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Some Things I Have Learned About Life

This is a small collection of life lessons - well the ones that I could remember today. There are a lot of others in the file, the problem is getting them out.

- That even idiots think they are above average drivers.

- It sucks when you are in an argument and realize that you are wrong.

- Sarcasm is most useful when followed by a smiley. :)

- Folding fitted sheets is better left to professionals.

- Pretending to understand seems sufficient with most people.

- Forgetting is easier after 50 52.

- If you always put your keys in your left front pocket, when you lose them, first ask your spouse.

- I wish MapQuest had an option for avoiding bad neighborhoods.

- Never do anything you don't want to explain to the paramedics.

- The easiest way to find something lost around the house is to buy a replacement.

- Learning cursive writing was a waste of time and I would like my grades changed to Pass now that it is optional.

- Bad decisions often make good stories.

- Never put off till tomorrow what you can avoid doing all together.

- We never really grow up. We just learn how to act in public.

- You will never find anybody with a compelling reason for observing Daylight Saving Time.

- You should not confuse your career with your life.
- Losing weight is easier when you are young, but most folks can't imagine being 20 years older or 20 pounds heavier in front of a plate of cookies..
- The currency of good relationships is time together.

- No matter what happens, somebody will find a way to take it way too seriously.
Tell us about something that you have learned from life. 

Thanks in advance for the votes and comments, you are truly awesome supporters! And if I decide to do a TV show, I hope you are my first audience.

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SixCatFaerie wrote 120 months ago:
Love your posts!

Yep, Husband asks me where his keys are all the time! Hardly ever on the hook where they are supposed to be...

Completely agree with never growing up! I don't want to & you can't make me! ;-P

Despise DST! One of the reasons why I love living in Arizona!

Time together with my Husband is the most important part of my life! <3

Unfortunately, most people take most things way too seriously!

Thanks again, John, for the wonderful smile once again on my face!
afrazier128 wrote 120 months ago:
Folding fitted sheets is better left to professionals...lmbo! I HATE that! So, I just roll them up and stuff them in the closet =)
czechsmate wrote 120 months ago:
lol...I roll the fitted sheets up too! I have a profile pic that reads something like If you have not grown up by 50 then you don't have it! I have learned only in the past year not to confuse my career with my life - what a difference it makes in your happiness. Love the blog.
coloradocami wrote 120 months ago:
so cute as always...loved "currency of good relationships is time together"
bill_i_am wrote 120 months ago:
"somebody will find a way to take it way too seriously" SO true my true!
staroftheeast wrote 120 months ago:
Someday never comes. Tomorrow will be here sooner than you think.
Hoppymom wrote 120 months ago:
I learned to fold fitted sheets from a woman who cleaned and remade beds a resorts.
I don't know how many times I have "lost" something only to buy a new one and find the first one.
One of my favorites is "For something or someone to get clean, something else has to get dirty."
Getting into the car makes kids have to "go potty."
John, you helped me enjoy this day more.
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
I learned cats don't care if you're fat or thin, they just want more food and for you to pet their BUTT.
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
I have also learned that in order to think of something you really want to say, just make a first post and you'll have a new idea immediately spring to thought. =|
odditblue wrote 120 months ago:
On the serious side, I've learned to stop eating my feelings and emotions. No more. I'm not eating another bite of guilt ever again. It's more calories and bad things than I ever thought possible. Enough. I'm not cleaning my plate with those again. I AM WORTH FIGHTING FOR. =)
MacInCali wrote 120 months ago:
I have learned that I can say "NO!" and the world will not end! =)
BulldogCNM wrote 120 months ago:
I have learned that most of the time everyone else is just as terrified as I am. And in the clinical setting I have learned the amazing calming effect of a patients fear on my nerves--you can't be scared when you're the one in charge and everyone is counting on you :)
ShannaDBowser wrote 120 months ago:
I have learned that reading your blog is a good way to get me to smile when work gets me down. Awesome job once again.

Also, I have learned that two phrases can get you through anything: "I love you" and "I'm sorry". "Please" also helps.
James_1954 wrote 120 months ago:
" - Never do anything you don't want to explain to the paramedics."

My favorite! Puts me in mind of those famous last words: "Hey, y'all, hold my beer and watch THIS!"
libland wrote 120 months ago:
great post... made me smile and laugh.
BuceesNana wrote 120 months ago:
I have learned that the world won't end if I spend some time, energy, and money on myself. And I have learned never to feel guilty about doing so. :)

Your blog made me smile. Too funny.
Mommawarrior wrote 120 months ago:
You are too funny. Love this post!
LuciaLongIsland wrote 120 months ago:
Awesome as usual.

I learned "Never say Never"...never!
lmarshel wrote 120 months ago:
Awesome post...and some really good advice! :)

I have learned to tell my loved ones how much I love them every day...there may not be another opportunity, and they should know how you feel.

I have learned that the dishes, laundry, mopping, washing, making the bed can all wait. My family cares so much more about spending time with me than whether or not the house is clean.

And I have learned to listen to my elders...they're so much smarter now than they were 20 years ago! LOL
StevLL wrote 120 months ago:
Great post - I'm in trouble if we get more forgetful after 50, cause I'm only,....(wait honey how old am,...Dang what were talking about?
Ocarina wrote 120 months ago:
Lol my husband lost his allen wrench to tune his guitar and he automatically expected us to go to Home Depot to pick up a new one. HA! Yeah right... I've given him a span of time to look before we succumb to spending money. Even if it's only a $. This way it sticks it in head hopefully. He is infamous for loosing everything.
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