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Sex and Chocolate and 10 Fitness Tips

Sorry for my whiney-a$$ post last week. It was a tough week. MFP is a where I get my support. It’s a lot cheaper than a shrink. So, thanks! BTW - I had another ER visit yesterday and this time they put me on muscle relaxers and a new painkiller.

I fell asleep drinking coffee.

I have been on MFP for a long time and made some real-life friends. A few of them are on my favorite call list on my phone. A community is a good thing. Most of the struggle with more than fitness. In fact, some of that struggle may be behind our poor eating and fitness habits.

But this isn’t a therapy session.

I was thinking about the things that help me stay on track with my fitness. The truth is, some days I don’t feel like doing the right things. Interestingly, it is the running (cardio) that helps me maintain my emotional health.

Sex and chocolate also help.

For decades I was depressed. I even took medication on and off for it throughout the years. I had one that I took in the evening. Mostly I just liked that it made me sleepy. Before that it was alcohol. Sleeping was a depression escape for me.

Running changed all that.

I used to pray that I would feel better. I used to feel depressed when I got up. In my late-40s I started to be physically ill. I tried some weight loss stuff and even worked out. I got hurt at the gym and had rotator cuff surgery. I also got PF from bad running shoes.

I stopped exercising, gained a ton of weight, and felt like doing absolutely nothing.

Then the congestive heart failure and the lifestyle change. Here are 10 things I do to stay fit.
1 - Make a meal plan for the week
2 - MFP friends
3 - Schedule my runs in the calendar
4 - Keep my running gear where it’s easy to get at (but doesn’t stink up the house)
5 - Portion sizes
6 - Food scale in the beginning
7 - Coffee
8 - Lots of water
9 - No cheat days! There are enough holidays and celebrations for the whole year.
10 - I still pray.

There you have it. Did I miss anything?

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melissarose4 wrote 45 months ago:
Fantastic list!!! True ingredients for success.

I might add:
11 - Goals to motivate progress

debk0718 wrote 45 months ago:
Great list you've put together, and another truly insightful and soulful blog. Sorry to hear that you had another ER visit, but thankful you seek medical attention when you need it. I'm lacking in the support area right now, but am working to get myself back on track with more consistent exercise, the eating part I have covered. Thank you for your motivation!

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