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See You at the Funeral - Lifestyle Choices

Having been on MFP for a long time, I have pretty much heard it all. You have your vegans and vegetarians, your pescatarians, your ketogenics (sounds like a band name), your carnivores, and your fast food junkies here. All people here for a common goal; to take photos in the bathroom and get fit. (CAUTION: Be sure to put away all vibrators, condoms and female products when taking bathroom pics.)

If you are here to diet for your special occasion, you are missing the point!

It's a lifestyle. Unless you planning to die on your wedding day, or by the pool in a bikin, or 40th birthday or your cruise, I am assuming your life will have some purpose after your special day has past. The formula for a healthy lifestyle is more than what you shove in your face, although that is the major part.

For me fitness is a healthy weight, aerobic capacity, strength, a nontoxic diet, good blood work and an emotional sense of wellbeing with every breath I take.

People come and go on here all the time, but for those who tame their junk food consumption, exercise regularly, log their food and don't give up, they enjoy the benefits of being healthy and getting comments about being sexy in the forums.

Over the years I have deleted thousands of friends.

I have a friend (Annabellj) that often says, "See you at the funeral!" I can't tell you how tempted I am to post that phrase as a response to some of the forum replies and topics. Here are some examples of posts I would like to reply  "See you at the funeral!":

- I run so I can eat whatever I want.
- 1,200 steps a day is hard work. (I thought that was calories!) 
- I have a cheat meal once a day.
- I am cheating with my best friend's spouse.
- I don't like fruit or vegetables and fish is gross.
- I can't swallow water.
- My SO makes me eat pizza against my will when (s)he's not at home.
- I can't afford to eat healthy, what should I buy at Olive Garden?
- Which burns more calories, sitting in front of the TV or going to the movies?
- Why would I want to sweat, I can lose without exercising.
- I am on an 800-calorie-a-day diet that works.
- I am back... but starting tomorrow.
- I am 1200 calories over and I haven't even gotten out of bed yet.
- People at the gym will think I am fat, what should I do?
- Seeking professional advice. (You'll get it in a minute.)
- I hate anyone that doesn't like my diary.
- I can't beleive the gym charges me when I am not there!
- I just had diarrhea after cleansing...

Look, it's easy to make excuses, and we all have bad days, however; the ones who succeed stick around long enough to meet their goals and make it a way of life.

So how has your lifestyle changed since joining MFP?

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jmnicholas wrote 63 months ago:
I may need to lurk on these fora to find someone who would comment that I'm sexy... Someone at work complimented me today - as I've been largely maintaining for about 2 years(and have gained back about 7lbs, pushing to lose it again now), it seemed a bit odd. However, I said thanks, and moved on - I didn't make it an hour long tiradeon what I was changing - as it has already changed!
Anonymous wrote 63 months ago:
Adc7225 wrote 63 months ago:
Well let's just hope my lifestyle changes wouldn't elicit that reply!

I new this was a lifestyle change coming in and while on a few occasions I have tried to share that with others I just figure we each come to 'our time' to get that hopefully before the funeral for most of them.

I recently happened to take a look at my past pictures since starting with MFP and while I am happier and healthier I still feel there is room for improvement. I try and be mindful of my eating and try and be active each day so I know I can put my mind to it and improve some. I just hope that I always keep this frame of thinking.
Laura80111 wrote 63 months ago:
This is my second time around and this time I'm going for the TOTAL lifestyle change not the temporary one of last time. My new goal is to see how long I can maintain...and I'm shooting for the rest of my life. As always a great post.
HappyAnna2014 wrote 63 months ago:
My lifestyle changes have made me happier because I feel better and exercise is FUN (WHO KNEW??). One day, I mentioned to a guy at the work coffeepot who offered to pour me a cup of coffee, "no thanks, my doctor limits me to one in the morning." His response was that his doctor wants him to eat healthy, stop drinking and smoking too, but if he can't do those activities, his life isn't worth living. I disagree. I feel great, look forward to yoga and ice skating and weightlifting -- all fun activities I couldn't do until I changed my lifestyle. And since I eat less, I can afford to eat higher quality delicious food. I think I'll take the dog on a walk now. That sounds fun. :)
Hoppymom wrote 63 months ago:
I may resemble one or more of those comments! If you are taking bathroom pics PLEASE flush first!Good points made David.
wochlikgm wrote 63 months ago:
Complete change for the better. I am way more active. I got a Garmin, so it buzzes me every hour. I do get up and walk or jog in place to clear the alarm.
The food diary is the center of my life now. I budget my calorie intake for the rest of the day depending on the breakfast I had.
I lost 25kg (approx 50lb) since joining. To show off, I flash my drivers license which has a photo at the height of my largeness.
I feel much healthier, and my bowel movement rate has decreased. I got more confidence; I caught a flirty female recruiter checking me out when I eventually met her in person. I think she liked what she saw! I enjoyed that high for a while.
rccsinger wrote 63 months ago:
I met my goal and have been working hard to maintain. I didn't do so well over the holidays and am still working to shed the extra pounds. . .(I actually lost 5 lbs more than my goad weight so I am right now at goal. . .) I have more energy and I feel better about myself. . .I have discovered that when I allow myself "Cheat" meals or days it is much harder to get back on track. . .so I try to plan for special meals/occasions
lousoulbody wrote 63 months ago:
The list is 10 fold on how my lifestyle has changed since joining mfp.
1. Im now a runner!
2. I eat healthier!
3. Lift weights!
4. Shopping for fun clothes!
5. More shopping (almost everything has been replaced in my wardrobe)!.
6. I drink alcoholic beverages mindfully! If not at all.
7. I recently stopped logging...been logging since 2012! (so far so good)
8. My outlook on my life is more positive.!
9. I treat my feet to a pedi almost monthly.
10. Not my funeral!

