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Really, I Want Credit! Cardio Log Rant!

OK, let's be honest. Don't you smirk a little when you see that someone burned 399,000 calories doing vigorous cleaning?

I guess subconsciously I am little jealous, but I am guy and my job is to litter the house with half-empty water bottles and leave my jacket everywhere but the closet. It takes more than a vigorous effort to clean up after me. I have adapted though - I can eat over the sink saving the need for dishes.

So I got thinking about some of the things that are not in my cardio log and probably should be.

- Typing: I freaking type like 44 words per minute with both fingers. I have been at it so long that there are quite a few characters worn off my keyboard.

- Farting: It takes effort to load the chamber and make sure you are alone, or have an audience that will appreciate the tone, duration and cadence.

- Teaching: I do conferences every other month and I stand for 6 or more hours. Mostly I sit in front of a PC, so this is a big deal.

- Drinking Water: I don't know about you, but before MFP, I was like a camel. I drank a cup or two of coffee, and maybe 4 ounces of water for dinner. Drinking 8 cups a day is worth something. And peeing, there is a lot of that going on along with the trek to the men's room.

- Listening to Music: Come on, when the tunes are playing something is moving.

- Changing Channels: I swear, my thumb is as strong as my quads. If I wasn't at the gym so much, I would be even better!
- Sex: One of the few times I don't mind sweating. I suppose because underage kids use this site we could put it in as "that." David burned 345 calories including walking the dog and doing that.

- Flipping Off Idiot Drivers: The choices here in Boston are amazing. It's like being at the F-U bakery!

OK, your turn. What do you do a lot of that might be worth a few cardio calories?

Thanks for the votes and comments, you guys are the best!

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cbirdso wrote 111 months ago:
Ha! That's why HRM's and BodyMedia's are so popular - logging calories without full disclosure.
Mustangsally1000 wrote 111 months ago:
Love the "doing that". And my hubby has the farting this down to a science. As he will tell you..he's been surgically when you figure out that calorie count..let me know. He'd be thrilled! Me...not so much. LOL
mmk137 wrote 111 months ago:
folding clothes and putting them away.

how about washing dishes.

mowing the lawn, but I know for a fact that I burn about 400 cals doing this (when it needs to get done) cause I have worn my hrm doing it.
genlo wrote 111 months ago:
I think i saw someone log cals for cooking recently??????
easfahl wrote 111 months ago:
Hmmmm, washing my dogs, or at least chasing my dogs down to wash them.
Fabnover40Kat wrote 111 months ago:
I do log my cleaning when it is vigorous....only because I have a sedentary job so when Im home on the weekends I usually do not sit down til I go to bed! Otherwise I would not log!

Oh I should log every time I shift gears in traffic! Here in Atlanta I know that a lot of cals! LOL!
Rebecca_Evans1 wrote 111 months ago:
Same as 20Kat really - I log "cleaning" when it's particularly moving furniture or mopping floors etc - stuff that I wouldn't do on a day-to-day basis. I have a desk job, which my MFP calories have accounted for - so I definitely count these extra tasks that I do every now and then. I certainly wouldn't think of counting dusting, or folding laundry as "cleaning".

I do see your point though - I (officially) have a typing speed of 70 wpm so I burn calories like it's nobody's business on a daily basis :-P
cnsmith2 wrote 111 months ago:
omg I am laughing my butt off tee hee. Love it!
MisterDubs303 wrote 111 months ago:
Do you have any idea how many times I have to hit the damn buttons on the remote when the battery starts to run down?!?! Ugh.
jenj1313 wrote 111 months ago:
I'm sure I burn a ton of calories while chewing... especially since I'm eating so many salads and raw veggies now. Can I get credit for that?

