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The Fine Art of Weighing In!

It can make you do the happy dance or make you wimper in defeat. Some call it a scale, others call it a &%$*@ liar. And yet it is more coveted than Woody Allen's orgasmatron in the movie Sleeper. As MFP-ers we have a love-hate relationship with it, and all for good reason, it has become the gauge of our success.

If you are like me, you have a scale ritual. It's like playing the roulette wheel as the adrenaline begins to flow. Honestly, how sick is that?

I was cured of being scale junky after my heart failure back in April. They had me weighing in 2 times a day and I still do. It's maddening to say the least.

Here are 10 tips for getting your scale to perform for you:

1. Go #1.

2. Go #2.

3. Batteries: Fresh batteries provide consistent results unless you have a mechanical scale. And don't use the hanging one it the produce aisle.

4. Morning: The body gains weight throughout the day as you eat, and it can be as much as 5 or 6 pounds (2-3 kilos). For the best results, before breakfast is usually the best time.

5. Consistancy: Just do it the same day and the same time each week. Look we all want to have scale victories but not weighing in because you had a bad food day or a pimple or whatever, is not an excuse.

6. Body Fluids: Yep, if you are desperate for a loss, clean your ears, blow your nose, spit etc. Might as well get a haircut and clip your nails too.

7: Take a Hot Shower: You may sweat a few ounces, and at the very least, you'll feel better.

8: Dress: Obviously naked is the best - well as long as you are not using the gym scale in the workout room. Try to wear the same exact same thing each time.

9: Post Workout: You'll sweat during your workout, so why not wait until after?

10: Measurements: If you are going from little or no exercise to 3 or more workouts each week, your body will change. Be sure to take all your measurements each month. And when the scale doesn't budge, you'll have victory anyway! Did you know that circuit training can add 3-10 pounds of muscle in a few short months? Especially the first month. The muscle, according to experts acts like a sponge and retains water; as much as 5 to possibly even 10 pounds!

Look, there is no substitute for regular exercise and a healthy diet (what you eat, not what you do). If you can make the time to do at least 20 minutes of brisk walking/jogging/running/biking and 10 minutes of strength training 3 times each week along with watching the calories, you'll be amazed at how nice the scale can be to you.

Remember, if you are overweight or obese, food retention is your problem! Losing weight is mostly about calories consumed!
Thanks for the votes and comments, you guys are always so supportive!

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NinjaMonkey201 wrote 120 months ago:
Every Monday morning, as soon as I wake up, I pee, wait 15 minutes (no food or water allowed), try to pee again, and then weigh myself (in my pajama's). :-)
staroftheeast wrote 120 months ago:
Friday morning except this past week I weighed on Thursday morning. LOL
jesshasredhair wrote 120 months ago:
i would insert "morning coffee" between items 1 and 2 with some light calisthenics to help it kick in.
SDkitty wrote 120 months ago:
I follow this ritual almost to the T although I don't go so far as to blow my nose :)
flabulous4 wrote 120 months ago:
You forgot 'move the scale slightly to the right and try it one more time'!
MacInCali wrote 120 months ago:
Every morning ... I know it's bad but at least I admit it, lol. I only log my weigh in on Thursdays though. =)
navygunner wrote 120 months ago:
I weigh myself in in the mornings after I empty out as much as I can. I agree on the exercise part. I was a scale junkie also, but I have noticed that although the scale measurements did not drop, the clothes were loser. John is right, I have added muscle weight but lost the fat. Hey I'm all a-ok with that. Love the blogs, keep 'em coming!
SaishaLea wrote 120 months ago:

I love reading your blog posts!
sherrylwilson wrote 120 months ago:
I did not know that about circuit training! Thanks for the info!
anzabeth wrote 120 months ago:
I hate weighing when I have a cold. I'm convinced some of that congestion must weigh 1/2 a pound at least.
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
FYI: A cat will wear out your battery if you leave your scales within their sitting reach. My cats love to perch on my scales. I dunno why, but something just a little up off the floor makes them really purr. Maybe their butt is higher than the other cats' butts. Stupid felines... Anywho, they wore out two of mine before I figured out what was going on with my scale batteries. Now I hide my scales in the cabinet and take them out only when I weigh. Problem solved. =)
czechsmate wrote 120 months ago:
I weigh once a week same day/same time, after bathroom and before drinking/eating anything. I like the post workout idea, I am going to give that a try!
Hoosiermomma wrote 120 months ago:
I would add: brush teeth to remove weight from plaque but be sure to spit after swishing! No need to swallow any extra water. Might be a good time to tweeze any extra facial hair and be sure to blow dry hair to remove water weight! It has become an art-form for me!
Anonymous wrote 39 months ago:

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