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Surviving Outside Your Fitness World

Last week I took three trips. Number one was to Cape Cod to run my first half marathon, which; I completed in 2:16.29. The second was orientation for my new job in St. Louis Park, MN, and the last was a romantic getaway with my wife to an undisclosed location for which there are no photos available.

Today I have some tips on living outside your fitness world, eating out and traveling.

-1 When Airport Security says "empty everything out of your pockets," they mean everything sir!

-2 Chapstick can get you strip searched. (See #1)

-3 Before you eat out, read the nutritional menus online. All large restaurants have them, and in some states, even small restaurants need to give you a caloric heads up. Waiting to diddle with your SmartPhone during the order process at Hooters is not always a good strategy.

-4 If you are going to take your belt off for TSA, make sure your pants fit. True story.

-5 You can carry on a water filter and an empty water bottle. Drinking 4 bottles a day (you are drinking 8 cups, right!) at $3.00-$4.00 each, it will pay for itself quickly.

-6 Appetizers may be all you need. Some restaurants have a downsized portion of a their meals for an app. That and a large glass of water and you are all set.

-7 Exercise time can be tough to make on a vacation, a business trip, or even at work with long commutes. My first choice is a gym in the building. Even the worst ones have treadmills and some weights. Second choice is a run outside (yes, I prefer to be outside, it's just about time management and a shower) Then there is always calisthenics in the room and taking the stairs if there are some. Catching connections in another terminal after a delay is also good for your cardio.

-9 The break room at work can be a killer. Possibly you can avoid it by bringing your lunch to your desk in a cool pack. Waiting to go in until most of the goodies are gone helps too.

-10 Plan on controlling as much as you can. It could be business lunches, the in-laws on a holiday, or day trip. Try to be prepared with your own snacks and water. Cut calories at 2 meals so you can enjoy a larger one. I ate light breakfasts and dinners because I had business lunches every day.

-11 Education is the best tip. Learn how to order out. Double the veggies and skip the potatoes, eat more salad and less bread. Get things on the side so you can add an amount that works for you. Grilled is better than sauteed or fried. Watch out for sauces, mayonnaise, dressings and the like; they add up fast.

-12 If you can do it, order a kid's meal! This is great for delivery, take-out and curbside pick-up at chains like Olive Garden, Uno's, Betucci's Outback etc.

So when you are not in control, what do you do to manage your logging?

Thanks for the votes and comments (you can do both)!

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deeannhill wrote 114 months ago:
I educate myself as much as possible before going to eat anywhere. Even if it is just checking out the menu and planning what to order. (This strategy also cuts off the akward, "I don't know what are you going to get." cycle at the knees!) I also make sure to pack snacks that work for me; raw nuts & veggie sticks when I can.

Love your blog! Thanks for taking the time to share.
LCFulmer wrote 114 months ago:
Thanks for the tips.. my hubby & I are going on a business trip next week to Chicago and we are already planning out when to workout. If we can't hit the gym in the hotel then we will use the portable DVD player to do some workouts using resistance bands. I believe as long as there is a will there is a way.
sammniamii wrote 114 months ago:
Another tip - you pack protein powder & shaker bottle for trips. Good breakfast, filling and helps keep the cals down. BUT make sure LABEL it so when they go thru your bags, nobody has any major issues. Both trips, they went thru the bag and the ONLY things I could guess why was the shaker bottle (plus metal shaker ball) with a zip-lock baggie full of protein powder. One sniff and they can see it's chocolate, but still.
beckyboop712 wrote 114 months ago:
I've become quite the traveler between all the trips I've taken in the past year. My poor boyfriend found out the hard way that you have to check every pocket of every bag, in addition to your back pocket, that there is no way to get a pocket knife through, though I managed to quite by accident 7 years ago. I'm still trying to perfect eating out because I tend to veer away from big chains that have nutritional information available.

LCFulmer, Chicago is a great walking city! When I first moved here from Oklahoma, I lost 10-15 lbs just because I walked everywhere (I since have gained it back but that was a change in lifestyle more than anything). If you are staying in Downtown, find the nearest route to the lake, the lake path is pretty awesome!
Shell_7609 wrote 114 months ago:
Another great blog. I've started packing a bento lunchbox with cut up fruit & veggies, & either hummus or light ranch for the veggies for work to avoid the vending machine
amy0716 wrote 114 months ago:
Regarding #7-bring a jumprope! Doesn't take much space to pack and burns a TON of calories in a short amount of time.
wisebadger53 wrote 114 months ago:
Another great post my friend! I pretty much do everything you suggested here...but I almost never diddle with anything at Hooters...that's a sure way to get yourself into trouble! ;-)
happypath101 wrote 114 months ago:
I am firmly in the habit of stocking up on healthy snacks when I am on a business trip or vacation. In fact, there's one trip I take regularly and I stop to get good food on the way to the hotel from the airport. (I expense it too!). I get fruit and veggies, nuts, protein bars, bottled water and even yogurt (if I have a fridge in my hotel.) I'll also get some good dark chocolate because I'm going to need it with all those intense meetings. This is a HUGE help. As long as I can snack healthily and not get overly hungry (easy to do when having jet lag), then I can stay within my calorie limit - even when the donuts are freaking placed right in front of me. :O)
happypath101 wrote 114 months ago:
Oh - and I like to stay at a hotel with a pool. Swimming a few laps is a great stress release and good exercise. For me, it has the added benefit of feeling like a treat. And, of course, getting into a swimsuit is always a great reminder of why you want to stay healthy.
carolstartingover wrote 114 months ago:
I love to walk outside better than anything anywhere. I do gain a lil weight on vacations but you have a bunch of great ideas and when I go to FL I will borrow some of them.

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