What about snoring? I'm sure that takes more energy than regular sleeping! I'd love to get credit for a workout while sleeping :-)
quink77 wrote 111 months ago:
Don't thinking and breathing count for something?? I do BOTH ALL DAY!! By 10pm I'm exhausted. ;)
hhorncastle wrote 111 months ago:
Running my mouth? Pushing my luck? Pulling a fast one? Jumping to conclusions? Stepping over the line? Bending the rules? It's been an active day - these should count for something! ;)
juicemoogan wrote 111 months ago:
hahaha love it..

mine would be - the amount of time a day I smack my forehead and yell "these people are so freaking stupid!" about something incredibly dumb I hear or read from a client
asamuels85 wrote 111 months ago:
^^^ laughing my calories off right now.. thanks hhorncastle :)
auroranflash wrote 111 months ago:
If flipping off bad drivers burned loads of calories, Houston wouldn't even BE on the Fat City list.
Ariyanna21 wrote 111 months ago:
Funny post! Sex is in there btw, but I'd be too embarrassed to log it since I have my cardio set so people can see when I log my activities. I just count it as bonus ;)
roberkae wrote 111 months ago:
Transfer Training! I am a PT student and I learn how and teach others to transfer patients safely all day. This is lifting people!
deeannhill wrote 111 months ago:
I think sarcasm should count for calories burned. It takes some serious brain power to come up with come backs worthy of my 17 & 18 year old. And sometimes, that's a full-contact conversation as well!
moejo3 wrote 111 months ago:
Going up and down my stairs a hundred times a day becuase I am cleaning or just need something that I forgot! Also, dealing with my customers at work that sends my pulse racing I am sure that can be an aerobic activity
Ephena wrote 111 months ago:
Rolling my's activity right?
Keeping my thoughts to myself...wait that might count as calories eaten instead of calories burned, hmmmm.
Reading minds...hey it's a skill which means it takes effort!
Catching my kids in the act of doing something they shouldn't be when I'm in the other, my kids still haven't figured out how I do this, it's awesome!
imnotyourpal wrote 111 months ago:
OMG, HA HA HA! I feel you on the driving! Lived in Beantown for 14 years, moved back to CA and haven't had road rage once! When I lived back there, I was certain I'd give myself a heart attack with how often I wanted to kill someone over their driving (or lack thereof) skills! You need to log that shit. That's at least 1000 calories a day!
NinjaMonkey201 wrote 111 months ago:
Unless I haven't seen it, there's nothing for chasing a 2 year old around the darn house. That's a workout all by itself (around the toys, over the toys, putting the diaper back on him while he's still trying to run, jumping on the couch to tackle him, jumping off the couch trying to catch him, tripping/stepping over safety gates). :-)
DiannaMoorer wrote 111 months ago:
Hmmmm,how about laying out in the sun tanning. I bet that burns a lot. :>)
Coy4Yo wrote 111 months ago:
Pretty sure I burned 100 cals or so scrolling thru this post, right? ;-) Hilarious!
cessnaholly wrote 111 months ago:
some of that sounds just like my DH. LOL.Love it.
_SpeshK_ wrote 111 months ago:
How about "Kelsey burned 500 calories - when the shit hit the fan at work and she was required to frantically run around for 6 hours."
jasvics wrote 111 months ago:
Studying!! Def. should get calories for that... and I looked for doing "that" using more than a few terms... still haven't found it in MFP database...LOL.
Lost_Mermaid wrote 111 months ago:
Sitting down and then getting back up like 100 times every five minutes because one or both of my toddlers wants something, is getting into something, made a mess, got hurt, is pulling the cats tail, etc, etc.
oh, and cleaning each room three times in a row because they destroy it as i'm trying to clean it, til i'm sweating, breathless, and so frustrated I give up.
oh and I also probably burn lots of calories just trying to stay calm through most of the situations that occur throughout the day.
lol, maybe it's not all that bad..... okay it is, but its so worth it!
Natelywills wrote 111 months ago:
This is hilarious! I shall share. As far as my uncounted cardio is concerned, I have a young puppy and since I work from home all day, I spend a LOT of calories either yelling at her to stop chewing everything in sight or I'm jumping up randomly to stop her, say, licking the wall socket. I think that's worth a few non-sedentary credits. I also swear like a sailor when the phone goes if I'm busy, which can become quite aggressive...
turbophoenix wrote 111 months ago:
LMAO!! Great post :)
lmnosser wrote 111 months ago:
lol, maybe you should bust a move while you listen to your music.

umm, i throw my hands up in the air in frustration at work a lot. I'm expecting massive guns any day now. i probably burn a solid 10-12 calories a day doing it.
JustLindaLou wrote 111 months ago:
I'm with LostMermaid!! Let's not forget "washing child's hair" and "brushing child's teeth" (or hair)... "killing imaginary bugs flying around room" was last nite's unscheduled cardio - 2x ;)
Lolli1986 wrote 111 months ago:
I logged my cleaning when I had to clean up after a rogue tornado that hit my house (in Australia, where we get cyclones, not tornados... EVER). I figured that is something I will never do again. XD
smantha32 wrote 111 months ago:


you do this in Texas though, you actually risk getting shot.

