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Pre-Race Jitters

I am signed up to run a 5K on the 25th. I have been training hard to get to the 3.11 mile mark. I have gone further, but my goal is 30 minutes or less without walking. I haven't done that yet, even though I completed the distance in 24:57. Another time I did it 29:02. I still did some walking.

I am close!

I have never run a sanctioned (running) race of any sort. I just run for fun. Lately it hasn't been that much fun. There are lots of things that happen as the distance starts getting up there. Umm... like crotch chafing, boogers - huge boogers, pain and an occasional leg cramp; the kind that makes you skyrocket off the bed high enough to dunk a basket ball, scaring the crap out of your wife, the dog, and the neighbors.

I wonder why I run, but I know in the end, it is because I am driven. There is something about running that makes me get out there and do it no matter how I am feeling, and in spite of the injuries.

Running in my neck of the woods is a bit of an adventure. It's a pretty busy suburb, not far from Boston, with crosswalks and traffic lights. Everyone needs to be first in traffic, so there is plenty of room at the end of the line. Flipping people off is as boring as drinking water on a diet, and well, except for the lake, it ain't all that picturesque.

Only a conversation with my kids can really explain what it's like to run around these parts.

Eldest Daughter: I need to get a gym membership.

The Dad: Why?

Eldest Daughter: Well the gun fight in front of the house the other night was a little scary.

The Dad: That was me and your mom watching CSI.

Eldest Daughter: Then how come there was crime scene tape on the mirror of your car?

The Dad: Ummm....

Eldest Daughter: It doesn't make a girl feel safe.

The Dad: Be a man and pack a gun. Grrrr!

Eldest Daughter: Right! Carry a gun in my running shorts!

The Youngest Daughter: Don't do that sissy, you might shoot yourself in the privates!

The Dad: _________ speechless _________

So that is what it is like to run in these parts. It will make you a ittle jittery. We've had a few isolated incidents of violence. It's part of the lifestyle. There was the guy trying knock down my front door at 3 am. And one morning about 5:30 am, I was heading out the door and 7 cops cars came screeching onto to my little road with 4 houses. You notice stuff like that; especially when they jump out with guns drawn. I walked briskly back to the house to wipe myself. It turns out some doofus broke into the donut shop around the corner and set off the alarm. I think he was on MFP - one of my now inactive friends. I don't think you can use MFP in jail.

That's really what I am a little nervous about. The race is a piece of cake compared to getting shot at.

Wish me luck! And if you've run a 5K or two, tell us about it!

Thanks for all the comments and votes. You are a great group of friends!

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aliciagetshealthy wrote 112 months ago:
and here I thought running was a daring adventure, when in reality it's just preparation! way to be a boy scout David!
bllowry wrote 112 months ago:
I live 7 minutes west of downtown Columbus; I can completely relate!
wisebadger53 wrote 112 months ago:
Good luck with the 5k! Can't wait to hear all about it!
scapez wrote 112 months ago:
You'll never forget your first! Did my first in October 2011 and if you care to read my story...
GentlyLosing wrote 112 months ago:
Thunderwear is a good way to run and carry...are you allowed to carry in Boston? Cheering for you here in Cincinnati.
Adrenaline_Queen wrote 112 months ago:
Good for you, xxxxxxxxxxxx Keep up the running.....

Wow drama.......... xx
dsjohndrow wrote 112 months ago:
Yes, l am licensed to carry.
buzzcogs wrote 112 months ago:
Take a deep breath, relax, and enjoy. Races are for fun not for stress. You will run better than usual because the enthusism of the other runners will boost you. Have fun!
staroftheeast wrote 112 months ago:
Enjoy your race. I look forward to the post race blog with photos. you're doing incredibly well. Keep on leepin' on.
jfrog123 wrote 112 months ago:
At first I missed the comma and I was really trying to avoid getting a mental image of crotch chaffing boogers, lol! Enjoy your race John :-)
Maggie821 wrote 112 months ago:
Go have some fun and don't worry about the time! The majority of people that are running a 5K are just having a good time...I've done a couple, still haven't gotten to the 30 minute finish time, but "oh well" I RAN!!! Now I am gearing up for a HM...ha ha...there will be walking!!! But I'm doing it anyway!!!

csheltra26 wrote 112 months ago:
You will do awesome! I still remember my first 5K several years time was about 33 mins and I was soooo afraid I'd be the last person to cross the finish line and I was far from last! I actually passed people on my way. You'll make great time and have a great memory! Good luck!!
ellie0213 wrote 112 months ago:
Have a great race. Try not to worry about the walking. Sometimes I get better times with a little walking: able to run faster with a few steps of rest I guess??!! (I race on Sunday...first one after two years of not running...yikes!)
love22step wrote 112 months ago:
I run in the country. The only danger I've encountered is an occasional bored dog looking for excitement. I've only been nipped once, and that dog has since been run over. I'm preparing for a 5K race the last Saturday of this month and another the following Saturday. My last race was in 1994 or 1995 when I ran 26:36. I'm older and slower (and out of practice) this time around. I need the challenge. We gotta go for it!
libland wrote 112 months ago:
First off, it's okay to walk. Second, it is your first official 5K so your goal should be to finish.. don't worry about the time. Relax and have fun. I am sure you will be so busy chatting with those around you during the race, that it will be over before you know it. And knowing you, you will probably break your own record. Regarding running safety, I live in a fairly safe neighborhood and I run early in the morning in the dark with my dog. One morning, a police car was driving through the neighborhood and stopped by me and asked if I saw a man in dark clothing. I replied that I had not. He said that the man had just robbed the gas station on the corner (that I walked by about 10 minutes previously!!). I stood there looking at him and then he said... "and he had a gun". Now I am freaking out in my head wondering what I am supposed to do.. continue my run... continue to stand there... go home??? He asked me if I wanted him to drive me home. I said yes and as I was loading my dog and myself into the back of the police car I said "that is given that you are a real police officer". I always think of these things late. He said "Yes maam, I am." So I had first ride in a police car and I am glad that it was 5:30 in the morning so none of the neighbors were about to see me arrive home in a police car.
kmcgaw wrote 112 months ago:
You are obviously driven to be running on your street. I don't have gun wielding neighbours, but I do live in a wildlife corridor, where there are bears and cougars near the trails etc. We all have our things to be aware of when we choose to be runners. Living in fear, keeps you inside and missing out on life. I ran my first 5k a few years ago and did a Run 3/Walk 1 method for the whole race. I wasn't too concerned about time, just making it to the finish. After a few more 5's, a couple 10k's and one 1/2 marathon, I have traded my runners for casual hikers and I do a brisk walk everyday. I may get back into the running this year, as I truly miss the training and the races.

Have fun out there and keep your head up or down, depending on where you are running. lol
cfreema wrote 111 months ago:
I have done 2 previous races, a 2 mile and a 4 mile. In both of them there were the hard core 6 minute mile people, and then there were the rest of us. The rest took walk breaks when needed and there was nothing wrong with it at all! It's all about getting ready to make the next push! I know you will do great on your 5k! Your adrenaline will push you through!
felicity866 wrote 111 months ago:
as someone who is only learning to run now (at almost 50yrs of age!) i can only wish you luck...relax and enjoy!! you have worked hard for this so enjoy the experience and you will hopefully surprise yourself and do far better than you expect! this is all inspiration for me to keep going with my c25k program (i can now manage 35mins without stopping which i think is about 3miles?)....have a great day and enjoy the whole experience!!

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