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Stick With the Program!

MFP is really an interesting community! I have been around for over a year and had some real and lasting success - if you consider sarcasm success.

My day job is working as a computer programmer, a web programmer in fact. I have become a useful tool for turning caffeine into unintelligible code. The rest of my time I spend screwing off on MFP, some of which includes the Community Forums.

All I can say is there is a lot more to the MFP than logging!

Today I would like to educate you on using a little programming logic when participating in the forums. It will make you a better communicator and MFP citizen - no really, I promise.

Please just one total nerd paragraph to explain.

Programmers use tags to specify how they want the computer to interpret whatever it is they have written. For example, the tag <p> simply means paragraph. <b> means bold and then they close the tag like this</b>.

With that in mind, here are some programming tags that will make your forum submissions shine for your virtual readers!

<rant> I am just running on pure emotion, my facts are cherry picked. </rant>

<ts> Too sensitive, please don't comment harshly. </ts>

<no clue> Save this for day 2 or 3 when you've seen no results. Some times there is no close tag for <no clue>.

<bs> I don't believe this is true - again, some times there is no close tag for <bs>. We call this an unterminated string.

<body> You look great! </body>

<nsv> The scale didn't budge, so I am going to focus on something else. </nsv>

<tmi> I have no boundaries. </tmi>

Female rant. </tom>

<veg> I never eat anything with a face except animal crackers. </veg>

<wtg> Insincere support. </wtg>

<sodium> A form of <rant> </sodium>

<ds> Diary Sucks! </ds>

<runner> David </runner> :)

<nfd> Not a Freakin' Doctor.</nfd>

<stfu> No One Cares What You Think. </stfu>

<hs> You look great. Nice work! </hs>

Sometimes tags can have properties or attributes. For example:
<diet type="carnivore">
Whatever fad you are positing about </diet> Most diets usually end badly.

<body flirt="true"> You look great in a sexual way! </body> You'll see a lot of this.

<body fat="true"> Keep up the good work! </body>

<pic ripped="true"> That's how you include an image in your post. </pic>

<forum inflammatory="true"> Gay marriage, gun control, eating your exercise calories. </forum>

My favorite is this one: <success = "true"> If you stick with the program, there is no close tag for this one either.

<grateful>Thanks for the votes and comments.</grateful>

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angieroo2 wrote 113 months ago:
odditblue wrote 113 months ago:
<wtg> ;)
Flixie00 wrote 113 months ago:
MaryRegs wrote 113 months ago:
LOL :)
Denjo060 wrote 113 months ago:
LOL another good read :)
newdaydawning79 wrote 113 months ago:
This is fantastic! No <sarcasm> or <stfu> for this one. I will say it's <winning> though! ;)
jennynewbury wrote 113 months ago:
As someone who works as part of a software development team, I cracked up reading this. Fantastic!
alphabetsoup2013 wrote 113 months ago:
Loved this.
pabigwood wrote 113 months ago:
Can I make a CSS stylesheet ahead of time to make my forum postings easier???? ;)
Chou_In_Motion wrote 113 months ago:
that is great!! LOL
bjbixler wrote 113 months ago:
wisebadger53 wrote 113 months ago:
<awesomeness!> there is no close tag for this one either.
labelleariane wrote 113 months ago:
.dsjohndrow {
top-padding: sky;
Float: on the forum somewhere;
Align: on the right path
dsjohndrow wrote 113 months ago:
Ha ha ha! I'm stylin!
verptwerp wrote 113 months ago:
I'm not a programmer, but even I got this LOL
janetksc wrote 113 months ago:
you may be starting a new trend on the comments..and I can say I saw it

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