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Wiseman Wisea$$. I get lots of comments about my writing, my warped sense of humor and occasionally about my weight loss. First thanks for the encouragement, it is part of my weight loss success pie (<<-- is everything about food? Damn.)

I have worked with trainers, nutritionists and doctors for nearly a year, while losing about 60 pounds. For the most part they regurgitate the same stuff you can find on the Internet. The only common link between them was this: Diet and exercise are the only real answer for losing and keeping weight off. And a $25 co-pay for the visit.

If you are looking for the magic pill, or fad diet, just send me your $29 $99. I can probably save you a lot of time. Or you can buy my upcoming book: Ha Ha, I Took Your Money, and You Are Still Fat. The foreword is by Bernie Madoff.

Here is what I found works for me. Let me be clear, there is not one solution for weight loss, but unlocking yours can really make you feel good about your success.

- Low Calorie: I lost 50 pounds in short order by cutting back to 1400 calories a day (MFP settings: Lose 2 Pounds a Week, Don't do s41t all day). I am 6'1 and was 270+. It was tough, and yes I was hungry a lot. Then I hit a plateau that was rock solid. I ate more as suggested and I gained, I exercised more, I gained... frustrating! It was here that I got with the professionals. Too  much sodium, too much junk, not enough calories, no strength training... It was a wake up call. (You can go back in my diary.)

- Fruit and Veggies: I eat pretty much fresh and occasionally frozen, using canned beans (well rinsed), and tomatoes as needed. I did find that these are high in carbohydrates (a weight gain for me), so I have limited them to a select few Super Foods. Salads are occasionally on the menu, but they didn't help me lose weight (too many carbs!).

- Fiber: I need this to keep things moving, so I get it from natural sources. This includes beans and whole grains, as well as fruits and vegetables.

- The Whites: I am not talking about laundry, I avoid white rice, white flour products, and white potatoes. These were killers for me.

- I Don't Do Diets: Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Paleo or HCG, they are not on my list. I am not saying they are bad, but they appeal to a small segments of weight losers, and quite a few are not sustainable as a lifestyle change - and forget the money aspect. The attrition rate for many of these plans is about 40% in the first 90 days. Weight Watchers were the longer lasting folks. I am assuming that is due to the support aspect. There is no need to defend your diet; if it is working for you, write your own success blog, I'll read it.

- Drinks:  I don't do alcohol because I drank my lifetime quota up before I was 23. I drink 2 cups of coffee a day (one caf and one decaf - doctors orders), I don't drink soda, I do my best with water (love San Pellegrino!), and enjoy a few ounces of fruit juice for the vitamin C.

- Splurge and Cheat Days: I rarely go over my calories ever. I do eat dark chocolate, and have small desserts. I try to avoid fast food, pizza and the like. However; I love Five Guys burgers and it's worth the 600 calories!

- Supplements: I would not take any, but my blood tests showed I was deficient in vitamin D. It is mostly from working indoors, and not having time outside during the winter. I also take Glucosamine and Chondroitin along with fish oil for my joints. GNC brands have given me the best results. Please note, these only work for 1/3 of those that take them, so doctors will rarely recommend them. The fish oil is also good for my heart, but so is 6 days a week at the gym. Vitamin C tablets were a joke, so it's orange juice or citrus fruit for me.

- Read the Label: There is lots of good information on the label besides calories, carbs, fat, sugar, sodium and protein. Certain junk ingredients are not particularly healthy, look out for them.

- I Have Medical Proof: Because of my history of heart disease, high blood pressure and joint problems, I have crafted an eating plan that works for me. I have regular blood tests, I weigh in twice a day, and take my blood pressure daily. I am on Lisinopril for my blood pressure, and at 276 it used to be 3 times as much as I am on now along with a dose of HCTZ.

- MFP: I log every day, including holidays, and vacations. I log the good that bad, and you know what, there has been very little ugly. I do NOT eat my exercise calories save a few.

