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So You Want to Lose Weight?

The fat man in me was disgusted with my looks, how I felt and even a little scared about my health. The doctor was a nag, pizza tasted good enough to suck down four or five slices and the Dollar Menu at McDonald’s was calling my name. The only thing that hadn’t happened was for the Post Office to give me a personal ZIP Code.

My joints ached, I was depressed, and feeling badly had become a way of life.

I worked in Boston, commuted a couple of hours a day, sat in office chair at least nine hours, plus laying in bed watching TV or sitting in my own office chair. The most moving I did was walking from the car to the office, plus a few trips to the coffee pot.

My life was so hectic that other than going to church on Sunday most weeks, I did nothing. Save a few long weekends, my vacation time was used up trying to manage the rest of my life doing things like getting oil changes, watching my daughters various school activities, and the dreaded yearly physical.

I was at teh doctor's office and there was a full-length mirror in the exam room. I accidently saw myself and nearly let out a little girly scream. I was disgusted and I felt trapped. I had to lose weight! About the same time my wife had joined a circuit cardio class at the local YMCA.

Ah yes, time to get with it! I started to envision myself back in the skinny days – I actually had those!

Three years ago I went to my first cardio class. HOLY CRAP! I was a mess, panting, aching, and nearly barfing. I was shaking after five minutes. 

No wonder I’m obese! I felt hopeless and didn’t even eat when I went home. I was sore for days after.

I kept going and going and dropped thirty pounds and then one morning I got up and had congestive heart failure. I had no one to blame but myself and my life choices. The good news is I made it though that trauma and after a week in ICU, I got on track. I haven’t been perfect, and somewhere in there I discovered being fit was far more important than losing weight. What I ate and how much I ate really mattered more than losing weight or running a 5K.

Three years later I am down close to my goal weight. The doc thinks this may be my “happy weight” but I keep on keeping on.

Thanks for the votes and comments.

More about my story HERE.

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H_Factor wrote 101 months ago:
great words as always.
johnwhitent wrote 101 months ago:
Happy weight, I like it!
hollyrunner wrote 101 months ago:
Denjo060 wrote 101 months ago:
awesome just shows what dedication can do
Leahbcc wrote 101 months ago:
Always inspiring
ffhsanfran wrote 101 months ago:
Hope to get my copy signed in the SF Marathon. While cheering you on!
judiiiiindisguise wrote 101 months ago:
great reminder!

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