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The 5 Stages of Food Grief

Terminally ill patients often go through similar stages as they begin to accept their life is coming to an end (hopefully, they have an eternal home). I have watched it happen with both my parents. It's sad, but thank God we get some time when it counts the most!

If you were a fatso like me when you first logged onto MFP, your going to go through some emotional stages too - lots of them. Like a maturing baby, you'll probably throw a few tantrums along the way too. If you don't believe me, read the message boards!

Stage 1: Denial: It's not just a river in Egypt! If you have a BMI over 30, you are obese, and if it is over 25 you are overweight according to the National Heart Lung and Blood Association. The problem is what you eat, not big bones and if you are here on MFP, you and I both know why; it's not to get recipes! (Although that is a good reason to be on MFP!)

Stage 2: Anger: You probably think Jillian Michaels is too skinny, and that guys with 6-pack abs got them from sitting around watching football. Poor you, you didn't get them. I know I am mad when I go to lunch with someone my age, and they freakin' eat an entire pizza while I limit myself to 1 or 2 slices. You might be mad at God for making everything that tastes good bad for you.

Stage 3 Bargaining: "Lord if you let me indulge this day and it doesn't show up on the scale, I will give money to the next organization that knocks on my door!" Are you kidding? You popped a pants button and a dead pigeon fell from the sky; you are a frequent flier at Big & Tall: it's no deal! "Real" is the root word of reality.

Stage 4 Depression: Drinking water, putting away the salt shaker, logging your meals, dumping fast food as a dietary option -  and gasp, exercising so that you sweat! Who wouldn't be depressed?!? It's normal to be bummed out that we can't be like others and eat anything we want, in any quantity we want to.

Stage 5 - Acceptance:  Time to snap out it! "It's going to be okay."; "I can't fight it, I may as well prepare for it." That's right! Unlike terminal patients you have a chance to change your history, your health, and your waist line.

The health benefits of losing weight and keeping it off are amazing. But who cares what your BMI is when you have a donut in the break room with your name on it? If you really accept where you are, you'll stop defending your bad food choices and making excuses for why the scale hates you.

Stage 6 - The Party Stage: Why not focus on what you can do when you lose the weight and get healthy.

- You'll feel better and your depression will be less.
- You'll have better skin!
- You'll be less likely to be sick from viral and bacterial disease.
- You'll have more positions you can use for "that."
- You will eventually acquire a taste for what is good for you.
- You'll live longer with the ones you love.
- You'll have more choices for clothing stores.
- You'll be more comfortable on planes and camel rides.
- Your joints will feel better.
- You can eat from the children's menu if you use the curb-side pick up at most of the chains. This saves money!
- You'll need less medication when you do need it.
- You'll have more energy.
- You'll look younger.
- You'll probably only have one chin to shave and not two or three.
- You'll sleep better.
- You'll reduce health care costs.
- You can buy shoes that tie - in fact you might even see your feet for the first time in a while.
- You'll put on new underwear and feel like touching yourself - that might just be me.

Thanks for the comments and votes. you guys are awesome!
.. and thanks to my friend and supporter CessnaHolly! 

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cessnaholly wrote 124 months ago:
As usual both right on the money and VERY funny.
wisebadger53 wrote 124 months ago:
I always love reading your posts! And you hit the nail right on the head with this one - I can SO identify with all of this. BTW "You probably think Jillian Michaels is too skinny"...I still do... :-) "You popped a pants button and dead pigeon fell from the sky"...LOL!
CinJay wrote 124 months ago:
comfortable camel rides... yessss!!
TheNewo wrote 124 months ago:
wait, what, there's a party stage??? Quick, get me there!!!
Denjo060 wrote 124 months ago:
Loved it !!! Also the underware part hahahahhah good one!
janehen12 wrote 124 months ago:
LOVE this post! What I needed to read today!
Pifflesmom wrote 124 months ago:
Hilarious - and right on the money - as an offside, poor pigeon. :-)
cornfritter22 wrote 124 months ago:
I always love your blogs too. This one is great. Reading through the stages of course I tried to pick out which one I'm in. I think I've completed all of them and started over numerous times. Although "that" is still lacking. Got to work more on strength training I guess.
Mustangsally1000 wrote 124 months ago:
Love your posts. They always make me smile. And..think. a pensive problem perhaps...:D
odditblue wrote 124 months ago:
So darn true. If you keep starting over, you have to go through them all again... great reason to never quit. ;)
demery12371 wrote 124 months ago:
Awesome and fun as always :) Thanks for the smile today.
CapsFan17 wrote 124 months ago:
Thanks I needed a good laugh and its so true!
JustLindaLou wrote 124 months ago:
Reading your blog while eating lunch (fabulous salad) - almost snorted lettuce out the nose at "dead pigeon"...

michellegr88 wrote 124 months ago:
You are really funny. :)
shygur wrote 124 months ago:
I love this.
happypath101 wrote 124 months ago:
I had sunk into the angry stage (boo hoo, poor baby me!). Thanks for a kick in the butt. I also think you're really onto something by talking about grieving food and lifestyle. Lord knows, it's hard to give up something you love. (Interestingly, grief is one thing that often brings on excessive weight gain. Oh to just be kind to ourselves!) Thanks.
ellie0213 wrote 124 months ago:
Dang! So in reality not logging the cookie doesn't mean I didn't eat it? Really, really??
JfMarrs wrote 124 months ago:
Another great blog, but I don't think you need to use new underwear as an excuse. <grins>
wingednotes wrote 124 months ago:
This is LOL funny! And true too. Thanks for a great post!
Spunky50 wrote 124 months ago:
I totally agree with you on the quote about the viral and bacterial infections. I'm a lot older then the other ladies in my office; most of which are over weight, and they're generally more sickly then me. I haven't missed a day at work for years due to illness.
GREAT POST!! Love it!!
ralena wrote 124 months ago:
Perfect! Just what I needed today!! Thanks!
dustygn wrote 124 months ago:
I'm sure every girl/lady has gone through the bargaining stage no matter what size they were at the time...
MadeInHeaven83 wrote 124 months ago:
I'm going to remember this the next time I want to demonstrate to my friends how I can mow through an entire pizza by myself. : )
yvette1975 wrote 124 months ago:
Love it! i needed this!
bratgrrl wrote 124 months ago:
The ability to wear sexy underwear and not end up on funny or die is a great reason to be here.
tweedledee82 wrote 124 months ago:
talented blogger right here!
felicity866 wrote 124 months ago:
fabulous as ever...i missed this while i was on holidays!!
RosyEstrella wrote 124 months ago:
I needed this today - second week in and the honeymoon is over :) Really looking forward to riding that camel!
JfMarrs wrote 123 months ago:
Should be in the best of for sure.

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