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Reorganizing Life after 57 Years

I denied that I was an emotional eater. Then there was the 6-pack of mini-cupcakes for my birthday sitting on the kitchen table. The good news is that my daughter ate 4 of them. It wasn't a really big calorie hit. What bothered me is that I know I would have eaten the entire box if there were any left.

If you are saying to yourself, "This isn't that big a deal.", "It's your birthday.", or "You deserve a treat once in a while." you might be in denial too. :)

If you are like me, you just want to be thin and eat whatever you want.

I think about looking better. I still see myself as a 29-year-old. I do. I honestly didn't care about being fit, I just didn't want to be fat. Oh, and I didn't want to have rogue body hair growing faster than mold on white bread in July.

Yes, I am proud of my 48 beats per minute heart rate. But ripped abs are much more appealing.

This morning I was thinking about why food is so important - why I need more than enough. I certainly can look to a long list of Major Life Transitions. It just doesn't make sense to me how a donut is going to make anything better.

Truth: For the moment, it seems to.

I have survived a lot in life. Here are a few tips for not being overwhelmed and going on a food bender. Daily, here is my reorganization plan.

- Laugh: Watch a funny movie, AFV or record late night.
- Knock out the daily tasks: Open the mail or toss it. Hey, they always send more bills. Dishes. This one helps me feel in control of life.
- Call the kids and even if they don't answer, leave a message.
- Make a menu plan: Food is a killer in high-stress times. I don't have anything that is not good for me in the house. I buy food an divide it up into portions.
- Plan a fun activity everyday: This one is essential. I run, have sushi with a coworker, watch a movie or take a walk with my daughter, go to the shooting range or ride my motorcycle. I schedule 1 hour a day for fun; more on the weekends!
- Forget the future: I had to stop worrying about doctors appointments, test results, calls from the attorney about my divorce and whether I was going to die from cancer. I am saving the max for my retirement and spending the rest. I plan races and vacations and set my bill pay to automatic.
- Pray: I don't pray like I used to. Back then I always needed something. Now I just enjoy the communion and that gives me peace. I don't feel forgotten, nor do I feel desperate.
- Relax: I am at a point in life where I don't need more to do. I take an hour to do pretty much nothing each day.

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farmboyphotography wrote 72 months ago:
Sounds like you are on the right track. If I take nothing else out of today's post, I'd like to follow your lead and take the time to "take one hour a day to do pretty much nothing each day." I'm not sure I can do that. I'm not sure I can stop 'doing.' Kind of ironic. ;-)

Good stuff as always, David.
celticlass69 wrote 72 months ago:
I couldn't agree more with your "reorganization plan". If I may add, stop and smell the roses! One thing I've learned through my job is when you are passing, I never heard any of my patients say I wish I'd worked more, earned more, etc. It's always they want their loved ones to know how much they mean to them. So take the time to make memories. Enjoy life! Live it!
Thanks for a great blog that helps us handle life a little better! :-)
jmnicholas wrote 72 months ago:
Loving the shift in prayer from wants and needs to relationship. God bless.
cbmcphillips wrote 72 months ago:
Love it...

We all need to slow down, enjoy life and move on...

My son (soon to be 21) gets annoyed when I call.... just remember... you only get one Mom....
But I will always make time for God, My husband, My son...
Everyone else will just have to fall in line...

Anonymous wrote 72 months ago:
Wonderful post as always. I nearly always take that hour to just relax. The idea of changing your prayer style resonates with me. I try to praise God more and ask for thing less. Mostly when I ask its for the safety of my family. I am trying hard to buy only healthy foods to have at home. Hard when I don't live alone. I chose not being alone over having no junk in the house though. Keeping up with daily tasks is hardest for me. You sound like you have a really solid plan that works for you.
blondelis50 wrote 72 months ago:
A man with a plan..I like it. Thank you for giving me some great advice.:)

ValerieAlvarez53 wrote 72 months ago:
Great post, great inspiration! Thanks for sharing.
Hearts_2015 wrote 72 months ago:
amazing what it sometimes takes for us to reach this point in life... Life is about teaching us lessons... over and over again until we learn them, then we can move on to the next one. Then the next and the next...♥

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