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The Life I Wanted

I joined MFP to be skinny, get rippling abs so I could spend hours admiring my physique in front of the mirror.

I am almost to my goal! I just need more hours in the day in which to pose.

The reality is that this fitness journey (not a skinny journey) is not easy. It takes education and determination powered by dedication. Along the way you'll find lots of circumstances which come against your unfit lifestyle.

If only calories screamed when they burned, this would be easier!

Readers Digest says there are 7 stages of marriage. Mine is in the over stage, but when it comes to food and fitness, these stages seem to make sense.

-1 Passion: This is the honeymoon stage. I am going to lose weight, look good and run a marathon. I'll lift heavy, have guns to die for and gluts that are the envy of all my friends and co-workers. It usually lasts between 7 and 10 hours.

-2 Realization: The stage begins right about the time you attempt a full 30 minute circuit training routine. you come home too sick to eat, and the next day you drop your car keys on the floor and need to ask one of the kids to get retrieve them for you.

-3 Rebellion: You have hung on for a bit, but you miss your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious-frapachino-caramel from Five Bucks. You crave pizza, wings and a return to soda. So you decide to have a cheat day. Why? Because you earned it!

-4 Cooperation: This stage may never start. Your cheat day may have turned into a week, a month or a year. Giving up is easy. Working it out is hard. Is divorce the only option?

-5 Reunion: You're back on the wagon and discovered that it is a lifestyle not a diet. It’s about what you eat (and don't) and making exercise a priority.

-6 Explosion: Stuff happens. Sickness, job loss, relationship issues, and out of control kids. This is the test of your commitment. This is the test of your lifestyle. Will you say screw it, nothing matters, or will you dig deep and manage your life without binging?

-7 Completion: I don't know what this stage is? Did you knock your spouse off? Did you reach your goal and give up? I don't think we win against the beast until we die fit.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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tonybalony01 wrote 80 months ago:
Completion: reach goal weight, post pictures and your story in the "Success Story" forum, inspire others in their journey, and join the maintenance group to keep battling the beast.
Knocking off the spouse might solve some problems short term, but the long-term payoff may not be worth it. Prison food isn't all that great.
celticlass69 wrote 80 months ago:
Hallelujah! You are preaching to the choir!

I couldn't agree with you more. I also think that the stages of grief could be applied to this new lifestyle with regards to foods, eating habits we used to "love". I think that this lifestyle we are choosing to adopt will continue until we pass.

Keep up the wicked blogs.
Anonymous wrote 80 months ago:
I did the stages of grief in my book ICU to Marathon. :)
farmboyphotography wrote 80 months ago:

Well written and funny as always. You are way ahead of me at this point. I don't dare check out my physique in the mirror for fear it will break (the mirror, not my physique - that's already broken).

Technically, I think that once you hit stage 5, the reunion, if you are truly committed to it, then you can stay in reunion stage indefinitely (e.g., it's a lifestyle change, not a diet) even while you face the explosion stage (sh** happens). So you can probably be in more than one of these stages at the same time.

Keep writing. Your book was great AND funny, just like your blogs. Coincidence? I don't think so. Stay funny!
DaveR100 wrote 80 months ago:
Another great blog. I am firmly in the reunion stage. Working to make the lifestyle changes permanent.
mrsbunbunbun wrote 80 months ago:
I don't know if this was a reunion or a shh happens phase for me this past year. But I'm just coming off a moment of rebellious fueling and happy to see not too much worse for the wear... ;) I talked with a guy today at the gym CLAIMED to be 62. Of course I couldn't actually tell him how hot he was... I hope my hubby is half that fit in 25 years!!!
Anniepi66 wrote 80 months ago:
Enjoyed reading this. Really like the stages one must go through to reach the what seems to be the always elusive fitness and health we crave. Seems some people seem to do it without stress or love or hate or quitting and restarting. Not me, not from what I read in the blogs and what I just read. This will have to be my life from now on, like it or not. Too bad I didn't figure it out a long time ago. Thanks for putting it in words. And congratulations on your weight loss and close proximity to your goal!

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