" Flipping Off Idiot Drivers: The choices here in Boston are amazing. It's like being at the F-U bakery!"
jhardenbergh wrote 111 months ago:
dropping deuces and driving way aggressively, i'm in Mass and in even a higher burn when I drive in RI, Mass takes a lot of shit for bad driving, but in all my travels RI'ers are by far the worst, next worst are CT drivers trying to drive around a rotary down the Cape. Just the stress of driving aggressively is definately a huge burn, I swear my Heartrate can get into the 130's
cassondraragan wrote 111 months ago:
I think you are right! Having said that, cleaning takes on a whole new meaning when you have preschool age children...and their toys... and their legos (I would love to destroy the MAN who invented legos.) My children can spread 500 individual toy pieces around my entire house in 5 minutes. So think of the squats you would perform picking up each toy. Explains why I have quads of steal...
cassondraragan wrote 111 months ago:
Just to be clear, I have never logged cleaning as exercise...though I can say I have been more sore cleaning up after my two boys (after a particularly destructive day) than after running 3 miles on my treadmill. Usually, its my back.
girlnumber57 wrote 111 months ago:
Ummm hello? Shower - come on, us girls that shave, that is a ton of work and should really be counted as some heavy lifting (OK really, heavy lifting would be you guys shaving "stuff") but anyways, come on, this needs to count. right?!
jarredondo wrote 111 months ago:
How about repeatedly banging my head against my desk at work. Can we get that added? :-)
cindylou_21 wrote 111 months ago:
These are really funny and creative...made me smile this morning. Thanks everyone! I'm going to tell my husband about the farting one...he will be so thrilled. lol
annabellj wrote 111 months ago:
well Rookie167 should add dropping the kids off at the pool and stinking up the bathroom while he is at it. that should burn around a 1000 a day for him! lol jk, i love the stinky guy. how about yelling at the kids to ddo their chores? and yelling at the dogs to quit barking at the imaginary persona t the door? that has to burn something! oh and texting for sure. i do that all day long! and no one added window shopping. that takes a lot of work!
Rlboston wrote 111 months ago:
Well I know a lot of women that when they clean and do household chores work probably 3 times harder than a lot of men when they are working a full time job and hitting the gym, I don't have a problem with people logging this info. In fact the place I work had a wellness contest and there was an actual chart of items you could earn points for doing and some of them were pretty far out there, but ironing, doing dishes by hand, laundry, yard work, all of those things were on that list and they took it from professionals so there must be some use to it all when it comes to burning calories. Definently more useful than sitting on the couch watching a football or basketball game, unless of Course its UK and Blue Nation!! Go Wildcats!!
eriemer wrote 111 months ago:
Giving a toddler a bath. I'd be logging in at least 1 hr 3 times a week. Which I'm sure the burn would be close to giving the dog a bath.

On the kid note, screaming from one room to another or down the block can take the wind out of me so I know there are calories to be burnt.

bllowry wrote 111 months ago:
I think the 26 step sprint up to flights of stairs to the loo because your bladder has decided you need to go now should count for something!!!
perpetualsharon wrote 111 months ago:
Adult ADD should be an activity. I am constantly walking into rooms trying to remember what I came in for then leaving without whatever it is that I wanted only to come back 40 seconds later when I remember. That is extra walking. Just think of how much more efficient my day would be if I could get things done the first time I think about it.
Gunnabeme wrote 111 months ago:
Bahahahhaa..... this made me laugh so hard!!! now that's one that should be on there "belly laughing"
odditblue wrote 111 months ago:

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