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Run for Your Life!

I am up at 5:45 every morning. I head on downstairs, switch on the PC in the office, make my way to the kitchen for my daily cup-o-joe, let the dogs out while it brews, and head back to the keyboard to check my email, Facebook, log my blood pressure, and get ready to run a few miles.

It is the same all the time; my formula for getting the day started. It's pretty rigid, and very religious. It is sort of like church every day; predictable, ordered and well, routine.

Having suffered a major heart trauma in April, I am not only grateful for the simple things, such as not being in the hospital, that I could not go back to work unless I had my life in better order. Although I was exercising regularly, I wasn't as serious about it as I am now.

I like to run outside as often as I can. We did get 88" of snow this past year, so the gym is a good option during the winter months and the treadmills are wide enough for snowshoes!

As spring became summer, it is best to run early when it a cooler; that and I only have to take one shower a day. Recently I noticed the crosswalk gods were good to me, and repainted them all, not that there are many cars on the road at 6:15 am.

I get to the end of the block, some times I am still half asleep. My trusty Android watching my heart rate, counting my steps, averaging my pace, monitoring my speed and route along with a custom play list of "running" tunes such as: Take the Money and Run (S Miller), Born to Be Wild (Steppinwolf), Set Me on Fire (Burn Service), Born to Run (Springsteen), Let it Rain, Turn it Around (Israel Houghton and the New Breed) and similar fast paced rock and worship tunes.

The music can really set the pace, and wimpy slow stuff is out!

I pass by a small pond with swans about the same time CardioTrainer tells me that I have just completed 3 tenths of a mile. On occasion there is a Blue Heron who fishes among the lily pads. As I pick up the pace, jogging a few more blocks to warm up, I decide on a route for the morning. I have 4, with the shortest being about a mile and half, and the longest being closer to 4 miles. I like the one with the steady 1/2 mile slope that passes by Mass Bay College the best, though I run it backwards as well.
A mile in, I check my time to see where I am. My stamina is good for longer, but my knee (some runners knee due to not warming up!) and the fact that I need to get to work, push and pull the pace for the second mile.

Adjusting the tempo of sneaker-to-pavement,  I have certain songs that make me want to pray, so I do. I pray for revival in my town, my church, my state and the US, all while I huff-and-puff my way down the sidewalk.

I don't get to be too religious in my prayers as I am zipping by the scenery at 6.5 miles per hour. I just ask, and move on to the next item on my list. I don't recommend this as a regular way of praying, but some of the music just lends itself to certain prayers.

I pass a few other runners from the National Guard Armory. Those guys move! There are a couple of other faces that give a quick smile or slight wave as they pass in the other direction fiddling with their iPods. On the lawn at the school I see a few folks practicing Tai Chi at 6:30 am.

I often think about what one does in Tai Chi that might connect them with God. I guess it seems a little religious to me - ha!

Like a little city, dozens of squirrels amuse themselves beneath the oaks, gathering acorns and eating breakfast.

As I round the corner and head down the hill towards the lake, I can see the hospital where I was in ICU just a few short months ago. I think about how many thousands of beats my heart has made since that day - I thank God.

I am glad that I had good care, insurance, and have had an excellent recovery; many do not. I often think about folks who rely on all that and don't have faith like I do.

I pour on the speed for the last half mile. Now I am thinking about getting home, getting a lunch made, grabbing a shower and heading to work in rush hour traffic.

As I walk the 2 houses to my front door, I often wish I could go longer. Certainly not working would help!

How about you, are you religious about anything?

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MyGoodLife wrote 135 months ago:
This was such an inspiring post. I love the idea of having a ritual. I am comforted by rituals and they help me to feel like my life is a bit more orderly. Not being an exerciser, this post helped me to see what a person might like about exercise... it seems like you get a chance to turn down all the mental noise, clear your mind, and focus on what's truly important to you. Praying while you're running must make the running kind of like a meditation. I love that idea. I don't know that I'll ever be a runner given my age and build, but I'm sure there are other kinds of exercise I can do and get the same mind-cleansing effect. Thanks for writing this.
dsjohndrow wrote 135 months ago:
Thanks - yeah, it fits me. But I am sure there is something that fits you.
Preshusone wrote 134 months ago:
Hi, was wondering what program do you use for your andriod to count your running and steps ect.
rrubio10 wrote 134 months ago:
I loved your post. As I read it I could actually see the scenery and imagine the run. I don't know you but as a christian wife and the mother of four I appreciate the feeling of peace and calmness that your post creates.
rileamoyer wrote 134 months ago:
Great post! I am only really religious in my behavior about 2 things. Getting my coffee and making my bed every morning (thanks mom). LoL
Dottie27 wrote 134 months ago:
Inspiring! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
wadesha wrote 134 months ago:
Very inspiring I'm going to get myself into a routine as well. Also, you should be a writer that was so well written :)
Amyding115 wrote 134 months ago:
I love to hear that people are passionate about the good things in their lives. Working out is one of the highlights of my day. I love that only 6 weeks into my new life that I no longer need to seek out the motivation to do, I look forward to it. I have a pretty hectic schedule so I can't really get in a routine everyday, but I have a set week for what I want to do.
EverSoSweetxx wrote 134 months ago:
Awesome post! I enjoyed reading it.
Chickabittie wrote 134 months ago:
Great blog, I enjoyed it a lot! I am NOT a morning person, but I bet it would help if I had a nice ritual like you do.I saw that you ran past Mass Bay College. I'm in Marlborough, and work in the hospital there. Can you recommend a good church around here?
R4z0r4Mm0 wrote 134 months ago:
I just started blogging my runs too - thanks for sharing. Running is my religion! (actually I'm a devout Christian, God knows I'm kidding) :)
Leola2011 wrote 134 months ago:
Your post actually ministered to me. I feel encouraged to continue my routine AND honoring God with my sacrifice, which is crucifying this flesh everyday. Thank you for sharing.
amazing_grace♥ wrote 134 months ago:
Thanks for sharing this! It's very encouraging! I have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, and have just recently started the C25K program... but am trying to "get it together"! Thanks again!!
SmartFunGorgeous wrote 134 months ago:
Your writing is stunning. Not only what you said, but how you crafted it. Thank you so much for painting such an I souring picture of your day. I love it.
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
Wow, thanks for the comments! It's late, but I will try to respond to them all tomorrow!
JigglyPuff2011 wrote 134 months ago:
I often have dreams about me running so fast I can fly. I haven't run in a lot of years, well really run!! I have been fighting obesity and then in the last two years breast cancer. My body is still feeling the affects of chemo and radiation two years later. I just wanna run and feel the wind on my face. I miss that feeling of strength and freedom running gives you.

At almost three hundred pounds I feel as if sometimes my feet are glued to the ground. But I still exercise daily and force myself to jump rope which really gives me a feeling of success.

I can not wait until the day I can really just get out and run....... I mean really run. I admire you for your accomplishments and I know all to well about almost being a dead person.

I'm running for my life as well, not quite physically but I will get there. Five months ago I couldn't even jump rope but I'm up to 35 min now. Stay positive and keep making post it really helps others.

Your headline really drew me in the honesty of it. This may be the first time I have been this honest on this site and I thank you for the opportunity to vent.

keep up the good... it will keep coming back!!
dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
@Pres - I use Noom/CardioTrainer. HRM, Scale, and GPS tracking for exercise.

dsjohndrow wrote 134 months ago:
@Christians who commented, I appreciate the comments. :)

@All those who complimented me on my writing, I have a couple of other blogs if you are interested.

@Everyone else - have a wonderful healthy weekend!

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