jpbg5 wrote 63 months ago:
Love your post! I started this because of $ towards my HSA but liked it. Then I gave up pork, beef and chicken for lent. A short term goal to get me to where I'd like to be but want to continue on the journey.

I need small frequent challenges to keep me motivated and on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

Now its trying to cut processed sugar out of my life and build up to running a 5K.
Cymru25 wrote 63 months ago:
great post - I so agree that its all about changing your lifestyle that in itself is a journey. I feel i'm just starting to live a new lifestyle its an ongoing process and will develop and change as i progress.
monicalillibridge wrote 63 months ago:
Yes. All of these. Love it.
JacquiH73 wrote 63 months ago:
Oh I like the 10 list!
1. I eat A LOT less meat and dairy
2. I curb my processed sugar and fat intake
3. I cook more often, usually plant-based (eggs on occasion) and it actually tastes good.
4. I weigh my food before eating it.
5. I scrutinize ingredient and nutritional labels religiously.
6. I eat smaller meals but snack often.
7. Getting motivated to exercise is still challenging but eating sensibly makes it less important and I have energy to be more active even if it's not doing specific "exercises" per se.
8. I don't worry about fluctuations on the scale because I know I'm staying on track.
9. I look good in tight fitting clothes ;)
10. I'm very happy with myself for making these changes. I don't feel deprived at all.
JeromeBarry1 wrote 63 months ago:
Since joining MFP: I've changed my breakfast to deliver high protein and high fiber along with high calories. I've changed my lunch during my work day to have very little calories. I've changed my dinner to more vegetables, some days, and homemade Neapolitan style pizza on others. I've also undertaken to do more deliberate exercising. For some odd reason, I keep losing weight without being hungry, my blood pressure keeps dropping, and my resting heart rate keeps getting lower.
Montepulciano wrote 63 months ago:
Thank you.
purplenurse711 wrote 63 months ago:
Great post! Since I started MFP I have made the following a part of my lifestyle:
-Eating breakfast
-Seltzer water instead of sodas
-Exercise routine/daily habit
-10,000 plus steps a day/Walk wherever/whenever I can
-Eating more colorful veggies/fruits
-Loving Myself means Taking Care of Myself
Skee_2802 wrote 63 months ago:
You can live the healthiest lifestyle and be hit by a bus tomorrow - See you at the funeral. LOL Kidding..

Total agreement with your post!

Joined MFP in August / September 2015 and wish i had heard of this app years ago (mind you i had been strength training 12mths prior but without any tracking of food.

Changes ive enjoyed since joining:
- Being able to track my macros - even that slice of pizza every once in a blue moon)haha.
- Massive drop in clothes size.
- Increased daily step count of 15k - 20k.
- Strength train x3/4 pw & cardio every other day.
- Shopping in the normal size section for guys.

Just having the mobility, strength and energy to be active in itself is a blessing!

PS: You wont see me at the funeral haha
NikkiiBaby68 wrote 63 months ago:
(CAUTION: Be sure to put away all vibrators, condoms and female products when taking bathroom pics.) lmfao rotfl i needed to laugh. that was great. Just curious...are those actual posts you have seen?
dsjohndrow wrote 63 months ago:
Ummm, yes. Sadly so.
csimien174 wrote 63 months ago:
That's correct mfp. I'm in this for life & no more cheat days or weekends for me. I've lost 51pds in a yr & still maintaining the weight loss? Staying healthy & eatting healthy is a. life style
PAnn1 wrote 63 months ago:
Great blog, as always! I can relate to buddy's excuses. Some I can't even look at their menus without getting upset after hearing how they "just can't lose weight". (Can't eat beef jerky at every other meal and donuts at the others..then don't even bother to move.. I started my journey for life back in 2008, shedding 82#. Life has had it's ups and downs, but I stay with it. I tell my buddies "This is for life with all the mountains to climbs and sweet valleys to glide down into". I still challenge myself daily and good day or bad, I motor on forward.
rightoncommander wrote 63 months ago:
If you can't eat what you like after running, you're not running enough! On long run days, I've more than doubled my calorie goal for the day by 8am. No way can I manage to eat all of that in one day, so I spread it over 2 and keep a little in the bank for emergencies.

