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Running Down a Dream

Well, I did it! I am just 6 weeks away from a solid year of running - well, after I finally finished C25K. (that took a year) Today I had my best run ever.

When I started running I just wanted to finish a 5K and run a few races. Ha!

Today was not my long run day, but because of the impending blizzard, I decided to go for it. Yesterday, instead of my regular day at the gym with some cardio and weights, I just went for a 2 mile walk. That's a rest day for me.

I got up this morning and the weather report said mostly sunny; now that's my kind of weather. It was 17 F (-8C), so I drank a few cups of coffee and 4 cups of water while I waited for it to get to at least 20. Oh yeah, and I needed a meaningful trip to bathroom.

At 10 am I put on all my long-run, low-temp tested gear. That would be my thicker running socks, my orgasmic Under Armor underwear, a pair of REI running tights which my wife says are for girls, sports shorts and two long sleeve UA running shirts - one is a winter shirt. Then I added a headband and a pair of thin running gloves which I stopped wearing after 8 miles.

I didn't really map out a 1/2 marathon route, but I know my mileage around town from lots of shorter runs. After 1200 miles some things are automatic.

I hate to stretch, so I usually do that in the shower, however; I didn't get one this morning. Off I went with my Bart Simpson hair style and started a fast walk up around the block. After about 4 minutes I pulled up to telephone pole and stretched things out; the chilly wind blew. Endomondo paused recording.

The thinking about the 2 hours ahead of me started. It really seemed impossible.

Would I have another injury even with all the stretching and exercising I was doing? I prayed not. Off I went bouncing down the road to a couple of my original guitar tunes; a cover of Tom Petty's Breakdown and a Hendrix sounding piece entitled Gypsy Jam.

9:13 mile 1 was down.

Up the hill to the state highway I ran another mile of my 5K course. I split off onto the high school rubberized track to save on some of the impact.

Miles 3 and 4 were behind me.

I headed out a across town to the Park where they have a mile-and-a-half walking loop around the 9/11 memorial. Our town lost 19 to the that day's tragedy.

At mile 5 my right foot and knee started to get stiff, so I took a minute to walk and stretch it. No injuries today, God!

I crossed the Winter Street dam and headed up the hill to the park where I decided to run it backwards. That means a long steady uphill and a slightly steep downhill.

I deserved a little down hill after all the headwinds by the reservoir. Mile 6 was in the rear view mirror and so was a record 10K - 56:55

Miles 7, 8 and 9 passed by as I trudged through the exit gate back towards the house. My legs were starting to feel it 86 minutes in. I began to think I might not make it. I have pushed through the pain and ended up with injuries too many times. Israel Houghten came on and he was singing Turn it Around; I picked up the pace.

More running, more Tom Petty - Running Down a Dream.

I kept running. After what seemed like a long time I thought I should have passed 10 miles going over the train bridge. I kept running. Finally I took my Android off my arm to check. I guess I missed the 10 mile prompt as it was at 10.67 miles. I had to stop to cross the intersection - well, not really, I was dressed in safety green! Sort of my get the heck out of the way colors... you'd have to be from Boston...

I made my way down Franklin Street and ran the Turkey Trot route backwards. (Some of my MFP buddies know it!) Endomondo clicked off 11 miles and then 12.

If I head home now, I won't complete the 1/2 marathon. My only option was a huge freakin' hill that is 195 feet to the top. My pace slowed to 3 mile per hour. I started to walk.

Rounding the corner I headed down the long slow hill towards my house made a right on my street and it happened.

Endomondo prompted me to say this was a PR for distance and time... I finished!

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mdcjmom wrote 113 months ago:
Another great post. I am amazed by what you have accomplished!
wisebadger53 wrote 113 months ago:
You rocked it brother! Never a doubt!
rciszek wrote 113 months ago:
You are amazing....all around. I knew that you'd be able to do it. You have such a drive that you can do anything that you TRULY want. I dream that someday I will be half the runner you are. I know, slow and steady.
Luthien007 wrote 113 months ago:
<huge big grin>
That was amazing! Go you!
bjbixler wrote 113 months ago:
congrats on the long run and the pr!
mrk1185 wrote 113 months ago:
Awesome job! Inspiring stuff.
sc5351 wrote 113 months ago:
Inspirational post. I loved it!
Flyer615 wrote 113 months ago:
Congrats, man. You've made amazing progress. Endeavor to persevere!
Jo1362 wrote 113 months ago:
Yes, I know that hill... Great job!
PhotogirlTX wrote 113 months ago:
That is awesome! I am training for my first half marathon in June... I can only hope I can do it as amazingly as you just did! Great JOB!
jagfan wrote 113 months ago:
Congrats! I hope to be doing a half this year. I know I will never match your pace, but thank you for the continued inspiration!

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