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Some Times Looking Good is Better than Being Healthy

This past weekend I went to my high school reunion. I was looking pretty good - well compared to some of the others! In fact I outlived more than I care to admit.

I left town about 7 minutes after I had my diploma and only returned on to visit my mother until she too, left in 1989.

Over 35 years has passed since they played the recessional anthem. I managed to get to my 25th. I was dating my wife for a few months at the time and I thought it would be a fun to see who is still looking good. Actually I wanted to show off my new trophy.

One of the guys I did some drinking with back in the day had a few beers that night too. He told my girlfriend with a bit of a tipsy slur. "I know this guy, reconsider!"

I come from a small town in which I started school in kindergarten. In fact there was a girl that I have known since nursery school. I rode down with a Boston neighbor that I have known since Kindergarten - you can't look bad in a new Mercedes 550!

We pulled in and got our name tags. I keep up with a good number of them on Facebook and I did the reunion site, so I have had some communication. I saw a number of re-familiar faces. Holy crap, some without hair, and some ballooned beyond recognition. I was pretty impressed that two of the heavier guys form the 25th had slimmed down a lot. Me I was up a few - but not too bad.

There were the usual suspects - some of them still drinking like fish. I honestly don't know how they do it.

Oh there were a few surprises too. You know back when you are in school and you have your eye on someone? Yeah, I mean the really beautiful ones? I saw a couple of them. YIKES! God take me back in time!

In the end I had a good time. I also had one of my old friends say that in a room of over 130 that I was the "least changed - well except for the short hair". It made me feel good.

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babygurl48 wrote 120 months ago:
I have my reunion coming up in October! I am looking forward to it. It's been about 31 or 32 years for me too since I have seen some of those folks! Should be interesting~
wisebadger53 wrote 120 months ago:
Way to stay young my man! :-)
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
Glad u had fun. =)
felicity866 wrote 120 months ago:
i have not been to a school reunion...i think it would be too scary!! you have done a great job!!
thickblonde07 wrote 120 months ago:
Hi there, I am new to this blogging. How do I go about starting my own blog?
kaybeau wrote 120 months ago:
got to admit Icertainly beat some of my old mates who seemed rather large,and there was me worrying
bllowry wrote 120 months ago:
I've been out of college 32 years; only went to one HS reunion. The jocks were balding with beer guts and the cheerleaders were still not someone I would hang with at all. I go back once a year to see my siblings, usually at Christmas as it means 5 hours in the car.
smantha32 wrote 120 months ago:
My 30th is next year, and I'm going to go looking GOOD. ;)

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