But yeah, even now that I'm trying to lose weight and get into racing trim, it's not that hard.
LifeIsNotADressRehearsal wrote 63 months ago:
Great read - your list made me LOL. Thanks!
SariC3 wrote 63 months ago:
"I'm too busy to take 10 minutes to meditate"
"As so as I ______ I'll focus on being healthy"

Great read - love the list.
willnevergiveup wrote 63 months ago:
My list:

1. I'm happier!
2. I don't eat fast food, junk food, or highly processed food.
3. I look up menus online before going out to eat and decide what I'll be eating before I get there.
4. I can wear pencil skirts and look good doing it. (I'm 67.)
5. I like drinking plain water.
6. I love vegetables I used to hate (broccoli, brussel sprouts).
7. I understand that a treat is something rarely eaten. That's why it's called a treat!
8. I eat very little added sugar.
9. My husband thinks I'm hot.
10. I have more energy and I wake up rested.

I've lost over 200 pounds in the past seven years. My BMI is now 25.3. I want to lose a few more pounds (vanity pounds), get fitter and stronger. I've been lifting weights for the past year and that's helped a lot. My incentive was a woman about 10 years older than me whose arms were so weak she could not take a casserole out of the oven. My role model is a neighbor in her mid 80s who keeps a beautiful garden, hosts a weekly book club, is active in the community and always exceptionally nice and gracious. I'm a work in progress. There's always room to improve!
SpoonInTheRoad wrote 63 months ago:
Good words and a real encouragement. What I'm doing is working. I even allow a cheat day here and there to up my leptin. That works, too. I signed up to lose 1.5 lbs. a week which seemed reasonable. I lose at a rate of about 2.4.

I don't have a top ten but I just stay committed to this as a true lifestyle. There is no "tomorrow I'll get back on this" talk. There are just higher calorie days that I try to up my exercise, beast days where I push hard AND limit calories, and dear-God-I-just-need-sleep days. I try hard to not judge myself about these choices and keep looking at the overall weight loss and success I've had.

I will arrive at my destination because I'm on the track. Occasional stops to load or off-load do not change my trajectory.

All the best.
Lennonluv2 wrote 63 months ago:
Can you believe the nerve of some humans? Going and making excuses about why they can't get it done, I mean reaaaaally?

Human nature: Compare, complain, whine, belittle, boast, give unsolicted advice, blame.

It's just the nature of the dance, on MFP or anywhere else. All I ever do is deal with this very moment, get a sense of what's most important.

Creating seperation by putting others down, even in jest is quite the norm, but being aware that it's what you're doing, now that's good news for waking up to who we all are on a much deeper level.
We are more than what we see when we look in the mirror. And, oh yeah, my new lifestyle includes eating right and working out but also feeling a deep sense of aliveness that can bring inner peace, right now. MFP or no MFP.

Lynne0126 wrote 63 months ago:
So very true, if you are not in it to make a change and just see it as a "diet" whichever one you choose to be on, the results are not going to last. If you get to your goal and then go back to old habits you might as well not waste your time. I dabbled in "diets" hoping for a quick fix to my fat problem but never was successful. I have changed my lifestyle and now the healthy habits are just a way of every day life for me. I feel guilty now if I do indulge a little more than I should and I go right back on track. The weight is coming off and I feel amazing already, even with a long way to go yet. Your words are so real, keep it up.
bethfox348 wrote 63 months ago:
You make some great points! Some things I have noticed: My food cravings are muted. My taste buds have changed - restaurant food tastes SO salty now! On the rare days when I don't have MFP available, I still have a sense of food proportions and healthy diet. I have noticed improvements in almost every aspect of my life - health, work, sleep, mood, relationships. On the days when I want to quit, I review all the good and agree to do at least an abbreviated workout until endorphins kick in.
blueiii31062 wrote 63 months ago:
My biggest change has been in making the connection between what I eat and how I feel. I work on a healthier and more natural diet. I moderate the food items that I love (or thought I did) and watch my portions. MFP has allowed me to see the effect that the food I eat has on my body. I followed every fad diet that there is - and never kept the weight off for good. I'm tired of that, so now I'm through with fads - I'm learning how to eat (and move) for the rest of my life.
jenilla1 wrote 63 months ago:
I've been maintaining here on MFP since 2011. I consider myself a success. Changes since I began my healthy lifestyle:

I still do my cardio like before, but now I also strength train, and it shows in all the best ways.

