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Rewarding Your Weight Loss with Ink

Although they've been around for a long time, tattoos are pretty popular these days. For us weight-losers a tattoo is pretty enticing now that we don't have to cover ourselves in XXXL t-shirts and stretch pants. It could be a celebration.

At 57 I got my first one celebrating my marathon running and recovery from heart disease.

It's pretty cool when a 20-something gets righteous ink! I often marvel at the art form, although I do think it's a little funny when middle-aged parents get tattoos with their kids to be cool. You know, the kids get a lion and the parent gets a lamb; there is something fundamentally wrong with that.

The only issue I have with tattoos is that they don't rub off. I have made some bad decisions - most of them haven't been permanent.

In case you are feeling the need to make a statement and beautify your body to celebrate your success, I have done a little research. Here is what I have decided NOT to get. 

The Last Supper Trampstamp: This would be located across the lower back and Judas would be situated over your butt crack. If someone dropped a price of bread - yeah, that's where it would fall.

Cats: Cats are OK and the Egyptians had Siamese cat tattoos. I would just skip the litter box pose.
Forehead Tats: If they include words, just remember the horror you'll feel every time you look in the mirror and it is backwards!  

The Donut Man: Getting a donut man with glazed pink frosting could be a trigger to a food binge. May I suggest the winged celery stick tat is a better idea.

Words, Any Words: There is no back-space for tattoos. I have also noticed that tattoo artists are not often grammarians. Do your research. 

Buttock Penguins: The Arctic birds facing each other might seem cute in the mirror, but every time you do a squat they'll look more like kissing birds. It is better that the right doesn't know what the left is doing. And if you gain the weight back, it will look like a cave dwelling bat.

Belly Tattoos: These are bad for MFP-ers. Plateaus are bad enough, but imagine gaining back the weight? Your cute little hummingbird ends up look like a buzzard, or that nice little morning glory is as big as a sunflower. You get the idea. If you must have one there, I suggest a 6-pack.

SO's Name: They maybe significant now, but what if you have to cover it up in a few years? The good news is that if it was a long name, you can have it made into a snake.

Dates: For men I suggest your anniversary date. Try it on the back of your eyelids.

Neck Tat: The only way to cover this is to become a man or woman of the cloth. Unless that's in your plans, may I suggest something a little more discreet.

If tattoos are not your thing, may I suggest body piercing? You can take a run down the lure aisle at Bass Pro Shops and save a few bucks.

Tell me, if you were going to get a tattoo in celebration of your weight loss, where and what would it be?

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MonicaA2013 wrote 72 months ago:
LOVE IT !!! Tattoo's are NOT my thing and the only piercings I will ever have are in my ears thank you very much. BUT the lures at Bass Pro would be pretty cool HAHA !
PlantBasedRnr wrote 72 months ago:
I LOVE tattoos and would probably be covered in them but like you say they are FOREVER so you better make damn sure you get something you will be ok with for the rest of your life... I have three tats and don't have them on " display ", they are for ME and they all carry significant meaning. I have my childrens names around my upper arm next to my heart, I have a " tribal " Jesus wearing the crown of thorns on my shoulder and lastly which is weight loss related - I have a stick figure runner on my ankle with 13.1 under it in recognition of my 1st " official " half ( I plan on adding 26.2 soon. I am amazed at some of the tats I see on people but think even though they are becoming more mainstream they still carry an un-necessary stigma.
TenaciousTurtle44 wrote 72 months ago:
Now after reading this...if I get another tattoo, I'll be remembering and laughing at your suggestions. Good read! Mine all have a reason...but not for weigh loss. My son was having a friend (tattoo artist in training) do a Chevy Logo on his shoulder. (6 inches wide). In the mirror it was angled correctly. (She was a girly girl, no idea about car logos) Since then had another friend work on angling it the correct way (now it's even bigger and it looks like a permanent pen ran out of ink) thank goodness for shirts.
Leahbcc wrote 72 months ago:
I as a JEWISH woman just got one...on the inside of my right ankle. It is my kids....Initial Number Initial. Simple. No more for me but what a great read David
BogQueen1 wrote 72 months ago:
My reward/goal tattoo will be a Lord of the Rings themed full back piece.

