn’t sound healthy!) and 30 minutes on the super-duper elliptical marathon simulator!

The Flirt Loser: I think they are on MFP to check the success photos! They always have something nice to say to the cute/good looking ones. I think my wife deleted a few of these from my account – sort of a digital “scratch their eyes out” gesture.

The Troll Loser: In real life they are probably totally insecure, and wouldn’t bother anyone, but get them involved in a forum that touches a nerve! I think they are just jealous of those of us that are making progress. :p

The Psycho Loser: Fast days, cheat days, and tales of previous weight loss! They have an answer for every forum post, but what’s that, no ticker?

The Super Loser: They started losing, and from some reason they are dropping 2-4 pounds a week… then all of sudden they are gone. What happened?

The Winning Loser: These are the folks that work hard every day to log, to exercise, to encourage and to share their challenges in life. My favorite people are the ones that keep showing up even when they don’t feel like drinking water, and counting calories. I am especially motivated by the ones that have trimmed more pound than I have, and still have a long way to go. Man you freakin’ rock!
Come on, laugh a little, did I miss any? 

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_David_ wrote 134 months ago:
Good read my friend! I really think everyone on here fits in one of those categories!
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 134 months ago:
I think I'm the flirt loser, the psycho loser, the super loser and the winning loser!!! So I'm the Schizophrenic Loser! LOL Don't delete me (or let your wife *wink, wink*)-- I love reading your blogs! =)
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
@David - yeah I reply wanted to write about men! ;)
atsteele wrote 134 months ago:
Fun read!!
shesblossoming wrote 134 months ago:
The undereating loser: Thinking that 800 calories a day is perfectly normal and unsure of why they're not losing a pound.

The you have to eat your calories back loser: They shove peanut butter in your face if you haven't eaten them back.

The Frank Loser: They will tell you if you're missing something in your diary and they rarely say "great job." But when they say it, they mean it.

The Exclamation Point Loser: Because you're doing awesoooooommmeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111one
LaSweetMini wrote 134 months ago:
LMAO So true! I hope and stive to be that winning lose lol
stubbysticks wrote 134 months ago:
LOL awesome post!
ChangingJojo wrote 134 months ago:
Thank you for this post. It made me smile and "sort of a digital “scratch their eyes out” gesture." made me laugh out loud. I really enjoy reading your blogs. :o)
LilMissFoodie wrote 134 months ago:
Good summary! I would have to add my absolute pet hate - The numbers loser - the person who is insistent that every category of their diary is in the green range but they have 'adjusted' their diary settings to suit the way they prefer to eat!

Good post :)
bmw4deb wrote 134 months ago:
Love this !!!! How about the ones who join ask 10,000 questions post often gung ho! and disappear in 3 days !
Dottie27 wrote 134 months ago:
Fun blog and a lot of truth to it, too!
RachelJE wrote 134 months ago:
The "I've Lost 4 pounds and you've lost 400, but I have all the answers and I'm going to tell YOU what you are doing wrong Loser." What losers. LOL. Great blog, BTW.
VeryKerri wrote 134 months ago:
I am the excalamation point loser!!!! he he (but really..... Im just that happy) I'll try and tone it down. Great blog.
MochaMixAZ wrote 134 months ago:
LOVE IT! I'd add the "Clueless Loser" - Those that say they don't understand how anyone can lose weight because they are stagnant... and ignore any responses that include time, hard work, and exercise.
StacyFrisbie wrote 134 months ago:
That cracks me up...