I look (and probably feel) at least 10 years younger (and sexier) than my average peer.

I have more energy, less pain, and fewer injuries and illnesses than I did when I was 10 years younger.

I have much less anxiety and no depression.

I am a happier, more optimistic person.

I have increased my protein, fiber and water intake.

I am conscious of the food choices I make and am aware of their nutritional values.

I have a husband who likes my results and has joined me on my journey, and I am a good role model for the young people in my life.

These changes have made my life easier, not harder. And after almost 6 successful years, I can't see any reason not to keep up this lifestyle for the next 60+ years.

We don't know when the end is coming. Even when we make the best of efforts unforeseen tragedy can strike. You may well see me at the funeral, but at least you'll know that I lived well and was happy and healthy before I died. Oh, and I'll probably have a pretty fit corpse, too. ;)
calranthe wrote 63 months ago:
While I agree a healthy lifestyle is a good thing in moderation, My reason to get healthy is very simple its love, my wife is disabled and I can take her on wonderful 5 mile adventures pushing her wheelchair when she is having a good day (I was amazed to realise I burnt through over 3000 calories while we were out for 3 hours).

I traded one kind of happiness for another, I gave up the happiness of eating 12 strips of bacon on white bread with brown sauce, gave up monster 4 tier high burgers that tasted so good, gave up family size pizza all to myself and all those lovely chocolates and ice-creams.

But why did I eat like that in the past well here is where it gets dark and I do not apologise for that, at 22 my wife was diagnosed with incurable leukaemia and the doctors said the only reason she made it though certain treatments was the 60 pounds of extra weight she had on her, saw it myself a lot of the people who deal with cancer who are "healthy" and have no extra stores of fat on there body just waste away, at the same time 2 years in a cancer ward seeing people die who had made "plans" families, marathon runners, it is now 18 years later and my wife is on a drug that keeps the cancer away but is killing her slowly in other ways.

My father died in a car crash at 36 and my mum is still alive (both healthy living and intelligent people) has dementia and is almost completely gone now.

So my advice is this, do what makes you happy, I mean honestly REALLY happy not what society tells you should make you happy or what friends tells you should make you happy, do what makes you happy and if that is loosing weight that great just remember you could die tomorrow or in 90 years and ask yourself what did I miss out on, what would be my regrets.
dvet1 wrote 63 months ago:
Having had two bouts with CHF and being diabetic I have been on a roller coaster of weight loss and gain. I joined this to better control what I eat and its only been a week. I tried alot of different things and like everything if you don't stick with it it wont work. Being the type of person that needs to see it this seemed like the best option to monitor what I eat. So what has this done for me in the short time? Well by logging everything I eat I now think twice about that little debbie cake, or that quick stop at the arches for breakfast. Will this continue, well thats totally up to me not anyone listing all the excuses, someone telling me I look good, or any other outside influence. I am the one who opens my pie hole and puts in the food good or bad. So to answer the question I hope so. But I ll do it my way. If it works than I ll share how I did it so maybe others can benefit from it. I am not going to post pictures of my self what I look like is not so important to me as to as Calranthe wrote I just want to be happy and I am. and if I die tomorrow I have no regrets or if I live another 40 years I will have no regrets I would not change the things I ve done in the past as it defines me as the person I am now. But I can change the things I do going forward.
jennknut wrote 63 months ago:
I had a Major PE 8 years ago, I survived an hour of CPR, a month in ICU, rehab, a trach, feeding tube and on and on. I do not say this to be dramatic. I took care of myself. I had a blot clotting disorder that I did not know about. I am in a .01% of people who survived anything close to this. If I would have been obese, diabetic, poor circulatory system, etc. I would not be here. I survived and I thrive. I have run a half marathon, I have had a personal trainer (trust me it's cheaper than medicine) and my eating is "weird" to others but I love being healthy. Being alive is a gift, doing it healthy is a bonus. I wish you all great health! This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle! :)
ThatUserNameIsAllReadyTaken wrote 63 months ago:
I rarely see a blog here that I want to read and that I agree with when I do read it. You really hit the nail on the head here.
sprout555 wrote 63 months ago:
My lifestyle change is I lost 38lbs and I am going to live after my heart attack. And now i am exercising 6 days a week for 40mins a day and changed my food to a healthy menu.
mihimamao wrote 56 months ago:
What a crackup guy lol ..funny as mate. I registered a while ago didn't start filling out anything until yesterday. I started a program in July, was doing great sequence of events and I fell off so I guess I am looking to this diary ad a way of accountability coz reality is it obviously doesn't hurt enough to stay on track. I agree with lifestyle eh, I have no big event I am preparing for other than life

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