Yes I am that much of a nerd.
Anonymous wrote 72 months ago:
I have one on the right inside ankle. It's a small butterfly. I got it when I was 18, so I'm really happy it's not something distasteful!! I would get another one but I will have to think a long time on what and where. Great read!
Flyer615 wrote 72 months ago:
I can't settle on a color that I want to paint the garage. I KNOW I could never pick a design that would be permanent, that I would always see (unless I go with the penguin thing). I do, however, appreciate nice artwork on others, when done with a little forethought.
angieroo2 wrote 72 months ago:
"Dates: For men I suggest your anniversary date. Try it on the back of your eyelids."

That made me laugh out loud.

I have a tattoo but I don't love it and learned my lesson to not get permanent things on my body.
soccermom5314 wrote 72 months ago:
I wouldn't necessarily get a congratulatory weight loss tattoo but I would get a tattoo that includes the date of my first full marathon!
lantana411 wrote 72 months ago:
I am not a fan of ink for myself. But I understand and respect how people commemorate events, people, etc. with ink. For me, when I lost 60 pounds years ago, I treated myself to a 24 karat gold charm. It was on my anklet but I took it off when I gained the weight. Now I keep it in my jewelry box because my accessory to show my weight loss achievement is my body. And my health is in my mind and body. They go with me wherever I go.
Vyerachka wrote 72 months ago:
I have quite a lot of ink already (arms, legs, feet). If I manage to lose most or all of my excess weight (down 146 lbs already), I want to get a full backpiece. I already have a design in mind: the "angry Jesus" (Christ in Majesty) from the mosaic in the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, seated bodhisatva style on a lotus which is being carried on the backs of western-style angels and Tibetan-style demons, holding an open book which has an alpha and an omega on the covers (front and back, respectively) cradled in his left arm, his right hand upraised with mathematical symbols swirling around it, and eyes in his hands (open on the right hand, closed on the left). In the background, a sunset landscape with a hole torn in it, with prehistoric goddess figures (like the Venus of Willendorf, etc.) and perhaps The Horned God (Cernunnos) spiraling away into a vortex of stars. Across the top, five dead heads (by one of my favorite artists, Gerald Brom) against a black raven with outspread wings.

It sounds super busy and like a mishmash of unrelated things, but I can see it in my mind's eye, and it totally works. It'll take a hella long time tho -- multiple sessions -- and it will be *really* expensive. Gotta save my pennies! ;-)
Hoppymom wrote 72 months ago:
No ink for me. I am allergic to too many things. With my luck I'd get a tat and itch for the rest of my life. I love them though. I might get a phoenix to signify my transformation if I ever lost the weight, and didn't have allergies.
LadyBos wrote 72 months ago:
I got a phoenix for my 50th birthday on my right shoulder. It's discreet, but I know it's there and feel that much more badass knowing. When I reach goal, I'm adding a longer tail/flames down my side. It'll hurt, but be oh so worth it!
charis2979 wrote 72 months ago:
I'm thinking of getting my 3rd tattoo to celebrate my weight loss/maintenance with a leaf in the midst of turning over and the year 2016.
nuffer wrote 72 months ago:
I am not sure a tat is in my future. I used to think Foreigner was the best band ever until the day (in 1983) I ripped the Double Vision cassette out of my car stereo and threw it out the window (first and last time littering).
That said, I have an idea for a PRACTICAL tattoo that has me wavering on the concept...
Wysewoman53 wrote 72 months ago:
I have 3 tats already and don't foresee any in my future. The most I might do is have the ones I do have re-colored even tho' they are holding the color pretty well still. I have one that has gotten kind of blurry over the years. My first one, over 30 yrs old, is still as clear as it was when it was new. I got it to cover up a birthmark on my back. I got tired of people asking me if I was peeling in the summertime because it never tanned. I am Native American and get pretty dark in the summer and I hated the big white spot on my back. My Dad and I had the same exact birthmark when he was need for a DNA test to make sure he was my Dad, I guess...not that my parents had any problems in that! Tats used to be a sign of a rebel but I read somewhere that now, more people have them than not. Rather than get a new tat to celebrate my weight loss, I'd rather spend the money on a whole new wardrobe.
SilverSheWolf55 wrote 72 months ago:
Well, as a lover of tattoo's and my only addiction, I have 7 tats. I am a lover of wolves, so most of my tats are of wolves. I have one on my right arm of a mother wolf and two cubs, with Family in a dream catcher. This represents myself and my two daughters. My next tattoo would be an anchor with wooden cross, to celebrate my goal weight. This would be to show I stayed "anchored" through my journey and that God is with me always. :-)
GothyFaery wrote 72 months ago:
Just got a new tattoo (one of 20+) across my ribs. I never would have chose that location before weight loss. Unfortunately I didn't think about the mirror thing and I got a quote in Enochian characters. Funky letters wrapping around my side usually half hidden by my sports bra, now that's a bitch to look at in the mirror!