I would like to add, the Impossible Loser - the one that brags that they burned 2789 calories doing 21 minutes of channel surfing and just ran a mile in 5 minutes on their first attempt...
saintspoon wrote 134 months ago:
LOLOLOLOL.. Stacy.. you mean the posts that read something so insane like "bigfatliarface burned 892 calories doing 13 minutes of housecleaning'

Those are my fave!!! I must be doing it wrong ;)

Sorry to you if you're reading this & your username is actually "bigfatliarface"
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
I think we are on a roll!
BulldogCNM wrote 134 months ago:
I'm new here and hoping I'll fall into the last category :)
rileamoyer wrote 134 months ago:
Enjoyable reading, thanks - digital scratch their eyes out - great analogy.
KeriA wrote 134 months ago:
There are the weekday only losers. Their days logged are always 5. It works for some but not for all of them. There are the on again off again losers and again this works for some but not for others. So this later group has the log in only when I lose and the log in I am going to try again. I am not down on either of these. Just observing.
Eleanorjanethinner wrote 134 months ago:
What about the 'I don't need to lose loser'? People who are already within their healthy BMI, look skinny, do masses of exercise and yet are really active on this site...

There are a few folk I've come across who need counselling rather than weight loss!
jaybee25 wrote 134 months ago:
Ahahaha I love it!!!
Mommawarrior wrote 134 months ago:
Funny post......we all need to laugh.
jwhit31 wrote 134 months ago:
LOL!!! I like this! I wonder which kinds loser I am. I must say, the harder other people work, the harder it makes me wanna work. I guess I'm the needy loser. Hahaha!!!!
rc12345 wrote 134 months ago:
ack! Found myself on the list! *laugh* wow, you nailed it right on the head! It's good to be reminded to take it a little less seriously in some ways and a little more seriously in others!Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration to us all! Thank you!
Chrismcott wrote 134 months ago:
LMAO! Too funny...I just started back on MFP (out due to injury). Now I'm never gonna read another blog/comment or post without first thinking of this blog to try and categorize it, lol. Thanks!
Shash27 wrote 134 months ago:
Striving to be the Winning Loser :-) This was too funny! Kudos to you!
timeguardian13 wrote 134 months ago:
fun read :)
AngelikaLumiere wrote 134 months ago:
Three cheers for your wife. I would too.
healthilyandhappily wrote 134 months ago:
"I think my wife deleted a few of these from my account – sort of a digital “scratch their eyes out” gesture"

ha ha ha, very good read!
McFrench wrote 134 months ago:
How about the I can't possibly eat that much Loser? Those who claim there is no way possible they can eat ALL 1200 calories?! (I wanna ask, then how did you get to be overweight in the first place?!)
melsmith612 wrote 134 months ago:
I think I'm a "Bi-Polar Loser".... GREAT at losing weight, working out and feeling motivated most days and then there'll occassionally be 1-3 days of zero motivation, bad eating, no exercise and no tracking. (BTW, I mean absolutely no offense to anyone out there suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder.) Great blog, these are the ones that keep the rest of us laughing and coming back... on those "most days". :)
Leola2011 wrote 134 months ago:
What about the "Technical Loser": The person whose posts always include terminology, statistics, facts, and references that nobody cares about or understands. Endless acronyms and calculations that frustrate the readers so much that they are no longer interested in...wait...what was the question again?
Tracyrocksss wrote 134 months ago:
God, I feel like such a loser!...I feel like I need to review and re-evaluate all of my actions or nonactions on here just to see what category I am in...MAN, I WANTED to be a loser when I joined here! I'm not so suuuuuuuuure...........Man, if I forget to come back here to see if anyone read this, please don't think I am an Apathetic Loser! I am just being a Time Loser right now and want to go be a Laundry and Dishes Loser so I can be a get to Bed at a Reasonable Hour Loser.......
elcar7 wrote 134 months ago:
I think I'm also the multiple-personality loser ... :)

Great post! Thank you and two thumbs up for your wife ;)
Dandersonjr32 wrote 134 months ago:
Well said. I liked that very much. Keep writing and keep losing!
Wooogirlem wrote 134 months ago:
Great one. I am not a consistent logger-but I am working up to it. Good luck to all on your journeys.
badfattitude wrote 122 months ago:
How about the "I Lost it all Loser" - the ones that have lost an extreme amount of weight and simply like to bask in the glory of themselves and take all the kudos but not encourage anyone else on the journey. Usually has over 100 friends and at least 50 of them comment constantly with WTG, Nice Job, Awesome.

BTW - love your wife's way of handling things. She rocks.

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