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Playing WTF to Win

I am amazed at how many folks are playing WTF here on MFP. What's WTF, you ask? Weight-Loss, Temptation and Food. The winners become losers, and losers become fatter. It's a dangerous game.

The key to weight-loss is primarily the quantity and type of food, and your ability to eat portions and food products that will promote it. Simple, right? If it was, MFP would not be required.

Is it me, or are you tired of reading about diets and folks that are not yet serious about weight-loss and health? I am sorry, I saw about 400 posts about getting back on track after the holiday feasts. How far off track? I have no idea. I was over by 400 calories on Christmas, and on Christmas Eve, but I logged it. I also did workouts to even the score, netting a negative 285 calories.

Look success is just not stopping at failure.

Here's how to win at WTF:

Calories - The building blocks to creating a weight-loss program is the calorie, and having a calorie deficit. MFP has this built in, and it is a great start. There is a lot of noise over whether or not to eat your exercise calories. My advice, if you are losing weight eating your exercise calories, awesome. If not, you might consider not eating them, or even alternating to "shake up" your metabolism. Eventually, you'll find what really works for you.

Exercise - MFP calls everything from urinating to running a marathon cardio. However; if you talk to a doctor true cardio happens when you get your heart rate above 120 or 130 beats per minute. Everything else is just exercise. Walking is good, walking faster is better. Talk to your doctor for the best advice (although, I have had better luck Googling it)

Junk Food - Get rid of the junk in the house. Re-gift it to skinny people, or toss it. Go through everything, read the labels, and if the calories per PORTIONED serving are over 400, it's going to hurt. Here is a short list. Chips, dips, candy, non-whole grain baked goods and overly processes foods.

Fast Food - Even if you can get something that is lower in calories by avoiding the buns, and sauces, is this crap really good for you?

Diet Toxic Relationships - Friendship is NOT about eating out, or eating together, and not even going to the bar to over indulge. It is about shared experiences - both the good and the bad. It's time to switch dinner out to a walk, a movie, or a museum. Even spend some time playing video games, anything that does not put the focus on food.

Lean Meat - Chicken, fish, even pork and beef have cuts that are lower in fat. The average portion for 1500-2000 calories is about 3-5 ounces.

Whole Grains - Carbs are killers for many weight-losers. They are, however; necessary for fueling the body, so get the best possible type: whole grain. Fiber is also helpful in lowering absorption of fat, and moving food through the GI tract.

Fruits and Veggies - There is no substitute for fresh produce. Some of the better choices are apples, oranges, bananas, avocados, beans, broccoli, asparagus, squash, peppers and sweet potatoes. If you can't get fresh, frozen is good, and beans well rinsed from a can will do. BTW - White potatoes, and white rice are weight gain helpers, and I would avoid them as often as you can.

Low Fat Dairy - 2% or no fat milk, cottage cheese, sour cream and low fat cheeses really help. Add to that Greek yogurt, and you should be able to pack in the protein without that fat and saturated fat.

Soda - Diet or not, it is a healthy choice to lose it.

Sugar and Sodium - Neither one contributes to weight loss, and you should give them some serious consideration before indulging. Beware, canned and diets foods are usually loaded with it.

Well, those are the basic rules for playing WTF. Maybe you can add some of the finer points.

Thanks for all your votes and comments, you guys rock!

Friend me if you want to see my food diary.

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SewJoe wrote 128 months ago:
Well said! I hope lots of people read this and absorb it. Many people say things like "that diet doesn't work for me" or "I've tried (fill in fad diet name here) and I just gained it back".

