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The Aftermath - 12 Thoughts about this Christmas

Home Alone
The Bermuda triangle is almost over! "It is finished." That is what Jesus said on the cross the moment before he died. I feel the same way after Christmas. Some folks get stressed out, I don't, but this year we took on the preparations for both Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day. Both were extremely enjoyable! And I am grateful for family and Outback Steakhouse gift cards. But... I am sitting in the quiet of my office, no Christmas Carols, though the smell of candy canes still lingers; I like it.

Here are 12 things which got my attention this season.

- My 8-year-old's laughter when she saw that momma had gotten me Santa and Rudolph boxers.
- My favorite gift was a pro flash for my Nikon. Wow!
- I only went shopping once, and found everything.
- The donkey's "clip-clopping" in the Christmas pageant. And Mary telling "dear Joseph" not to worry. Some how 7-year-olds are well, not very reassuring.
- All the girls were together with us! (there was no drama, and no cell phones! (we have a signal blocker at the house!))
- I had a nice chat with my father-in-law about growing old, and had chance to tell him how wonderful his daughter is!
- I didn't do badly on the food!
- The excitement of giving!
- I got some wonderful cards and messages from people who matter to me.
- Kahlua Cake is from the Devil, no wonder Eve fell.
- I went to the Catholic church and they let me in and the priest shook my hand!
- I am still pondering why the Lord told the shepherds about the baby before all the religious folks?

I hope that you had an enjoyable holiday, but feel free to join me in detoxing from all the excitement!

If you celebrated Christmas, what was your favorite part?

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cbmcphillips wrote 128 months ago:
Love it!

I liked what you told your father in law!

Just a thought...
He told the sheperds first - they would know the perfect Lamb...
And looking forward to Easter - the women found Jesus first - you know how they can't keep a secret....

Glad you had an enjoyable day with family!
annabellj wrote 128 months ago:
love Jesus, love Christmas,but so ready to move forward and get busy! I totally enjoyed sitting on the couch yesterday watching my new Thor(yum) movie with my little Ronnie! and yesterday was the only day I have gone over this season and only by 500 cal so I can burn that off today!
navygunner wrote 128 months ago:
John, Merry Christmas to you and your family, We had our whole family together at our house since my daughter is recuperating from her cancer surgery. We had kids, grandkids, great grand daughter, and yes, even Jenny's mother in law, who is really a great person by the way. Things that were our favorites this Christmas:
- First and foremost having our daughter Jenny with us who was told by the doctor she is cancer-free!
- Our great grand daughter Maddie who went through her first Christmas and was excited and in sensory overload wiwth the lights, decoration, and music.
-Surprising my wife with an unexpected gift, loved the look on her face! She says she loved the love in my eyes when she was opening it.
- Our little Christmas Celebration and reading of Scripture to remember what this is all about since we could not make it to church.
- The food, although waaayyy too much, no guilt there since I know I can get back on the program without a problem.
- My new Kindle Fire, Yay!
- Our pooch's 9th birthday, he was a Christmas Dog.
- Knowing that all of my MFP friends will encourage me through the withdrawals of roast pork, cakes, potato salad, and yes beer.
There were so many things that happened this Christmas eve and Christmas day which will always be remembered. Suffice it to say, May you and your family carry on the spirit of Christmas always, thanks for being one of my MFP friends and entertaining us with your blog.

Mustangsally1000 wrote 128 months ago:
Sounds like a wonderful holiday! Love your blogs. Hope you keep them up in the new year. Happy holidays!
ElizabethRoad wrote 128 months ago:
Wow! Did you really just compare Jesus's experience on the cross to your holiday party planning?
poulingail wrote 128 months ago:
I could go on and on about the scrumptious food I ate without a single pang of guilt - but I won't.

My favorite thing about this holiday was family and not in the somewhat ordinary way people think.

Our Mom has hosted Christmas for all of my 60 years and that was a nailed-down tradition. Because she has been ill, we had to move the celebration to my sister's home. It is tailor made for Christmas and looks wonderful every year - but that's not what I liked best.

We have a couple of siblings in wheelchairs. My 56yo brothers is a huge electric model. The van service wouldn't shuttle my sibs to the event because it was a holiday and even though we were only going to the adjacent town, it is in another county and they don't shuttle there on holidays.

My brother-in-law came up with a plan. To lift my 6 foot brother into his Jeep, and bring a trailer to haul the chair. That was the real gift of the day! My sister can still transfer her petite body into anyone's car but not my bro.

So off they went to the beautiful house which had been cleared of many of the obstacles. He drove the Jeep and trailer up into his back yard where the slider is. The chair could roll up through the sliding door and into the house. He rolled all around the first floor and even took a tour of the yard, ponds, fireplaces, and trails.

This family celebration was a special gift and the tear filled eyes of my brother when no one was looking, really told the story of how blessed we are.
dsjohndrow wrote 128 months ago:
No. I compared what he said, not what he did. There is no comparison to what He did, and there never will be.
SewJoe wrote 128 months ago:
Those last three are hysterical! Thanks for the uplift :~)
Kellie82much wrote 128 months ago:
Thank you!
poulingail you brought tears to my eyes with the story of your family's celebration.
To all the MFP family, may 2012 bring good health to you and friends who lift your spirit.
jlira01 wrote 128 months ago:
Great account..Family time, tradition and my favorite meal of the year! Nothing like my Mom and sister tag teaming in the kitchen! Why did the angels announce the the shepherds first? I think the religious folks would have argued around the validity/doctrine of the experience, while the shepherds readily accepted and responded appropriately!
Mom2JDJT wrote 128 months ago:
The shepherds were the first to know about and meet the Christ child to demonstrate that Jesus' love and redemption is for all--even an unclean shepherd who had no hope of ever being ceremonially clean enough, as required by Jewish law, to have a relationship with God. Can you imagine a shepherd, who desperately longs to please God, who knows he is despised by the rest of society, kneeling before the newborn King? Maybe Mary even let him hold her child. Imagine that . . .
Hoppymom wrote 128 months ago:
Beautiful Dave. Thanks!
jcr85 wrote 128 months ago:
I believe why "the Lord told the shepherds about the baby before all the religious folks" is just an over sight by the writer... a plot hole if you will. Aside from that its a pretty good scifi piece.
odditblue wrote 128 months ago:
Awesomeness... I expected no less. =)

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