Honestly though I do love it! It's from a show that has a cult follow so it's like carrying a secret member card on me at all times.
EllenKay63 wrote 72 months ago:
LOL I will never get a tattoo. 1- I don't like pain. 2- I would be stuck with it FOREVER. 3- I'm just not a fan-it's just not me (if you understand what I mean).
BoxerBrawler wrote 72 months ago:
Good post!
I have two tattoos and love them. I am planning a third...

A couple of years ago I lost my mother :( I found a card where she wrote, in penmanship, "Lotts of Love". She always spoke about her penmanship, remembering how when she was in school she was the best at it and received many awards. She was angry because her penmanship got worse as she got older. Anyway, I am getting it replicated in black ink on the back of my shoulder :)
fullylugged wrote 72 months ago:
As a fountain pen user, I thought this was a note to buy a new color of ink for writing with! :) Like I needed a reason anyway...
JeromeBarry1 wrote 72 months ago:
My ambition was to have a recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry inked around my massive girth, but that's an opportunity lost.
ArleneMatches wrote 72 months ago:
I have a small shamrock on my upper left arm to both show my Irish side and to commemorate an Airstream trailer caravan across Canada...we were a party of 5 Airstreams leaving Vancouver and when we reached St. John, Newfoundland three of the women got tattoos. I was 70 when I got it and have never been sorry; HOWEVER, I probably won't get another....
Jane08012005 wrote 72 months ago:
When I lose this weight, I would love, love, love. to get a third tattoo. The two I have are on my back and I love them. The only thing that Im not sure about is that Im 48 this month. Is that ok or will I look like Im having some kind of age crisis? I feel like maybe I should put the money aside for dentures or something! lol What is everyones opinion on this? I know I would love to do it and should I just be like screw everybody who had a problem with it? I dont know. What is the vote here? Thank you ??
retirehappy wrote 71 months ago:
I would not get a tattoo. If I work hard enough to get to my goal weight I will not put someone's secret blend of colors and other chemicals into my body. There is NO regulation whatsoever on what goes into tat ink, each store/artist makes up their own.

If I have loved myself enough to get where I want to be, why put an unknown substance into my skin? Not my idea of a celebration.

I will be rewarding myself by starting to wear my grandmother's diamond stud earrings. And there will be a big glass of champagne on that day as well.

And I don't like needles. It was a very big deal to me to get my ears pierced, because I have fainted while being given shots. I also don't like pain and never get drunk enough to not realize someone is using a needle on me.
Anonymous wrote 71 months ago:
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