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Rules for MFP Success Revised

If you are new around here, welcome. Now here are the rules of success! If you have been around a long time, don't forget this stuff. It might be time to get started, or time to regroup and get back on track! And remember losing weight is easy (I do it every time I use the bathroom). 

-1 Schedule your workouts like you would a gynecology appointment. You may not want to go, but you need at least to take 30 minutes 3x/week to move as much and as fast as you can. Fitness includes some strength training in my book (which you should buy!)

-2 Log all your food and set your activity levels properly. If you can't count, Google easy math. ;)

-3 Try eating your exercise calories as recommended. It might NOT work, so try not eating them! Just don't make another post in the forums about it! Nobody likes forum Nazis.

-4 Weigh your food portions. I suspect you didn't get to where you are by knowing how many grams/ounces a rib eye steak weighs!

-5 Get rid of all the junk foods and trigger foods in the house. I will even let you log this as Cardio exercise, "Cleaning with Maximum Effort!"

-6 Take pictures now, you'll be glad you did. If you are serious, take some ugly fat pics! 50 pounds from now you'll be glad you did.

-7 Use the tape measure often and the scale sparingly. If you are doing the cardio and strength training (not body building), some weeks your weight is going to move around. The sign of true weight loss is lower body fat percentages (not lower body fat, like your butt jiggles.)

-8 Plan for success - know what you are going to eat as far in advance as you can. A weekly meal plan, lunches made and frozen before the work week, and planning for holidays and parties is essential. A flight plan will save a lot of complaining and looking for sympathy on the news feed. :)

-9 Visit your favorite restaurant sites NOW, and make a list of suitable meals at each of them. You really can get out of most places with a 400 calorie meal if you plan for it. bookmark them on your PC and/or Smartphone.

-10 Fill out your profile, outerwise you won't have any friends.  Friends are essential.

-11 Remember most people eventually fail (well ovr 70%), but you don't have to be one of them. Dieters are usually the first ones to fall off the circus wagon, followed by those that were doing it for a special occasion and then those who did not maintain their lifestyle change.

-12 Never make excuses, it's your life. :) 

Thanks for the votes and comments.

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tonybalony01 wrote 106 months ago:
Denjo060 wrote 106 months ago:
Love this thanks for another great read I have missed reading your blogs Great advice
JazzKat71 wrote 106 months ago:
Excellent post!
WinwillLose wrote 106 months ago:
Great refresher!! Can we send this to everyone, along with an addition.

#13 - Don't be a rude no it all.

Some peoples responses are rude, nothing wrong with being honest but no need to be rude about. Just my thought.
FredSetToGetFit wrote 106 months ago:
Great read. I like the bit about "dieters failing first". This isn't a diet, it is an exercise in moderation and making better choices. The lack thereof is why I got fat in the fist place. Realise this is a lifetime commitment and you will succeed.
PoisonDartFrog wrote 106 months ago:
Caveat to 11
11a) If you fail, start again.
jetenold wrote 106 months ago:
Thank you for the reminders. I know that i have started to slip on some of these:)
MaryRegs wrote 106 months ago:
roger that!
TrailRunner61 wrote 106 months ago:
I love this and I think it's your best blog so far! Everyone on Earth needs to read this, and your book. Thank you. :)
futuresize8 wrote 106 months ago:
You've been to the gynecologist?! Maybe there is more to your story than I thought...
dsjohndrow wrote 106 months ago:
Actually, I have. I lost a bet.
playadavon wrote 106 months ago:
Great post
Val_from_OH wrote 106 months ago:
Thank you for the reminders! You should launch an mp3 audio-book version of your book, so that people can get up and get moving while listening to it!
SkinnyMel78 wrote 106 months ago:
this is a great post :)
alienrite wrote 106 months ago:
Rule Suggestion: If you eat it, your body logs it even if you don't. Don't stop putting food into your MFP log until you stop putting it in your mouth. Consistent and accurate logging is essential to trouble-shooting why you're not losing weight.
Vivian06703188 wrote 106 months ago:
What has worked for you is great but everyone is different. I find some of your comparisons crude and rude. I never eat out at restaurants and I think everyone needs to make their own rules for success. I am very happy you have found yours. The feed is there for support so if you have questions post them. Just because one person has been on for awhile doesn't mean they know it all or should tell you what or what not to post. No one likes a know it all. I am sure you didn't mean for this post to come off so rude. Negativity is not motivating. Other than the above there are some great suggestions in your post.
mkop84 wrote 106 months ago:
Soo true! Great psot :)
eileen7316 wrote 106 months ago:
Your butt "giggles"?? LOL! I think you mean jiggles...
mapdixon wrote 106 months ago:
Awesome advice for someone who had had success, but has indeed failed recently and is now making an effort to get back in gear. Thanks for Sharing this!
tonimarlene wrote 106 months ago:
This is great advice and exactly what I did when losing 90 lbs 2 years ago.. if I would have stuck with this, 60 of those lbs would not have come back.. Time to do it again :)
NewFocus17 wrote 106 months ago:
It sounds so simple and yet over 70% pod people fail. You gotta be dedicated and take this journey serious or you're bound to fail. I've fallen off the weight loss/training/cardio bandwagon several times. I'm starting back up once again. Keep up the good work people and stay motivated and dedicated.

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