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Six Years Later, I Am Still Here!

What can I say? Today is the 6th anniversary of my congestive heart failure. The ambulance, the surgery, and the unknown. It was scary but I had been so ill I didn't really care, I just wanted relief. It was a real thriller for me and those around me.

Today I am simply being grateful.

Not long after I had heart surgery I went to watch the Boston Marathon. There I sat and watched tens of thousands of runners doing their 26.2 miles. I was mad at myself for not having taken better care of myself. I went home determined to overcome heart disease or die trying.

That day on the operating table I didn't really care if I lived or died.

Something changed inside that day and I began my dream of running a 5K. I pushed hard on the way home from the route. My home was just barely a mile and it took 50 minutes to get home. I had to stop and rest, sitting on a park bench to catch my breath.

Running has been amazing for me. You know when you wish or pray to feel good? It did that for me.

I finally felt better than I had in decades - maybe ever. I know a lot of you have read my book, but the story doesn't end there. I ran my first 5K and I have finished 7 marathons and I am registered for another.

Life has bumps, and it is true that if you have your health you have everything. Take a chance and get to work. You'll be amazed at what you can do.

Thanks for the votes and comments, I always appreciate those.

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kendallvon wrote 62 months ago:
You are a true inspiration. I don't know if you know how many lives you have touched. Thank you.
mybattle2006 wrote 62 months ago:
You have been my inspiration for years. I love how you make us all laugh. And your Dear King questions. Keep inspiring others. You are amazing! ❤️
Anonymous wrote 62 months ago:
I really look forward for Tuesday s as I get to read your articles
BluGnat wrote 62 months ago:
Just finished your book last week. Happy anniversary. You are most definitely an inspiration, and share a message that many desperately need to hear. Thank you for sharing so much yourself.
Laura80111 wrote 62 months ago:
Happy Anniversary. So glad that you have taken the time to share this journey with us. You continue to inspire me to be better for that Thank You.
KaeCir09 wrote 62 months ago:
I'm walking my first 5K this Saturday, April 8th. I just want to finish.
Breeticus87 wrote 62 months ago:
Wow that is the most inspiring thing, man you are an inspiration!
bisky wrote 62 months ago:
Wow, Congratulations. As an ER nurse I know how hard it is to overcome CHF disease. I really wasn't sure if it could be reversed...I have to get your book. Have you had repeat echos?
dsjohndrow wrote 62 months ago:
Oh yeah - lots of cardiology follow up. "Like it never happened!"
Bankman1989 wrote 62 months ago:
That is a powerful testimony and story. I root for you every day I come on MFP. You sir are truly an inspiration.
skinnyme47 wrote 62 months ago:
You are truly an inspiration to everyone on My Fitness Pal.
bigfatdeal wrote 62 months ago:
At first I thought I was reading a blog I had written but did not remember writing when I saw your first few lines. I too am a survivor of congestive heart failure, the first generation cured by medications, so my cardiologists tell me. Your case was obviously much worse if you required heart surgery, though you don't say what type - transplant, valve replacement, etc. I was in the pre-transplant program for 10 years until them moved me to the maintenance program, where I am now.

My weight battle has been up and down, but since I am turning 60 on easter Sunday, I have decided that the next decade will be the most fit ever. Too many people in their 60s start dropping dead like flies, and I intend to dodge that bullet.

Best of luck with everything. I will watch for your blog and I will probably start blogging myself.
BrainQueen wrote 62 months ago:
This is wonderful. Congratulations on a renewed life!
krmsotherhalf68 wrote 62 months ago:
May I add my congratulations on ALL of your MANY accomplishments. You are an inspiration to so many (including me!). Peace, my friend.
kenlad64 wrote 62 months ago:
This is excellent! Your dedication is inspiring, it's been a trip these last 6 years, the journey incredible, I wear that shirt you sent me often and feel inspired by your accomplishments!
kristimacintosh wrote 62 months ago:
Congratulations. You inspire me to get going again. I had a heart attack on Christmas morning 2016. What a shock. Feeling great and your story inspired me. Thank you so much.
6767sr21 wrote 62 months ago:
I had emergency quad-by pass on New years Eve 2012 and my cardio surgeons told me the best route to recovery was to walk-walk-walk and I have been walking ever since. 5-10 miles a day, 7 days a week along with resistance training plus a 75% plant based diet. I turned 60 in July and I feel amazing. I own and operate 2 businesses and walking helps reduce stress and it feels so good. I suggest walking and resistance training for all maturing adults. It does your body good!

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