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The Big O

I just saw a headline for an article on Everyday Health about orgasms. Sure, go read that and let me know when you are finished.

Is nothing sacred? It seems that fitness is more than just diet and exercise, it is earth shaking orgasms too. FYI - today we will not be comparing notes, but thanks for the offer.

All this talk about the big "o" made me think how much sex can be like working out.

- You probably need to sweat a little.

- Babysitters are good, but not required.

- It's more than cleaning house vigorously.

- You need to have the right clothing.

- Chafing is annoying.

- You can do it at your desk, but it's not the same.

- Sometimes showing up is all it takes.

- The better you get, the less you need to wear.

- Shaking it up once in a while is good.

- Although spontaneous is good, scheduled is more likely to happen.

- Small farts go unnoticed.

- You can do it alone, but it's better with a partner. (The analogy breaks down for me when we are talking classes.)

- The more passion the more satisfaction.

- Be sure to use the heart rate monitor. :)

- Changing the environment once in a while is a good thing.

- Outdoors is fun in the summer.

- You need to have your head in the game.

Did I miss any?

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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jfrog123 wrote 112 months ago:
What, nothing about breathing hard or funny noises? And a nice shower is refreshing after either. It's nice when you can take your time and really be in the moment, but if you only have ten minutes you can still make it count :-)
aliciagetshealthy wrote 112 months ago:
Maybe adjust "the right clothes" to "clothing is optional"...and maybe a warning about sand if you're engaging in any outdoor summer fun =)
demery12371 wrote 112 months ago:
- You can do it at your desk, but it's not the same.

This just made me LOL at my desk!!! Too funny!
You always know now to make my day.
Mustangsally1000 wrote 112 months ago:
Annette_rose wrote 112 months ago:
lol, too funny!
odditblue wrote 112 months ago:
Oooooooooooooooooooooooo my! Stop! Stop! Stop! No, wait, Don't stop!!! XD
odditblue wrote 112 months ago:
One you missed... if working out with somebody else doesn't work for you, ya might have to take matters into your own hands.........

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