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The Best of Times, the Worst of Times

2012 was the best of times and the worst of times. My worst days as a congestive heart failure survivor were behind me. My best days of health in decades were upon me. I was back to work full-time after 8 months of slow recovery.

I felt better than I had in so long, I couldn't remember.

To celebrate the first anniversary of my exit from ICU, I chose to work towards running a 5K. It was hard work. At 244 I was still overweight and hadn't done any real aerobic exercise since I was a kid. Quitting smoking in 1994 was probably the best choice I had made since dumping off Psycho Susie in high school.

My numbers were good, my weight was going down, and all my moving parts worked or had been repaired.

I had knee surgery 4 months prior and it was working quite well. I measured off a 5K run starting at my front door. There was that glorious day when I ran my first non-stop mile.

Not long after, that day, it was followed by 2 miles without walking. I did that on the treadmill. I trained 2 days a week at the work place gym and did my longer run near my home.

I was becoming a runner!

I wrote this 5 years ago: The predawn glimmer of morning peaks around the shades as the clock silently proclaims it is 5:47; it's race day! The slowly churning thoughts begin their own race in my mind. "Is it raining today?" "Did I remember my favorite headphones?" "Which pair of shoes?" "Am I going to run too fast in the beginning and have to walk in the end?" "Will I look like a dork?"

"Oh God, should I really be doing this?" MORE....

That day I made it a goal to run the entire 3.1 miles without walking. Although I had never done that before, I told myself don't give up and run it in under 30 minutes.

I met one goal that day. I finished without walking.

It seemed like life was going my way as I crossed the finish line that day. My family was there cheering me on. I was beating heart disease and finding a healthy outlet for all my fears and worries.

At the end I thanked God. For me, there was little doubt I was out there alone.

I cried. I registered for another race soon after. Since that day I have run 80 timed races, 7 of those marathons, and of those, 3 were world majors. THE DETAILS... Some of my favorite running was across New Hampshire, then Massachusetts (59.45 miles)and then Rhode Island (27.9 miles) to raise money for charity.

I love charity work! So far I have raised about $60,000 dollars.

I don't really have much else to say today. I've been battling cancer, job loss and all the sort of stuff that goes with being unemployed for six months. If I give up, disease wins. That is not okay with me.

Today I am just going to take it as it comes. I'll get my run this evening and eat simple meals. I will pray and do things to take care of me.

Now if the dang Boston Bruins would make the playoffs, it would be a good season.

Thanks for the votes and comments! Those allways make me smile.

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dsjohndrow wrote 63 months ago:
LisaPrust wrote 63 months ago:
Thanks so much David for continuing to share your life so openly with us. You truly inspire and motivate we who are behind you on our journeys to fitness. Thank you for being so transparent and humble. May you be blessed in beautiful and unexpected ways by the Almighty this week!
sprout555 wrote 63 months ago:
I had a heart attack in November and had a stent put in and have a bunch of weight to lose. But thank god for your blog. I read it and thought oh lord what do i have to complain about. You are awesome and keep up the awesome work. I will be looking up to heaven this week and saying some prays with your fight with cancer and I hope all goes well with your job search.
ArleneMatches wrote 63 months ago:
I love reading your blogs....they give me hope. My youngest son, 51 in May, has been fighting multiple myeloma this past 1-1/2 years and his salvation has been blogging his journey. I never knew the kid could write so well..!!! He never fails to amaze me with his skill in writing and his will to live. I sent him a link to your site as I'm sure he would benefit from the knowledge you impart in your posts. Thank you, David. If you want to have a peek at Ryan's blog it is Again, thank you.
trinidarkie1981 wrote 63 months ago:
I look forward to your blogs. Please don't stop writing. I think I'll change your name to PhenomenalJohn :)
HappyAnna2014 wrote 63 months ago:
Keep up the good fight! I love reading your blog entries. :)
ILoveGingerNut wrote 63 months ago:
^^this!!! follow sherry's advice !

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