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Stuff Weight Losers Do and Say

No matter what industry, business or hobby you are into, there is always a vernacular that goes with it. For instance, if you work in retail and you have customer with a chip card, you tell them to "put it all the way in." You might hear this in a lot of other situations in which you wish you hadn't. Hey it sure beats "strip down, please."

There is also stuff we do. Some of it doesn't make sense. I used to get a small portion and then get seconds. Yup, I did that.

So here is my list of stuff for weight losers only.

- You poop before you weigh in - twice!
- You wear stretchy pants because you forgot how to read size tags.
- You eat salads for lunch everyday.
- If you have one mini candy bar, the bag needs to be taped to the outside of a window 60 floors up or it's gone.
- You say, I'm going for a run, but it's really to the liquor store.
- Your favorite part of Couch to 5K is the couch.
- You eat broccoli with your Everything Burger because it's healthier.
- A heaping teaspoon of peanut butter counts the same as a level one.
- You eat a donut and tell yourself "today will be better."
- You suck it in for your progress pictures.
- You save your best profanity for the scale.

Did I miss any?

Thanks for the votes and comments. Friend me at your own risk!

Health update: I spoke with the surgeon and he and I agreed that despite the latest news, I can wait until January. This is causing a change of plans. I will not running the Dublin Marathon. I have chosen to spend a week in California with my loved ones. The job front continues to be discouraging and I am seriously contemplating starting my own business. I mean, I have to eat, right? :)

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Scoochie1 wrote 62 months ago:
I'll catch you in the Emerald Isle next year David X
jmnicholas wrote 62 months ago:
Praying - both on the job front and for your health - don't run to the liquor store too often!!! Hope to see you in Europe soon though.
PlantBasedRnr wrote 62 months ago:
Difficult to enjoy your blogs with the heavy news brother - Stay stong and know we are all praying for you.
LinOtt wrote 62 months ago:
So true and gave me a laugh as well. Hope your week in California goes smoothly, and starting your own business is stressful (speaking from experience here) but totally absorbing, exciting, challenging and rewarding. Do your research, think, get a business mentor and go for it! Prayers are with you.
moglovesshoez wrote 62 months ago:
Wow, how do you make yourself poop twice?? ;P
Crayvn wrote 62 months ago:
well said and enjoy Cali.. never been...sighs.
hillaryjess wrote 62 months ago:
-You order a diet coke with your combo meal.
foumanhenry wrote 61 months ago:

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