There is only one way to lose weight: make up your mind! Once you have made the commitment, healthy eating should be always in your plan. The guidelines above are great advice! Thanks :~)
kardowling wrote 128 months ago:
Great real wake up call. Keep writing. Thanks
LuciaLongIsland wrote 128 months ago:
Well, written, However, you forgot to ditch the alcohol!!!
dsjohndrow wrote 128 months ago:
I like alcohol! Actually other than an occasional glass of red wine, I don't think any of it is good for you. But I don't even drink that.
denice0414 wrote 128 months ago:
Well said my friend
emilyr9602 wrote 128 months ago:
Love it! Great post!
FitnessBarbie99 wrote 128 months ago:
Love it too!
odditblue wrote 128 months ago:
Guilty! Am on a seek and destroy mission when it comes to chocolate right now... I'd blame the hormones... but they look so innocent the little white darling pills that bring instant insanity and the giant green momster from within screaming for chocolate... *sigh*... yeah, I made it back to work today to find a chocolate wonderland left on my desk. I think they're trying to get me to gain back what I lost this year. But after I ate the chocolate santa, breathed in a handful of kisses, and killed three miniature candies, my stomach was pretty sick from the sweetness. So I dumped the rest into a trashcan with a lid and a slot so I can't become desperate and snatch it back out. Poor little chocolates screaming for help. LOL! You are right. I'm gambling my success away. Chocolate really is sort of like a casino when I think about it... I never win, but the shiny wrappers gleam and sparkle and call to my inner brat. Back to the straight and narrow. I went for two walks thus far today, and hope to walk again this evening. Glad you're here to put it bluntly and call me back to my senses. Keep posting. Next year I hope to take on the big ugly and do 100 lbs in 12 months. I'm gonna need ya for sure. =)
odditblue wrote 128 months ago:
Chocolate santa was eaten head first by the way. Nothing quite like ripping off Santa's head after a frustrating Christmas. =D
lyndseyann11 wrote 128 months ago:
great read ive been feeling low about my weight loss going to cut out a few more things thanks :)
kyrstensmom wrote 128 months ago:
I couldn't agree more. If this is a "lifestyle change" (I personally hate that term), then its everyday...there are no breaks for Christmas feasts or New Year's alcohol binges...its there everyday. And if you use the holiday triangle to make excuses for your lack of progress or backwards momentum, you aren't really there yet. The mental battle if much harder than the physical one, and if you win the mental battle, you will surely succeed at the physical one.
Lady_Senie wrote 128 months ago:
Bookmarking this one for reading over and over. I sometimes need the reminder that I'm either in or out: there is no in-between anymore! ^_^
Adobogirl wrote 128 months ago:
Bookmarking as well! I appreciate the condensed info and easy read! Thank you!
becca1968 wrote 128 months ago:
Awesome info!! Thanks so much for sharing! Going to bookmark to save for future reference. Thank you!!
becca1968 wrote 128 months ago:
Sitting here eating carrot sticks as I re-read your blog :) And feeling more in control of my food intake because I made the choice to eat these carrot sticks...instead of gobbling up the doritos that I bought for my hubby :)
bademasi wrote 128 months ago:
I agree with your blog!
shivaslives wrote 128 months ago:
all things in moderation.
anyonebutmehaha wrote 128 months ago:
nice blog post. :)
zglmom wrote 128 months ago:
It takes making up your mind to do this for life!!Literally for life!! That is if you want to live you will change bad eating habits to good! Skip fast food,packaged processed crap, and go for fresh lean meats and veggies, whole grains and low fat dairy!! If God made it its good for you! If man made it... DONT EAT IT!!!!
Carrix2 wrote 128 months ago:
Also planning to read this every day - very well said! Keep writing!
rfsahae wrote 128 months ago:
Thank you for your wit and wisdom. I look forward to every posting!
jenoran wrote 128 months ago:
Excellent advice.
OneBryteSmile wrote 128 months ago:
Fantastic advice!
healthyliving_girl wrote 128 months ago:
great entry. I have a hard time reading posts from people who think this is more of a diet rather than a permanent lifestyle change. Your advice is great! :)
frosty73 wrote 117 months ago:
AWESOME! Although I think you should re-phrase this part about meats:
"The average portion for 1500-2000 calories is about 3-5 ounces." It makes it sounds like 5 ounces of steak will cost you 2,000 calories!

frosty73 wrote 117 months ago:
Can I "like" this about 500 times????

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