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Side Effects

Well, I have been taking painkiller drugs since my surgery last week. As much as I enjoyed being out there, there are some side effects which are not a lot of fun.  Here are some of them.

-      Running out at 3:00 am

-      Remembering whether you are chewing steak or cotton candy.

-      Telling your wife how good she looks in that dress.

-     Trying to "Like" your comments on MFP and deleted them.

-     I changed my Facebook Relationship Status to "It's Complicated." (This is going to take a while.)

-     I transferred all our savings to gift card at the local motorcycle shop.

-     I bought a fake Rolex, some male enhancement pills, an Obama Chia pet.

-     I discovered there is no past tense of the word "tweeted."

-     The fantasy site I was on was definitely not football!

-     “Axe handles” is my new term for crap!

-     All my MFP friends looked too skinny.

-     I found my webcam in my PJ's and called the doctor.

-     I thought QWERTY was a word.

-     I was linked to people I never worked with on LinkedIn.

-     I discovered there is a good reason Twitter only allows you 160 characters.

-     I was in a Russian chatroom selling my weight loss secrets.

-     The Captcha codes on Craigslist were messages from God.

-     I lost my mouse ball and cracked my keyboard playing fantasy baseball.

-     I was outbid for the White House on eBay by MittRomney.

-     MSNBC was saying nice things about Democrats, and Fox news was saying them about Republicans - I guess it was wearing off by then...

 I should probably stay offline for a bit.

Thanks for your votes and commments!

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Annette_rose wrote 120 months ago:
lol...thank you for the laugh as I needed it! I hope you are feeling better each day.
violet456 wrote 120 months ago:
A Good chuckle as usual. Thanks for the laugh. I hope you're doing better.
Denjo060 wrote 120 months ago:
OMG That was so funny Thanks somuch for the laugh I needed that today
wisebadger53 wrote 120 months ago:
Like they say...humor is the best medicine! So you found your I know what happened to your live feed! :-O
Mustangsally1000 wrote 120 months ago:
Well, amighty then! You are rockin' those drugs. They just make me puke...a totally different blog would result. (you know if you transpose, like I do a lot, result becomes reslut! hmmm)

Your blogs always make me smile! Glad you are doing well enough for some thought process...and only the slow brain cells are being affected. LOL
Snowridesbikes wrote 120 months ago:
you better not stay off line with the entertainment you bring us :)
Time2LoseWeightNOW wrote 120 months ago:
Funny stuff...Don't you miss the Demerol, though?!?!
ellie0213 wrote 120 months ago:
Tweet, tweeted, twet? twit? twoot twoot???

Eh??? This is why I don't tweet!

Funny stuff! Glad you are feeling better!
crissyrox wrote 120 months ago:
LOL awesome! Thank you for the laugh, today has been a helish Monday!
felicity866 wrote 120 months ago:
aahhh...the joys of post surgery recovery!!
jms3533 wrote 120 months ago:
I definitely needed a good laugh today. Thanks so much for your humor.
mowree wrote 120 months ago:
You should do a Top Ten list. LOL
brandielauriers wrote 120 months ago:
I'm in week 4 of recovery from having my kidney removed. In the hospital I had an actual morphine drip, I was really disappointed when my catheter began too leek and there was no where left to put it back in. I don't remember the stuff they gave me at home being that good though, can you give me your doctors name I think we need to have a consult :) I hope your recover goes well and if your impatient like me, I hope it's quick!

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