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Ten Weight-Loss Gadgets and Apps for Christmas

I just started think about Christmas shopping - no wonder I can't get anything done.

iPot - an app for counting cleansing as weight loss.

iLied - creates unique diaries to within 2 calories of your goal.

iRon - takes your photos and adds guns, thigh gaps and ripped abs.

iScale - always shows a lower weight than the previous weigh in.

iWhine - random excuses for your MFP profile.

iDrink2Much - finds low-cal drinks by scanning the shelves at the bar.

uSuck - detects trolls on the message boards.

iLight - penetrates the thick heads for under 1200 calorie eaters.

iPad - warns of TMI about TOM.

iWin - detects those that actually do the program and meet their goals!

There is still a few days left to shop, did I miss any?

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Amber82479 wrote 116 months ago:
LOVING these gadgets! LOL
cessnaholly wrote 116 months ago:
What do you mean you don't want details about my TOM? I thought we were friend! Lol
ImprovingEla wrote 116 months ago:
lol these are great, would love to have some of them!
frosty73 wrote 116 months ago:
The other day I came up with an iPood, but I can't remember what it was for!
emily356 wrote 116 months ago:
Hahahaha!! Love it!
TrailRunner61 wrote 116 months ago:
Being a sodium addict, I could add iBloat. lol
harleigh67 wrote 116 months ago:
Ipood would be for detecting posters full of S#!t!
Iroll would be for detecting OMG who cares posts
Irolled would be for those with balance issues/fall down and need to know how many calories we burned.
Ispy- detects stalkers

harleigh67 wrote 116 months ago:
Imake-up for ladies who go to the gym & never break a sweat
sonamon wrote 116 months ago:
lol, that's hilarious, thanks for the laugh!
Chou_In_Motion wrote 116 months ago:
hahahah where can I buy these gadgets???? I could give them out for Christmas!!!
JustLindaLou wrote 116 months ago:
I have always thought I need an iMOO or iOINK gadget, that would make the appropriate sound when I open the fridge or pantry door to scrounge for snacks I should not have.... or an iWISH - a scale-operated fridge door: if you haven't lost, the door won't even open.....
hollyrunner wrote 116 months ago:
tmogs wrote 116 months ago:
too funny
vicktoria339 wrote 116 months ago:
Brilliant, thanks for this :-D

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