My current success is in my diary (sorry, friends only). It works for me. It is pretty much all natural (which can be misleading), low in processed meat and other foods, low in sodium, a 1:1 balance with carbs and protein, and because I don't eat junk, I don't worry about fats; in particular, saturated fats. I stay away from restaurants except for special occasions, and I go with the staples, steamed veggies, lean meat, fish and chicken.

I exercise 6 times a week. I have 3 days of serious circuits/weights/cardio, 2 days to run, and one to ride bikes, skate or just have some fun with my family.

Instead of critiquing my lifestyle, how about telling us what works for you. There are lots of folks looking to unlock the magic formula!

Thanks for the comments and votes.

 Friend me at your own risk.

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cbmcphillips wrote 119 months ago:
You are always on target!
bevsdietfor2011 wrote 119 months ago:
I am so proud to be your friend!!!!! I love this blog (actually all of your blogs) LOL and you are such an inspiration to me. You have always had great ideas and are very encouraging to everyone!!!
Hugs to you from a friend!!!
cbmcphillips wrote 119 months ago:
Wow - just noticed your profile pic - after I left the first comment
Life is funny!
dlaplume2 wrote 119 months ago:
Congrats on finding what works for you. I think that is the hardest part of this process. You find something that works, then you hit the dreaded plateau. It's hard to sit tight and see if it will pass, or if you need to alter something, because what you were doing stopped working.

Best wishes and thanks for sharing.
Raiderxx wrote 119 months ago:
Great read as always!
HauteP1nk wrote 119 months ago:
I agree with a lot of your comments. Each of us will have something different that does or doesn't work for us. The secret is finding what works and sticking with it.

I am finding that my MFP diary is really working for me too. I am trying to focus on eating right, not eliminating foods but making smarter choices.
DEEDLYNN wrote 119 months ago:
Another good one. I'm unlocking mine and I have found the thing I fought the most was the thing I needed the most. Journaling. I'm doing it now, and I have to say, I thought there would be a whole lot more ugly than there actually is.

You have been a tremendous help on kick starting this journey!

Thank you my friend!

goodasgoldilox165 wrote 119 months ago:
This is great - the honest truth and from someone who has lived the life!
bllowry wrote 119 months ago:
I can't digest most fruit as I lack the enzymes in my stomach to do so. That is a bit of a challenge for my RD to get everything I need and lots of fiber to keep things moving. Anyone looking at my diary will find dark chocolate and red wine; the French part of my heritage won't give that up!

The beauty of this site is you can put what you're eating down in black and white so you make better choices. The support and ideas are, to me, a nice bonus.

Great blog, as usual, David. Thanks.
chedges9090 wrote 119 months ago:
great blog. I thought it was interesting when I started logging my food--I wasn't saying to myself.. "I will cut out carbs.." or a certain food group. But, as I tried to stay within my 1200 calories, I found that I just naturally stayed away from certain foods-- pasta and red meat specifically. I do usually eat my excercise calories.. but, I have more weight to lose, and haven't hit a plateau. I may have to change that :) But, I do "earn" my calories. If I see that I am going to go over.. I get my a@! outside and walk for awhile-- or go to the gym and burn those calories before I eat them! Thanks for your insight and knowledge. It is so helpful to everyone!
SusanDoesIt wrote 119 months ago:
Thanks for reinforcing something I'm finally figuring out...everyone is different, everyone needs to tailor their plan to their health, their needs, their food tolerances, etc. And you need to monitor and change whatever's not working. Nicely said.
odditblue wrote 119 months ago:
You freakin ROCK! No doubt. Thanks for the trail to follow. Very wise. Now if I can strangle my inner brat and regain control and sanity... Right. Struggle with the will of what I know is good for me and what my brat within demands. Gotta establish my routines. And I've realized I must stop trying to jump the whole staircase at once and begin small, stable steps toward where I want to be. Cannot do it all at once. I'm not wonderwoman.
odditblue wrote 119 months ago:
PS: Don't expect your copay to always be 25 bucks. It'll go up. They always do. =D
(a little insider information there...)
mazie61 wrote 119 months ago:
Nice blog, I can definitely relate. Seems I've hit a brick wall for the past month and it is very depressing. I'm not giving up. Thanks
cfreema wrote 119 months ago:
I find that avoiding restaurants is a must. Even if you choose something healthy, the sodium is still outrageous. I always kept my calories around 1200 to 1400 and never ate exercise calories. Now I am switching to maintenance and it has been hard to increase my calories from 1200 to 1640.

