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Reasons Why I Run and You Should Too!

When people ask, why I run? I usually answer with why don't you run? I am sort of a smarta$$, but I did think about it. I don't really like, or even love running. For me it's mostly one pain followed by another, sweating like a pig, and taking time from other things I'd like to be doing like sitting on the couch eating bonbons.

Oh, that's right, I already did that and felt like crap.

Everyone has different reasons to run here are some of mine.

I run because...

...walking is too slow.

...I can run for those that can't, raising money for research.

...I like being around runners - well, not the snobby ones.

...I can compete against myself.

...the shoes are cute/cool.

...I sweat and then I pretend I mowed the lawn.

...someday I may need to run from the cops.

...I am on fire and never learned stop, drop and roll. get thin.

...a marathon is on my bucket list.'s good for my heart.'s good for my head.'s good for my soul.'s good for the companies that sell running shoes.

...I can leave the troubles of the day behind. saves on gas (but not on bananas).

...I can relax.

...I can listen to my thoughts. keeps me healthy. makes me feel alive (so does sex and coffee), but it's hard to beat endorphins.'s the place where no one can find me.

As always, thanks for the votes and comments. You guys, rock!

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SteveTries wrote 109 months ago:
....It just feels good
....the enhanced fitness makes the rest of the day feel good too

Having recently gotten into bad habits and neglected by running I am now trying to pick back up and have slid so far in a short time it's incredible. Don't stop John! Keep on running.....
janzia wrote 109 months ago:
Love your list, many are on mine too. I still have a love/hate relationship with running and honestly I'm not sure I ever love, love it but I do love how it makes me feel when I'm done. You rock!
Scoochie1 wrote 109 months ago:
I'm not quite the runner that you are but I'm getting closer to hitting 2.5k without collapsing :) 5k by the end of the year!
MaritaD wrote 109 months ago:
I'm almost running 5K every other day! Loving it! All great points you make!
Denjo060 wrote 109 months ago:
Love this!!!
quirkytizzy wrote 109 months ago:
I dig! Very funny and relevant!
juliemouse83 wrote 109 months ago:
Oh, this rocks!!!! I don't LOVE it, either, but, OMG! In for the endorphins, LOL....
shrimpydoo wrote 109 months ago:
Love. Just like Forrest Gump.... "I just ran"
hellokatee wrote 109 months ago:
I love this!!! :)
WannabeStressFree wrote 109 months ago:
yes! agree on most!
easfahl wrote 109 months ago:
... adds another fun packing-bonding experience for my adventure dogs and me
Timmmy40 wrote 109 months ago:
You are amazing John. I do not love running, but I have been running 6 days a week now for almost a year. Keep running. I agree with all of your reasons.
annabella2151 wrote 109 months ago:
I ran cross country in high school and it made me feel great despite the hard work. I'm trying to get back into running and right now I'm tempted to just put it off til tomorrow even though I planned to run today, but I think this list will push me over the edge! Thank you for the reminder of how much it's worth it!
srevels85 wrote 109 months ago:
This list is awesome, and oh so true!
muitobem wrote 109 months ago:
I really hate my jogging..I'd rather walk but I needed to up my workout besides doing Zumba 4hours a week...anyways, I do it because I don't want to go back. ya know?
Kym1610 wrote 109 months ago:
I run because my mind can completly switch off and my body just know what to do. It's the only way I've really found to completly switch of my brain.

Love your list
kylamaries wrote 109 months ago:
I agree 100%. Running is such a mental activity; you certainly develop more than just muscle in your legs, that's for sure. Wonderful blog -- thanks for posting!
b1essed wrote 109 months ago:
started c25k today.....wish me luck!!!!
jsgulick40 wrote 109 months ago:
This is an awesome read. I needed this because last summer I was a running fool, but this summer I find anything else to fill my time with.
kristina1709 wrote 109 months ago:
I run because its the only thing I do for.. ME. :)

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