Keep up the good work!
kevinlynch3 wrote 119 months ago:
Nice post..avoiding restaurants and "knowing what you are eating" is huge in my opinion. I haven't gone as far as you but I'm thinking I probably will in the long term. For me, increasing the protein portion of my macro nutrients made big changes. I also need to get better about cooking my own food but I'm cooking for one which is harder and not as much fun. That's my
13kita wrote 119 months ago:
Awesome post and thank you for saying "lifestyle" change! You are so right on that!
twynzmom wrote 119 months ago:
Informative! I hadn't eaten fruit in several weeks and my weight loss was pretty steady, but I added them this week and now I'm feeling sluggish and heavy. So after this fruit is gone, I'm going back to no fruit. What was the s41t?
bugtrain wrote 119 months ago:
Always enjoy reading your blogs....this one was always!
perrybucsdad wrote 119 months ago:
Great and informative. Always much easier to read when a good dose of humor is thrown in to keep us balanced.
Hambone23 wrote 119 months ago:
I'd love to see what you eat on a daily basis, but your diary isn't open to the public. :/
debilang wrote 119 months ago:
Love your entertaining blog! THX!!! I had to LOL re: "If you are looking for the magic pill, or fad diet, just send me your $29 $99. I can probably save you a lot of time. Or you can buy my upcoming book: Ha Ha, I Took Your Money, and You Are Still Fat. The forward is by Bernie Madoff." Great Stuff!
MacInCali wrote 119 months ago:
My motto ... or at least one of them, lol ... is "Keep it simple!". I'm not big into casseroles or meals with a lot of separate ingredients because I simply do not trust my accuracy in calculating the serving size and the amount of each ingredient contained in that serving. Give me a chicken breast, a side of steamed veggies and a half cup of brown rice, quinoa, beans or cous cous and I'm a happy girl. I tend to be very anal when it comes to my diary so I try to avoid going out to eat unless it's a special occasion ... not all chicken breasts are created equal from restaurant to restaurant, lol.

Awesome blog as always hun!! xoxo
jlc1243 wrote 119 months ago:
Wonderful tips. But why did you have to mention Five Guys! :(
jak111 wrote 119 months ago:
You are amazing! You gave me a much needed laugh for today with the comment: Ha Ha, I Took Your Money, and You Are Still Fat. The forward is by Bernie Madoff. OMG that is so funny! 03424534
jak111 wrote 119 months ago:
oops sorry my scanner on my desk went wild with numbers :) You are truly an inspiration!
cabannie wrote 119 months ago:
Thanks for your thoughts. So far I haven't found what works for me. I'm starting journaling today. Maybe that will help. I really enjoyed reading your blog.
rinnismom wrote 119 months ago:
BOOM sha-ka-laka!! very insightful, i think i'd like to see more of what you have to say.
Hoppymom wrote 119 months ago:
Great post once again! you are a great motivator and have really gotten me to look at what I am eating to get the best results.
felicity866 wrote 118 months ago:
i love the no nonsense approach...thanks for sharing oh great wise@$$...i mean wiseman!! lol
odditblue wrote 118 months ago:
I am wonderwoman! I just bumped into my invisible jet! Wait.. no... that was just a fence post. I'm not wonderwoman again ...
sunnysashka wrote 118 months ago:
Awesome summary.
My eating is similar but I do not stay from whites all the way. If I want to eat a piece of cinnamon raisin toast, I eat it in the morning. After breakfast I eat no bread (only whole rye a slice)
I work out 5 times a week because of my schedule.
Body Combat, Yoga, 3 hour of excersise day, Zumba, Zumba +running.

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